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Emergency Equipment Transport

Heavy Equipment Shipper (HES) is an equipment transport company specializing in oversized equipment, with shipping capabilities throughout the U.S. and worldwide. We know that for the emergency services, moving larger equipment like fire trucks or ambulances, and other first responder rigs requires more coordination and more specialty than moving other equipment. Specially rated trailers, professional divers capable of maneuvering these vehicles, and trucks to haul emergency services equipment are crucial for emergency equipment transport.

Nationwide Emergency Equipment Transport

Heavy Equipment Shipper serves the emergency services market throughout America. We specialize in transporting ambulances, fire trucks, airport crash trucks, medical air evacuation helicopters, medical equipment for first responders, mobile medical vehicles, and more. We provide cheap and quick emergency equipment transportation with professional transport services and qualified drivers that are licensed, bonded, and insured to handle all types of emergency services.

Our Emergency transport equipment services are the best in the US.

Supporting Emergency Transport Equipment Services with Comprehensive Shipping

Our professional drivers are supported by experienced logistics experts that are capable of emergency equipment shipping and scheduling emergency services transport throughout busy urban areas and areas with difficult terrain. We know the importance of getting emergency equipment shipping to the areas that need it most. Whether it’s a new medical evacuation helicopter, fire truck, heavy-duty tow truck for towing cars from an accident scene, or a customized first responder rig, we can do the emergency services with safe and secure transportation.

Nationwide Emergency Equipment Transport

We are always ready to take on new demanding tasks. With Heavy Equipment Shipper, the emergency services industry benefits from a comprehensive range of shipping services. Our shipping experts have experience with Hauling Emergency equipment. We are experienced in taking care of everything from antique firetrucks to the latest 18,000 lb fully-equipped ambulance. Our professional drivers know precisely how to handle emergency transport requirements. Different types of emergency equipment that we do the transportation of are:

How to Arrange Transportation for Emergency Services

Our logistics experts will provide reliable, detailed quotes for all emergency services equipment shipping within the United States and internationally. It doesn’t matter if you’re sending an antique fire truck to a Texas exhibition or medical equipment to a far-flung place, we are always here to provide you with a quote to start your emergency services transport journey with Heavy Equipment Shipper.

Even on short notice, we handle licenses, escorts, and scheduling. We can arrange all: whether you want to deliver an airport crash truck, a fire truck to a small-town station, or the new medical equipment. We’ll take care of everything that revolves around Hauling Emergency equipment. We make sure your equipment delivery process is as efficient as possible.

Emergency Cargo Transport Services

Clients using our hotshot emergency equipment transportation services receive high-quality logistics support, which includes:

  • Complete logistic management of your shipment, including route planning and coordination of less-than-truckload (LTL) freight management
  • Guaranteed service quality at competitive rates
  • Comprehensive insurance for high-value loads
  • GPS tracking & real-time location updates
  • Door-to-door delivery and cross-border logistics for shipping throughout North America (U.S., Mexico, and Canada)
  • Expedited transport of emergency supplies & mission-critical equipment

Our Experience

We’re a leading company in the country to ship emergency equipment. Heavy Equipment Shipper has extensive freight hauling and emergency equipment transportation experience. Our polite and friendly delegates are among the best-educated in the industry.

Nationwide Emergency Equipment Transport

We provide entryway management, port-to-business transportation, and same-day stacking. Our transport services are reliable and safe. For excellent service, exceptional rates, and efficient shipping, give us a call today.

Investing in our Team and Fleet

Transporting emergency equipment requires both knowledgeable staff and sophisticated equipment. Our state-of-the-art fleet includes trailers suitable for both on-road and on-site hauling. Equipment such as hydraulic platform trailers and lock and slide systems can be matched to specific tasks, whether it’s hauling a large transformer across the state or installing a piece of CNC equipment.

Pocket-Friendly Emergency Equipment Transport

Heavy Equipment Shipper moves heavy machinery and equipment around the country on a daily basis. Call Heavy Equipment Shipper when you need to transport emergency equipment. We provide door-to-door transport of your important machinery and it is one of the most reputable companies in the transportation industry. Choose Heavy Equipment Shipper for truthful quotes and on-time deliveries. You will get outstanding support from our company’s courteous members at reasonable rates.

We are Authorised, Bonded, and Insured Transportation Company

Heavy Equipment Shipper is completely authorized, bonded, and insured to transport all kinds of heavy machinery in all 50 states. Our drivers are licensed and insured.

Our Ratings

Heavy Equipment Shipper is proud of its high public approval ratings. Nationwide Transportation, our parent company, has a 5-Star rating. Similarly, the Better Business Bureau has given us an A+ grade, the best possible ranking. Heavy Equipment Shipper is secure in the services it offers to its customers. Our previous clients have always had positive things to say about us. When it comes to heavy machinery transport, our business has a stellar reputation.

Contact Us Today

Ready to get started? Request a free quote today for emergency equipment transport. Call, email or use our online form to reach out to one of our knowledgeable representatives. You’ll quickly discover why we’ve been a preferred partner for heavy rigging service. Our services will definitely inspire you. It’s easy to book a shipment with us. Our experienced team of transport experts is ready to assist you with your shipping needs and to answer any questions you might have. Contact us now.

How to do Emergency equipment Shipping?

Trust Heavy Equipment Shipper to ship your emergency equipment. Heavy Equipment Shipper is highly experienced in shipping all size machinery on this route door-to-door. Whatever the weight, size, quantity, or type of equipment, machinery, automobiles, freight, or cargo you need to transport, we will haul it. Let our efficient staff guide you to the shipping processes. We will deliver your cargo with the least amount of time, energy, and hassle.

Every time, with us, you’ll get an experienced driver hauling the correct trailer for your machine. Any type of freight, including flatbeds, step-decks, RGNs, and oversize loads, can be transported by Heavy Equipment Shipper. For professional long-distance and local transport of your precious equipment, as well as for honest quotes and on-time deliveries, contact us today.

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