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Shipping a Woodchipper

Shipping a Woodchipper

Shipping a Woodchipper is for experts transporting heavy equipments. We are a oversize load hauling specialists in the US.  Buying a woodchipper is always an excellent investment if you’re a homeowner or a commercial operation that needs a machine that can rapidly shred wood into small pieces. Wood chipping is a standard cost-effective process that’s often used to clear the land by removing trees that are no longer wanted. Besides the benefits of clearing, the wood chips produced by a woodchipper can be repurposed for mulch, animal bedding, or fuel.

Shipping a Woodchipper

As a result of its size, shape, and weight, shipping a woodchipper can be a challenge. The machine must be properly secured on a flatbed trailer to ensure safe transport. Here are some tips on how to ship a woodchipper, including the factors that affect shipping costs. Additionally, we discuss how to prepare your woodchipper for shipping and answer some commonly asked questions about it.

What You Need to Know About Woodchipper Shipping

Many homeowners and businesses who own woodchippers sometimes find it necessary to ship their woodchippers to another location. Since shipping a large machine like this usually requires considerable technical expertise, it is always advisable to use Woodchipper Hauling Services rather than towing it themselves. When you use a reputable company, you can transport woodchippers safely, on time, and without damage.

Cost Shipping Factors for Woodchippers to Consider

The cost of shipping a woodchipper can be affected by several factors, including the urgency of the shipment and the insurance coverage.

  • Urgency: The speed at which you need the woodchipper at its destination will affect its shipping cost. If you want your machine to arrive at its destination sooner, you will generally pay more for shipping. Your timing when you contact the company can also affect shipping costs. For instance, getting in touch with the company a day before you want the item shipped will cost you more than contacting them a week before.
  • Insurance: If you are transporting heavy equipment, the shipping cost will be affected by the insurance you need. When you purchase heavy equipment, you will need to protect it with good insurance. The price of shipping your woodchipper will depend on how much insurance you choose. In some cases, when you have several insurance options, you may want to pay more for a more comprehensive coverage package to protect your investment.

Preparing Your Woodchipper for Shipping

Before you send your woodchipper to the shipping company, first make sure you have taken care of all the paperwork necessary for transportation, especially the insurance. Next, it’s advisable to photograph your woodchipper from different angles. You may need this photographic documentation if the woodchipper is damaged in transit.

Shipping a Woodchipper

Finally, don’t forget to remove all personal belonging stored in the compartments of your machine before letting the shipping company pick up your woodchipper.


  • How much does a 12 woodchipper weigh?

    The 12-inch woodchipper is a powerful and large machine intended to handle heavy jobs. It will make quick work of any tree limbs or brush you want to remove. It weighs 5500 pounds, making it one of the heavier models on the market.

    However, it’s not just for commercial outfits but is versatile enough for homeowners to use as well. The weight makes it more stable and durable.

    Incidentally, if you’re considering transporting your woodchipper yourself, be sure your vehicle is rated to tow it. When hitched up, you must consider the added weight of fuel.

  • How do you transport a woodchipper?

    Transporting a woodchipper depends on its size and weight. Wider chippers require larger trailers, while smaller ones can fit on narrower ones. A smaller chipper may fit on a wider trailer if it is the only item on the trailer. However, depending on the type of load being shipped, there is some flexibility.

    Professional shipping companies are your best option for transporting your woodchipper. Most heavy equipment hauling companies have trailers of various sizes available for moving woodchippers. As a result, they can easily find a trailer that fits your woodchipper. These companies also have the experience and expertise to load and secure the woodchipper, ensuring its safety during transport.

  • How heavy is a woodchipper?

    The weight of a woodchipper can range from 50 pounds to 100,000 pounds, depending on its specifications. Despite this extreme range of possibilities, most woodchippers for home use weigh less than 400 pounds and those for commercial use weigh a little over 5,000 pounds. Generally, heavier woodchippers are more durable and can handle larger branches, but they are also more difficult to maneuver and might require additional equipment for transportation.

    Lightweight woodchippers are easier to move around the yard and can be stored away when not in use. For commercial operators, weight is less of a concern because they are usually transported on trailers or other specialized equipment.

  • Can bamboo be put through a woodchipper?

    As one of the hardest, most durable woods, bamboo is often used in construction and industrial applications. Unfortunately, a consumer woodchipper is simply not powerful enough to shred bamboo, and it can damage both the woodchipper and bamboo. In most cases, too, even a commercial woodchipper cannot break down bamboo. Consequently, the most efficient way to recycle bamboo is to find a facility with highly specialized woodchippers.

Do You Need Woodchipper Hauling Services?

Our team at Heavy Equipment Shipper knows how difficult it can be to transport large pieces of heavy equipment. This is why we specialize in shipping woodchippers, making sure they arrive safely and on time. We offer competitive rates and flexible scheduling to meet your needs.

Our team of experienced drivers is trained and licensed to manage the unique challenges of hauling large equipment like commercial woodchippers. Additionally, we use state-of-the-art trucks and trailers to ensure that your load is transported safely.

Please call us at 1-877-880-5991 if you need a quote for shipping your woodchipper. You may also send us an email at or fill out the form on Heavy Equipment Shipper for a quote.

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