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Truck Transport Service, Trucking transportation services

Truck Transport Service Company in the US

Transporting a truck can be hard, but with ‘Heavy Equipment Shipper,’ it’s easier done than said!
We, at ‘Heavy Equipment Shipper’ Company, believe in growth and versatility. Therefore, after a successful drive and getting an overwhelming response and positive customer reviews from our heavy equipment shipping services, we have added Truck Transport Services to our list of services on the special request of our customers.

Yes, we are now a truck transport company as well! We offer state-of-the-art truck transport services s that are sure to win your hearts just like every other service of ours! We can ship your truck to another State, or another country!

Trucking transportation services

Heavy Equipment Shipper is an A+ certified truck transport service company that has earned a reputation in the market from its top-notch, high-quality transportation services. We have set the standards in the industry, and we never disappoint. We are customers’ number one choice for a REASON, and we live up to that.

Contact us now to get an instant quote for our trucking transportation services; we are always available for you.

Our wide range of services

Being extremely skilled and adept at all the services we perform, we always try to be the benchmark for perfection.

And when we say skilled, we mean it. We have what it takes to haul your trucks to provide smooth truck transportation services. We have the experience, our customers know it, and you should know it too!

Using the right equipment and an updated trucking fleet for exquisite truck transportation companies is essential. Many other truck transport companies don’t pay enough attention to this matter. Possessing the right equipment and then effectively using it for trucking transportation services is what makes us stand out from other truck transport companies.

We provide truck transportation services all over the United States and ship your truck overseas as well. Our truck transport services cover all types of trucks, including full-size heavy-loaded trucks, semi-trucks, heavy-duty trucks, dually trucks, commercial trucks, and heavy-duty trucks. We have got them all covered!

Most of our truck shipping journeys are for box trucks, refrigerator trucks, dump trucks, fire trucks, pickup trucks, tractor units, garbage trucks, tank trucks, tow trucks, dump trucks, and so forth.

Truck trailer transport services

Being well-versed in transportation art, we provide unparalleled trucking transportation services. As a result, our customers have full faith in us, and won’t choose another truck transport company to transport their trucks.

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We work at affordable rates that can be easily compared with other truck shipping companies. Our logistics team is extremely skilled and is highly qualified to complete the job with excellence. Our drivers are bonded and licensed. Moreover, your trucks are ensured against any damages during the transport for your peace of mind. Each step of our transportation process is documented along the way so that you can track your truck any time!

How does HEAVY EQUIPMENT SHIPPER ship your trucks?

Compared to other truck shipping companies, our truck transportation services are fairly simple and easy to understand. Just give us the following details about your truck, and you are good to go!

  • The year, make, and model of your truck, along with its dimensions. It helps us in selecting the right shipping container for your truck.
  • The working conditions of your truck.
  • Details of ANY attachments on your truck, for example, water barrel or tanks.
  • When and where to ship your truck. It helps us if you also specify the route we must take to ship your truck. Then, we can pick your truck from your doorstep and drop it off at the exact location that you have specified.
  • Whether you opt for open or enclosed transportation for your truck.

After you have provided us with the said details, we are ready to transport your bad boy by first selecting the needed trailer/container. However, before getting started with the shipment procedure, we examine your trucks for any damages as any good truck transport company would. We make notes on any previous damage, perform our physical and mechanical checks to look for any pre-existing faults. These checks help us ensure that you receive your truck in the same position as you dropped it.

What is the price to ship your truck?

We do not have pre-set values for the shipment of your truck, as can be expected. Instead, we use certain factors to determine the final cost to transport your truck.

These factors are:

  • The shipping/ transport distance we have to cover.
  • The type and model of your truck.
  • The truck transportation services you opt for.
  • The season in which the truck is to be shipped. Winters are usually more towards the expensive side due to an increase in demand.

However, when making an estimate, we can safely say that the cost to transport a truck per mile is approximately $1 for 1-500 miles. For up to 1000 miles, this decreases to $0.75. When transporting from the shore of one state to another, this price can fall to up to $0.40 per mile.

How can I select the best Truck Shipping companies?

There are many truck shipping companies out there, so selecting the best truck transport company can be challenging. However, with the following considerations, it’s as easy as breath.

  • Look for a good reputation; while doing so, look at customer reviews and testimonials.
  • Look for a company that has a transparent and easy-to-understand process.
  • Look for updated equipment and trucking fleet.
  • Look for drivers and staff that are licensed and certified for the job. They should be accountable for their jobs.
  • Look for good values and morals in their staff and their ability to facilitate you.

What is a Truck Transport company?

A Truck transport company is a company that provides truck transportations services. It transports your trucks from one place to another; it can be anywhere, from one state to another or another country.

When do I have to use the Truck Transport Service?

You can use trucking transportation services to move your truck from one state to another or an entirely different country.

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