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A Reliable Food Truck Shipping Service, Food Transport service

A Reliable Food Truck Shipping Service 

Do you need our Food Truck Transport Service? Have you recently purchased a food truck and now looking for a reliable Food Truck shipping service? Heavy Equipment Shipper is here to help get you going. We are experts in the food truck shipping industry.

A Reliable Food Truck Shipping Service

HES is one of the nation’s largest auto transport companies specializing in shipping food trucks and mobile kitchens across the country and even overseas.

We Can Ship Your Food Truck Anywhere 

HES is here to offer you the most reliable Food Truck Transport Services all at the most affordable rates.  We understand that the handling of your Food Truck requires the utmost care and the importance placed on maintaining cleanliness throughout the entire food truck transport process. HES can provide you with expert services that will also respect your role as a food provider while being sensitive to your food truck transport service requirements.

We at HES believe in the importance of putting ourselves in our client’s shoes. We care about your food truck and want you to know that when we ship a food truck, we do so with the care and safety it deserves.

A Reliable Food Truck Shipping Service, Food Transport service

Trust Heavy equipment shippers to Offer You The Best Food Truck Shipping Services Around.

Transport Food trucks of any size with quality service

It makes no difference the size, dimensions, weight or how far you need to ship a food truck, HES is your premiere Food Truck Shipping Company. Over the past 25 years, we have shipped food trucks of all sizes including food trailers, food carts and any other type of food truck you can think of. We offer reliable and professional food truck transportation services all at the most affordable prices. If you are looking to transport a food truck then look no farther and give us a call at 866-411-1173

Food Truck Shipping In The US And Across The Country With HES

If you need to ship a food truck across the country, you will need a provider familiar with all the laws and logistics involved with shipping a food truck across state lines. Our drivers are all certified and have the required expertise to successfully haul your food truck safely to its final destination. Trust HES for the fastest and safest shipment of your food truck.

Shipping Container Food Truck Transport

Did you know it’s become quite popular nowadays to convert old shipping containers into modern and semi-mobile kitchens? Unlike a standard food truck, however, your shipping container food truck won’t have quite the same mobility. These shipping container food trucks don’t have an engine or wheels affixed to them making any type of daily traveling unpractical. Nevertheless, if your business is planning to operate in a fixed location or even a somewhat permanent location then this can be a realistic option.

Let’s say for example you have a shipping container pizza food truck operating at a fair that’s in town for several weeks; this is a good option that makes sense.

Your shipping container pizza food truck would still require the assistance of a semi-truck with a large flatbed however in order to successfully transport your shipping container food truck from one location to the next. Special care and handling need to be taken whenever you are planning to move your shipping container food truck especially when it comes time to load the shipping container onto the trailer.

You need to ensure that your transport driver is experienced in the proper handling and loading of storage containers as this is the most critical and dangerous part of transporting a shipping container food truck. Once you get the container successfully loaded onto the trailer, however, the risk to your shipping container food truck shipment goes down.

Reasons To Trust HES With Your Food Truck Shipment

We understand that the safety and security of your food truck are of vital importance, which is exactly why you need a transport company that can guarantee the safety of your vehicle up until the time of its delivery. At HES, the safety and proper handling of your equipment is our top priority. We can provide everything you will need for a successful transport including licensing and any required permits needed.

We are licensed and insured and can ship food trucks anywhere in the United States. We will acquire all the necessary state and county permits and handle any paperwork required for the successful transport of your food truck.

How much does it cost to transport a Food Truck to another state? 

The cost to transport a Food Truck is generally based on the dimensions, the weight and the length of distance needing to be traveled in order to provide you with an accurate price for your food truck shipment. If you are trying to get an idea of what it costs to ship a food truck to another state you can compare your rates to the nationwide average. On average, it will generally cost around $4 per mile to ship a food truck with distances of 100 miles or less. The price rate will decrease in cost to around $1.35 per mile when your travels increase in distance less than 1,000 miles in distance.

What does the average shipping container food truck cost?

Shipping container restaurants are built with… you guessed it! “Shipping Containers”! The shipping containers serve as the structural formation of your food truck however there is a somewhat limited view of what a container restaurant can actually be while simultaneously painting an inaccurate picture as to the costs and expenses involved with actually owning one.

When it all comes down to it, the costs involved to build and developing a shipping container food truck probably won’t be too far off price-wise compared to the traditional construction methods. For example, the average price for a 20ft x 10ft shipping container Food Truck typically falls in the $450-$800 per square foot range.

Can I ship my container food truck from Texas to Florida?

Of course, you can! We can handle the transport of any size container food truck to any destination you may need, whether it be local or across the country – we can handle any distance and any size shipping container food truck shipment. With our affordable and transparent shipping costs, extreme attention to detail, and exceptional customer service, HES can make your shipping container food truck transport from Texas to Florida a carefree experience while being sure to be ahead of schedule every step of the way for a speedy and on-time delivery.

Can I ship a food truck by container overseas?

Absolutely! We can ship vehicles of any size, even oversize loads not just in the USA, but anywhere nationwide and overseas.

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A Reliable Food Truck Shipping Service, Food Transport service

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Origin: Alden, NY
Destination: Gooding, ID

Specs: Vehicle 705784-V1 – 28L 7.4W 10.6H 14,500lbs

A Reliable Food Truck Shipping Service, Food Transport service

Transporting a Food Truck From Florida To Montana 

Origin: Boca Raton, FL
Destination: Belgrade, MT

Specs: Vehicle 705206-V1 – 23L 8.6W 10H 10,000lbs

A Reliable Food Truck Shipping Service, Food Transport service

1987 Chevy Grumman Olson Food Truck Shipment

Origin: City Of Industry, CA
Destination: Elk Grove, CA

Specs: Vehicle 700691-V1 – 26L 8.6W 12.6H 14,000lbs