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Heavy equipment transport companies near me

Heavy equipment transport companies near me

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Heavy Equipment Transport

Heavy equipment transport requires a transport company with the resources to accommodate such transport. In order for a company to be able to accommodate your heavy equipment transport needs, they have to have the correct trailers needed for the transport. The common heavy equipment trailers that are used are Flatbeds, Hotshots, Step decks, Lowboys, Double Drops, and RGNs. The most important part factors to keep in mind when it comes to heavy equipment transporting is to make sure that you can provide accurate specs for the unit that is being transported.

Heavy equipment transport companies near me

The specs of the equipment will determine the type of trailer needed for the transport. The specs will also help us to determine if the unit will need permits or escorts. If a unit is over length, width or weight, permits are required for the transport. If a unit exceeds the height restrictions for the state it will be transported through it may require an additional pole car for transport.

Heavy Equipment Transport Near Me

When you are making preparations to transport heavy equipment some of your best transport companies are going to local companies. You can start by entering “heavy equipment transport near me” in your Google search bar. This should provide you with a list of local transport companies near you. Keep in mind that most transport companies cover long routes and just because the company is near you, doesn’t mean that they have trucks available immediately. If placing “heavy equipment transport near me” in your search engine does not provide you with an adequate list of options you may want to broaden your search by removing “near me.”

A lot of times local companies are very knowledgeable in the requirements for their particular location. The most important aspect of transporting heavy equipment is making sure that the company that is transporting for you know exactly what they are doing. Heavy transports are very expensive and you do not want to waste time or resources dealing with a company that does not know how to handle your transport. In some instances, it may be more beneficial to you to find a bigger more reputable company for your transport if the job may be too much for your local guy.

Heavy Equipment Transport Trailers

If you are going to be a heavy equipment transporter then you are going to have to make sure that you have the proper heavy equipment transport trailers. There are 5 basic heavy equipment transport trailers: Flatbeds, Hotshots, Step decks, Lowboys, and RGNs. Each of these trailers is specific to different types of equipment. These trailers are restricted on what can be placed on them because of the specification restrictions they can accommodate and still be considered a legal load.

As an example, a flatbed trailer does not have ramps and will require a loading dock or a forklift in order for equipment to be loaded on it. Flatbeds have the most restrictions of all the trailers when it comes to the maximum height of the equipment that can be placed on the trailer. Whereas, an RGN doesn’t need ramps or a loading dock because the trailer detaches and lays flat on the ground for easy loading. They are also able to accommodate much taller pieces of equipment because the trailer itself is much lower to the ground during transport. In either case, the heavy equipment transport trailer has to be able to handle the load that is assigned for transport.

Heavy Equipment Transport Cost

Heavy equipment transport costs will vary based on several different factors. The first factor is the size of the equipment that is to be transported. The bigger or heavier the equipment the more expensive the cost will be. The second is the trailer type required for transport. If a piece of equipment requires a specialized trailer then the cost of the transport will increase. When it comes to heavy equipment transport costs loads that require specialized trailers are more expensive than those that do not.

Heavy equipment transport companies near me

Lastly, the distance of the transport also will determine the cost. The longer the transport route, the more expensive it will be for that transport. Also, keep in mind that transports that require permits or escorts will also increase the transport costs. Each state has it is own permitting and escorting requirements. Some states even require a route survey before they will issue you permits for transporting heavy equipment.

Heavy Equipment Transporter System HETS

Very few companies have the ability to transport heavy equipment for the military. The Heavy Equipment Transporter Systems or HETS is designed specifically to transport specialized military equipment. Because military equipment is usually exceptionally heavy, they require trailers that can carry super heavyweights. Trailers that are made specifically for this type of transports require several additional axles in order for the weight of the equipment to be properly distributed during the transport.

Heavy equipment transport companies near me

The Heavy Equipment Transporter Systems or HETS usually have axles that are along the entire length of the trailer. This helps support the weight of the unit while at the same time making sure the trailer is not strained.

How much does it cost to transport heavy equipment?

The cost to transport heavy equipment will vary based on the equipment. Because heavy equipment size can vary, the cost to transport the equipment will as well. Keep in mind that the bigger the equipment, the higher the cost. If the trailer that is needed for transport is a highly specialized trailer then the higher the cost. The longer the transport route, the higher the cost. For more information, you can check this page explaining every detail of the process.

How to transport heavy equipment?

If you have a need to transport heavy equipment, the first thing you need to do is find a reputable heavy haul transport company. You will need to provide them with some basic information in order for them to provide you with a price. You will need to know the year, make, and model of the equipment and provide the specs for the unit. You will also need to know the pickup location and the drop-off location.

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