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Forklift Hauling Trailer

The most common type of trailer for forklift transport is a roll-back trailer. These trailers allow for the forklift to be easily loaded. Typically roll-back trailers are not used for long-distance transport. If a loading or unloading dock is unavailable, then a local wrecker service can be contracted to load and unload the forklift onto the transport trailer. At the end of the day, it just takes a little coordination and understanding of the transport company on the best and most economical way to complete the forklift transport for you as the customer.

Forklift Transport

Forklift transport services are available to customers who need to have a forklift transported from one location to another. It is important to understand that there are several factors that can make the loading and unloading of a forklift difficult. Most forklifts require some type of lading assistance if loading and unloading docks are not available. This is because the average forklift is unable to be driven up the ramps of a transport trailer.

Forklift Movers

Forklift movers are transport companies that specialize in transporting forklifts. Most of these companies are usually local companies that have roll-back trailers that are equipped to tilt to the ground for easy loading of the forklift. Forklifts typically do not have enough torque to climb up the loading ramps of a standard transport trailer. In a perfect world, the presence of a loading or unloading dock will allow for the forklift to be loaded onto almost any type of transport trailer with ease. If loading and unloading docks are not available, then forklift movers know that a 3rd party wrecker service may be needed to assist with the loading or unloading of the forklift.

Forklift Transport

This is why it is important for you to deal with knowledgeable forklift movers that understand how forklift transporting works. The worst thing that you want is to hire a forklift transport company that has no idea what they are doing. This will cause issues for you and could even lead to damages to your forklift if the loading or unloading process is done incorrectly. Our forklift movers can provide you with professional and stress-free forklift transport.

Forklift Moving Service

When you are making plans for your forklift moving service, there are some basic things that you will need to provide in order for the process to be completed without any issues. Your forklift moving service provider is going to need some basic information from you to get started. The first thing is the year, make, and model of the forklift. You will also need to provide the dimensions of the forklift. This includes the length, including the forks, the width, the height, and the weight. We also need to know if loading and unloading docks will be utilized or will we need a 3rd party wrecker service to assist with the loading and unloading of the forklift. And then finally, we need to know the city and state for pickup and the city and state for delivery.

All of this information is considered pertinent and will make your forklift moving service so much easier. With this basic information, we can provide you with a recommendation for transport that is best suited for you and your transport needs. At the end of the day, we want to make sure that we provide you with a forklift transport experience that not just meets your expectations but also exceeds them.

Forklift Hauling Trailer

A forklift can be transported on almost any type of specialized transport trailer; however, the preferred forklift hauling trailer is a roll-back trailer. Because most forklifts do not have the torque to climb loading ramps of a transport trailer presents challenges when it comes to forklift transporting. When the pickup and drop-off locations have loading and unloading docks any type of trailer instantly becomes a forklift hauling trailer. If there are no loading or unloading docks available then the preferred forklift hauling trailer is the rollback. These trailers tilt down to the ground for easy loading of the forklift without any issues. As long as you are dealing with a reputable forklift transport company, they will have the correct forklift hauling trailer to handle your transport needs.

Forklift Transportation Service

Your transportation service should include door to door full transport service. This means that our driver will show up at the pickup location and make sure the unit is loaded safely and without any issues. After the forklift has been loaded, we make sure that it is secured to the trailer. We use a combination of chains and straps to secure the forklift to the trailer. Once the forklift has been secured to our trailer we will deliver the unit to your drop-off location.

Forklift Transport

We will safely unload the forklift at your front door. Keep in mind that if loading or unloading docks are unavailable then your forklift transportation service may include a 3rd party wrecker service to assist with the loading and unloading at pickup and delivery. Whatever the requirements end up being for the transport of your forklift, you can rest assured that we will handle your forklift with the caring concern that you would expect from A+ Rated forklift transport company.

How to secure a forklift for transport?

Because forklifts are heavy pieces of equipment, we use chains and pulleys to secure them in our trailer. There may be some additional straps used to secure auxiliary parts of the forklift, but straps are secondary and the chains are the primary method of securing the forklift to the trailer.

How to transport a forklift?

Forklifts are transported using a specialized forklift trailer that is designed to handle the weight and loading of the forklift. Forklift transport is always door to door and we will work with both the pickup and drop-off location to make sure that there are no issues with transport.

How do you transport a forklift?

We transport forklifts by using a forklift transport trailer. These trailers are commonly referred to as roll-back trailers; however, we can also utilize hotshots, step-decks, or lowboy trailers. If loading and unloading docks are available we can also utilize flatbeds. We have several options to make sure that the transport is completed without any issues.

How to safely transport a forklift?

To safely transport a forklift you need to make sure that the correct trailer is used. If you are trying to transport a forklift on a trailer that is not equipped to handle the transporting of a forklift, it can cost you time and money. When trying to safely transport a forklift, you should never try to cut corners or sacrifice safety to save money.

How to secure a forklift for transport?

During transport, forklifts are secured to the transport trailer using chains and pulleys. If the forklift is a propane-powered forklift, the propane tank is removed after loading and typically will not accompany the forklift during transport. Electrical forklifts typically travel with the batteries intact. Either way, they are both secured in the same manner using chains and pulleys.

How to transport a forklift truck?

Forklift trucks can be transported using a specialized trailer. These trailers are typically big enough to handle the weight that is required to handle the transport. It is important to make sure that you have the right equipment for the transport otherwise the process will be a disaster.

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