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Looking for Heavy Haul Trucking Companies Nationwide? We are Heavy Haulers, experts moving oversize loads and heavy machinery to any place.

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Heavy Hauling Companies

We are Heavy Haulers providing services Nationwide and Overseas. Heavy hauling trucking companies provide exclusive services in transporting vehicles, equipment or freight that is considered larger than transporting standard size vehicles. We have the knowledge and experience to handle all your heavy equipment shipping needs.

Looking for the Best Heavy Hauler Companies?

The heavy hauling transport industry is one of the fastest-growing services within the transport industry. Heavy equipment hauling carriers are used every day and provide a wide range of services for a wide range of customer types. Heavy hauling trucking companies have specific trailers that are needed to transport heavy equipment. In most cases, these are specially designed for specific jobs. The best way to locate a heavy haul trucking company is to search for “heavy equipment haulers near me.” This will help you locate some of the better equipment hauling companies in the industry.

Although there are several different types of heavy haulers, you’ll want to make sure that when selecting the company that you will use for your heavy hauling transport that they can meet your specific needs.

Heavy Haulers

So what should be expected when you are looking at the different heavy hauling carriers? After you have located a transport company by googling “heavy equipment haulers near me,” it’s now time to select the company that is best for you. At Heavy Equipment Shipper, we can accommodate any need that you may have when it comes to transporting heavy equipment.

Here is what we bring to the table:

  1. Our company covers all 50 states in the United States, including Hawaii and Alaska.
  2. We have extensive knowledge of permitting and escort vehicle requirements as required by each state when transporting heavy equipment.
  3. We have all types of trailers and can accommodate the transport of any sized equipment.

Our company is proud to be one of the industry leaders in the United States for heavy hauling with over 25 years of experience. Because we have been around for so long, we know all the ins and outs of the heavy hauling transport industry and can help you navigate the process of shipping your heavy equipment anywhere you may need it.

HEAVY Equipment haulers near me

If you are searching “heavy equipment haulers near me” be aware that you will need to select a heavy hauling carrier with the resources required to accommodate your heavy equipment transport. In order for a company to be able to accommodate your heavy equipment transport needs, they need to have the correct trailers for the job. The common types of trailers used for heavy equipment are Flatbeds, Hotshots, Step decks, Lowboys, Double Drops, and RGNs. The most important factor to keep in mind when it comes to heavy hauling is to make sure that you can provide accurate specs for the unit that is being transported. The specifications of your equipment will determine the type of trailer needed for the transport and will also help us to determine if the unit will need permits or escort vehicles.

If the unit has an oversize length, width or weight, permits are generally required for the transport depending on the state. If a unit exceeds the height restrictions for the state it can still be transported but will likely require an additional pole car for transport. For example, a flatbed trailer does not have ramps and will require a loading dock or a forklift in order for equipment to be successfully loaded on it. Flatbeds have the most restrictions of all the trailers when it comes to the maximum height of the equipment that can be placed on the trailer.

Heavy Haulers Company in the US

Whereas, an RGN (Removable Goose Neck) doesn’t require a ramp or a loading dock because the trailer detaches and lays flat on the ground for easy loading. They are also able to accommodate much taller pieces of equipment because the trailer itself is much lower to the ground during transport.

In either case, heavy hauling carriers have to be able to handle the load that is assigned for the heavy haul transport. Keep in mind that the requirements for transporting heavy equipment will vary from state to state, including the permitting requirements and escort requirements depending on the weight, width, height and length of the equipment. We take all of this into consideration when we provide you with a quote for your heavy equipment hauling needs.

heavy haulers trucking

If you need a quote for the transport of heavy equipment here is some basic information that you will need to provide:

  1. The year, make and model of the equipment.
  2. The length, width, height, and weight of the equipment.
  3. The city and state for pickup and the city and state for delivery.
  4. A time frame as to when you are looking to arrange the transport of heavy equipment.
  5. We also will need to know if the equipment runs or if it is inoperable.

This information will allow us to provide you with the most accurate price on your transport of heavy equipment. This information is very important as it will help us to identify the proper truck that will be needed for your heavy haul transport. Our experienced heavy haul carriers are trained to handle all types of equipment, no matter the size. There is no job that is too big for us here at Heavy Equipment Shipper. We can meet all your heavy haul needs.

A basic rule of thumb when it comes to the transport of heavy equipment is that the bigger the equipment the more expensive it will be to transport it. Also, the longer the route, the more expensive the transport of heavy equipment will be. If a heavy haul equipment transport is considered oversize then it will likely require permits and possibly escort vehicles, all of which will affect the pricing. Keep in mind that the smallest of details can have a direct impact on the pricing for your transport of heavy equipment. During the planning process of your heavy haul transport please be sure to include and mention everything that is required and anything else we should know about your vehicle as no detail is too small. We will then be able to provide you with a fair and accurate all-inclusive price for all your heavy equipment transport needs.

To move heavy equipment to/from California check out the following page to Get the Best Heavy Equipment Quotes in the industry.

What is the meaning of Heavy Haulers?

A heavy hauler is a large transporter that is used for the shipment of oversize loads considered too large for road travel unless a special permit and escort vehicle is obtained. Heavy haulers provide a specialized service by transporting heavy equipment that is larger than the standard legal limit.  Very few companies have the knowledge to accommodate your request for a heavy haul transport. Based on the specs of your heavy equipment transport, we will then determine the exact type of trailer that is needed to accommodate your transport of heavy equipment.

What is considered a heavy hauler?

A driver that takes oversize dimensions loads from point A to B. This could be boats, construction equipment and even oversize trucks. Obtaining the proper permits, route surveys and pole car from the D.O.T for all oversize routes.

How much does it cost to haul heavy equipment?

Depending on the dimensions of the unit and the miles it’s going. Typically, it’s a dollar a mile per axle, meaning if it’s fifty thousand pounds it will be 5 dollars a mile, seventy thousand pounds then it will be 7 dollars a mile with a 7 axle “RGN” removable gooseneck trailer.

How do you go about Obtaining Oversize Permits?

Our drivers obtain permits and escorts directly through official permit and escort agencies that have the driver’s D.O.T. Authority and MC# on file registered to the specific cargo transport truck for each oversize load.

What is Considered Oversize?

Anything that you transport that is oversize, meaning the width is over 8.6 ” will need to obtain a width permit”, height is over 12.6 ” will need a pole car following in front and back of the truck drivers trailer” and eighty thousand pounds will need a route survey to see what roads they will need to go down. This means a route that is usually 500 miles can turn into an 800-miles run.

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