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Bus shipping services: What you need to know

Looking for Shipping a Bus to another state?

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Heavy haul companies

Heavy haul trucking companies provide exclusive services in transporting vehicles, equipment or freight that is considered larger than transporting standard size vehicles. These heavy haul companies have the knowledge and experience to handle specific types of heavy equipment.

Bus Freight Shipping

When it comes to bus shipping, the one company you need is Heavy Equipment Shipper. We take care of everything to get your bus from Point A to Point B. We load it, move it, unload it and handle any permits needed during the transport.

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Bus Freight is similar to but not exactly the same as shipping other motorized equipment. When you need to move one to a fleet of buses, you need a company with experience in hauling buses. In addition, the company needs the proper trailers because towing a bus from place to place is not the best way to move one. Towing also puts undue strain on parts of the bus while loading it to a flatbed prevents excessive wear.


Heavy Equipment Shipper moves buses from place to place frequently. We even ship buses across international borders.

Shipping with Heavy Equipment Shippers saves you:

  • Time. You call us. We take care of the rest. So you can spend your time on the things that matter, running your company or school system. You never worry about where the bus is en route or what might be going on with it.
  • Cost. Your employees need to work at the jobs you hired them to do. If you use them to transport a bus, then you take them away from their regular duties. Also, you have to arrange a way for them to either get to the bus yard to pick the bus up or get back from wherever the bus is delivered. That often means two employees make the trip. One drives the bus and another drives a chase vehicle.
  • Wear. You do not need to put any more wear on a bus than you have to. Our Bus freight shipping service eliminates wear on tires, the transmission, gas and oil. If you are Shipping a Bus, especially an old one that needs repairs or is close to needing repairs, our Shipping service means you are never concerned about the bus breaking down on the way to the new owner.

We handle everything so all you need to do is have the bus ready for us to pick up. We can collect it from a manufacturing plant, a bus yard or a station. We get it where it needs to go.

Here are the most common frequently asked questions (FAQs) we get at Heavy Equipment Shipper.


Bus Shipping, Shipping a Bus, Bus Hauling Services, Bus freight shipping, Bus Shipping Companies, School bus shipping, Shipping a Bus to another stateShipping a school bus is more than loading a bus on a trailer and hauling it to a new location. Bus Shipping means the School bus hauler must have the equipment, the insurance and the employees needed to get the bus to the proper destination. This becomes even more important when you are selling old buses. Most school systems use buses until they are worn out.

The reason school systems sell these old buses is because they are too worn out to trust on the road. Children must get to school on time. When a bus breaks down, parents hear about and will demand answers from the school board. Shipping a Bus that is worn out makes sense. A breakdown on the way means you have more expenses needed to get the bus repaired or off the road. Heavy Equipment Shipper takes all these worries off your mind.

Shipping a school bus that will not start or has transmission issues is another reason to hire us as your Bus freight transport company. The condition of the bus, running not, makes no difference to us. We will move the bus for you.

Call now and get 10% off your next Bus freight shipping bid. No matter where it needs to go, we will give you the best Bus freight quote.

We have more Trailers Hauling offices in different states around the country:

  • Bus Shipping of Florida
  • New York Shipping a Bus
  • Bus Hauling Services in California
  • Bus freight shipping in Texas

How much does it cost to ship a bus to another state?

Before we can tell you how the costs of Shipping school Busses to another state, we need to know some things. We can give you an accurate Bus freight quote with the following information.

  1. Bus size. The size includes the length and weight. If you give us the manufacturer and model number, we can estimate the rest.
  2. Distance. How far does it need to go? Part of the cost for Bus freight is the distance because there is a mileage fee.
  3. Crossing borders. If the bus is just going from one state to another in the US, port and borders crossing fees are not an issue. However, if you are sending the bus to Central or South America, major used bus destinations, we need to know where so we can compute any tariffs and port fees.

Just as buses come in different sizes, lengths and weights, the cost of Shipping school Busses to another state will vary by those categories and the distance involved. Regardless, we guarantee you a great Bus freight shipping rate.

What is the cost to ship a school bus to another state?

Shipping school Busses to another state varies by the bus size and distance traveled. For example, going from California to Nevada is costs less than going from California to Idaho. Regardless, we can get your bus from any state to another state quickly and securely.

Your Bus freight quote has to take all this into consideration.

How are buses shipped?

Buses are shipped within the US on a flatbed School bus hauler. If the bus is headed overseas, the School bus hauler handles transport by taking the bus to a port. There it is loaded on a freighter since most buses are too large to fit into cargo containers.

Smaller buses can often be loaded two or three on a trailer to save even more.

How much does it cost to ship a double-decker bus?

Bus Shipping for larger buses is bid on a per-bus basis. These units may require special transport arrangements, such as a heavy load permit. Heavy Equipment Shipper specializes in large item transport. Let us know where it needs to go and we will prepare your bid. Every bus transport quote we provide is created for each job.

A List of Buses that we Ship:

  • Highway Bus Transport
  • School Bus Transport
  • Electric Bus Transport
  • Party Bus Transport
  • Double Decker Bus Shipping
  • Trolley Illustration
  • Articulated Bus Transport
  • Coach Bus Transport
  • Passenger Bus Transport
  • Church Bus Shipping
  • Minibus Shipping
  • RV Bus Shipping
  • Charter Bus Shipping
  • Limo Bus Shipping
  • Shuttle Bus Transport
  • MotorCoach Bus Shipping Service
  • Prison Bus Transport
  • Transit Bus Transport

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