Fail-proof Certified Farm Equipment Hauling Company in the US

Heavy Equipment Shipper (HES) is a fail-proof certified farm equipment hauling company in the US. HES specializes in providing farm equipment transport services. We are Agricultural Equipment Transport experts, shipping tractors, loaders, backhoes, planters, sprayers, harvesters, fertilizers, seeders, and other farm equipment in the United States.

Farm Equipment Hauling, Farm Equipment Transport Services

We are a leading provider of agricultural and farming transportation services for shipping construction, agricultural, mining, and other heavy machinery and equipment. Heavy Equipment Shipper (HES) is the most dependable option. Our Farm equipment transport services are unmatchable. We are the country’s leading farm machinery transport company and are shipping farm equipment to all 50 states.

Heavy Equipment Shipper (HES) has years of experience in farm equipment hauling. We are experts in carrying heavy equipment and hauling freight. Our friendly customer service representatives are the most knowledgeable in the industry. You’re choosing quality when you go with Heavy Equipment Shipper (HES). We are seasoned transporters with a long-term commitment who can provide outstanding Farm equipment transport services.

Our agricultural- equipment hauling company, which operates throughout the United States, is:

  • Years of experience Farm Equipment Hauling in the United States.
  • Carrier and contingency insurance.
  • Efficient – We are fully licensed, bonded, and certified, and accept nearly all forms of payment, including cash.

We provide the best farm equipment transport services. We have trailers in the all-around U.S.! Contact us for a no-obligation quote for transporting farm equipment.

Agricultural Machinery Transport

Heavy Equipment Shipper (HES) is a pioneer in heavy equipment transportation. We are experts in Agricultural Equipment transport and Agricultural Machinery Transport. Flatbed trailers and step deck trailers, as well as double drop and multi-axle configurations, are all part of our fleet. To meet extreme heavy machinery hauling needs, we have prime heavy machinery movers with up to 675 horsepower in three- and four-axle configurations.

Both on- and off-road transportation are part of our capabilities. During transportation, oversized freight and heavy objects present a number of challenges. Few businesses have the technical capability to complete these projects safely from beginning to end. We are a leading company among few companies who have a full capacity of agricultural equipment transport. We are shipping farm equipment to all 50 States of the US.

HES offers the best agriculture equipment hauling services. Our team is specializes in everything from multi-unit small tractor hauls to oversized heavy machinery hauling. Our team is skilled at loading, securing, and hauling a wide range of construction equipment, tractors, trailers, and attachments.

We haul a variety of loads on regular basis, including:

  • Back Hoe Tractors
  • Heavy Equipment Hauling
  • Tractor Hauling
  • Fire Truck Hauling
  • Heavy Load Hauling
  • Lowboy Service
  • Structural Steel
  • Plant Machinery
  • Heavy Fork Lifts
  • Boom Lift Hauling
  • Auction Equipment Hauling

Many customers benefit from our quick and inexpensive services, which act as a virtual transportation department, saving them time and money. We can haul equipment in an emergency or on regular basis at any time which makes us the Best Farm Equipment Transport Company in the US.

Farm Equipment Used in Hauling

Farm equipment haulers need the following information before they can start the transport process:

  • What equipment do you need to transport, and how many of them;
  • Each vehicle’s make, model, and year;
  • The weight, length, width, and height of each vehicle;
  • The origin and destination points.
  • A couple of times and dates you’d like them to pick up and deliver your equipment.

 Farm Equipment Hauling, Farm Equipment Transport Services

The farm equipment haulers will determine which carrier to use once this information is given.

Amazing Services at Affordable Price

If we highlight one aspect of our offerings, it is our cost-effectiveness. If you need to ship your heavy equipment, Heavy Equipment Shipper (HES) may be the most cost-effective option. Request a quote now to get an idea of agriculture equipment hauling cost. We will provide you with precise calculations of Agricultural Machinery Transport cost and Agricultural Equipment Transport Nationwide/Overseas.

Book Your farm equipment Shipping

It’s easy to book a shipment with us. Our experienced team of transport experts is ready to assist you with your shipping needs and to answer any questions you may have. We are expert in Agricultural Machinery Transport. Contact the best farm equipment transport company in the US right away for farm machinery transport.

If you want to ship Farm Equipment to/from California to/from Hawaii just let us know, we have the best agriculture shipping quote to Hawaii in the Industry!

How much does it cost to do farm equipment transport?

The cost of transporting heavy farm machinery varies significantly depending on the type of equipment being moved. Over 500 miles, the cost of shipping heavy machinery average is $1.75 per mile, while shorter distance shipments average cost is $5.00 per mile.

How do you transport a tractor?

Tractors are typically transported on lowboy trucks and trailers. This type of specialized rig is commonly used to move large tractors and other oversize machinery and equipment. A lowboy trailer is a flatbed trailer.

It has a lower ground clearance than a standard flatbed. Lowboy trailers come in a range of designs, including:

  • Lowboy with a Fixed Neck
  • Gooseneck Lowboy with Removable Gooseneck
  • Gooseneck Lowboy with Fixed Gooseneck

Your tractor can be shipped on a removable gooseneck trailer, depending on its size. When the machinery can be pushed or moved onto the trailer bed, as is often the case for tractors, this sort of trailer is used. After the tractor is moved or forced onto the trailer, chains and boomers are used to hold it. To keep the trailer safe and stable on the track, boomers are used to tightening and securing the chains. Partnering with the right logistics experts is the simplest way to ship a heavy piece of equipment like a tractor.

What is the cost of transporting an excavator?

An excavator is a heavy piece of machinery that is designed for a multitude of contracting uses. With its hydraulic arm, it can function in various construction, farming, and heavy haulage work that smaller and lighter machines simply can’t cope with. The type of excavation projects you might need to transport an excavator can include anything from forestry and construction jobs to mining, mulching, and material handling through to digging trenches and holes and drilling shafts or any construction work. The transportation costs can vary from $2-$3 a mile and depend on the distance as well as other factors.

What is the cost of transporting a backhoe?

Usually, a flatbed Short is used to transport a backhoe. Hauls like this usually have a low cost. Usually, the rate to transport a backhoe is $2.50-$3.50 per loaded mile. Agricultural machinery transport costs vary depending on the company’s rates.

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