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Transporting Fiberglass Pools with confidence

Transporting Fiberglass Pools with confidence and all the security requirements. We are Fiberglass Pool Shipping and Transport specialists.

Many homeowners decide on fiberglass pools when considering a backyard pool because they are beautiful and require minimal maintenance. In addition, fiberglass pools are typically more affordable than concrete or gypsum pools.

Transporting Fiberglass Pools, Shipping a Fiberglass Pool, Fiberglass Pool Shipping and Transport

You should, however, understand the process of shipping a fiberglass pool before doing an online query for “transporting fiberglass pools near me” to purchase a backyard pool and arrange for a fiberglass pool delivery.

Fiberglass Pool Transportation Tips:

When it comes to transport pools, you need to consider two scenarios: first, organizing transporting fiberglass pools after purchase; and two, organizing fiberglass pool shipping and transport before a house move.

  1. Organizing Transporting Fiberglass Pools After Purchase

    Transporting Fiberglass Pools, Shipping a Fiberglass Pool, Fiberglass Pool Shipping and TransportIf you’ve recently purchased a fiberglass pool from a manufacturer, you may be wondering how fiberglass pool shipping and transport work. The good news is that most manufacturers have a process in place for transporting fiberglass pools. For an additional fee, you can use their fiberglass pool delivery services.

    However, if you’re planning to transport the pool yourself because you bought it from a private seller, there are a few things you’ll need to keep in mind about fiberglass pool delivery. First, you’ll need a large enough fiberglass pool trailer to accommodate the size of the pool. Then, you’ll need to make sure the entire structure is properly secured during fiberglass pool transport to avoid any damage.

    If you find the whole idea of planning and preparation for moving fiberglass pools too overwhelming, then do a Google search for “transporting fiberglass pools near me.” This will bring up a listing of fiberglass pool shipping and transport companies. They will take care of everything, from providing a work crew, equipment, and a fiberglass pool trailer. Hiring professionals will relieve you of the burden of arranging your own fiberglass pool delivery.

  2. Organizing Fiberglass Pool Shipping and Transport Before a House Move

    Because fiberglass pools are so large and heavy, they must be moved with specialized equipment. So, you’ll need to work with a reputable fiberglass pool transport and shipping company to ensure your pool is moved safely and efficiently.

    Fiberglass Pool Transportation is a big job because they are so large and heavy. You’ll need to work with a reputable fiberglass pool transport and shipping company to ensure your pool is moved safely and efficiently. If you plan and prepare fiberglass pool transport properly, you can enjoy your new pool for years to come.

    Here are some steps you should know about fiberglass pool transportation if you are not receiving fiberglass pool delivery from a manufacturer but instead planning to hire a fiberglass pool trailer service to move your fiberglass pool to a new home.

    The first step  is to disassemble the pool. This includes draining the water, removing the liner, and taking apart the pump and filter system.

    The second step is to lift the pool out of the ground. A crane or other specialized equipment is typically used for this task.

    The third step once the pool is out of the ground is to place it on a flatbed fiberglass pool trailer for transport.

    The fourth and last step is to reassemble the pool at its new location. This can be a daunting task, but with proper planning and preparation, it can be done relatively easily. Transporting your fiberglass pool doesn’t have to be a nightmare if you first figure out all the details of what’s involved in shipping a fiberglass pool.

The Risk of Contamination from an Amoebal Pool

Some people worry about amoebas in swimming pools. This is more of an imaginary fear than a real risk because a swimming pool with clean, cool, and chlorinated water cannot sustain any amoeba. If the disinfectant remains in the water supply system, free chlorine or chloramines will kill the amoeba at 0.5mg/L or higher.

Transporting Fiberglass Pools, Shipping a Fiberglass Pool, Fiberglass Pool Shipping and Transport

Amoebae are common in nature. An individual can be exposed to harmful amoebas by swimming in a lake or river. For instance, people can only become infected with the amoeba Naegleria fowleri, which can cause brain tissue destruction, if they accidentally gulp or inhale non-chlorinated water containing the amoeba.

Common Types of Fiberglass Pools

Before doing an online search for “transporting fiberglass pools near me” here are some buying decisions you’ll need to make about different types of pools before talking to a transport company about shipping a fiberglass pool:

  1. In-Ground Pool

    Since fiberglass swimming pools are made with interwoven glass threads, which are covered in polyester resin, in-ground pools made of fiberglass are durable and resistant to damage.

  2. Above-Ground Pool

    Steel wall panels and supports support above-ground pools rather than fiberglass shells. However, manufacturers can customize fiberglass pools by adding more fiberglass and supports to a traditional pool.

  3. Fiberglass Pool with Bench Seats

    Fiberglass pools typically have bench seating at the shallow or deep end, but many have both. Your children can now sit in the pool instead of hanging on to the poolside.

  4. One-Piece Pool

    Unlike vinyl pools, fiberglass pools have a one-piece fiberglass shell, so their liners do not need to be replaced every few years.

  5. Rectangular Pool vs Circular Pool

    When it comes to shipping a fiberglass pool for your backyard, do you want a rectangular or circular pool?

If you want to do laps, then choose a rectangular pool. Swimming laps is usually done in a long, rectangular pool since you can swim in a straight line. Alternatively, if you want a pool for lounging and recreational swimming, then a circular or round pool would be more suitable.


  • What Is the Cost to Move a Fiberglass Pool?

    The cost will vary depending on which company’s services you use after doing a Google query for “transporting fiberglass pools near me.” However, the average cost of a fiberglass pool is $52,500, but it can cost as much as $85,000. The lower-end options don’t offer all the bells and whistles of the higher-end options, so they are more budget-friendly options. When you factor in the shipping and installation costs, fiberglass pools at the lower end can be just as expensive as those at the higher end. In comparing prices for fiberglass pools, be sure to include fiberglass pool transport cost as well as the cost to move a fiberglass pool. You should also keep in mind that the size of the pool will affect the price. A larger pool will cost more to ship and install.

  • How are Fiberglass Pools Transported?

    Fiberglass pools are shipped on flatbed trucks after they’re made. The fiberglass pool shell must stay in one piece, so the shipment can’t be divided up. It limits the number of fiberglass pool transport companies that can be used, and as a result, fiberglass pools are more expensive to move. When you’re calculating the cost of a fiberglass pool, remember to factor in the cost of transportation.

  • How Much Does a Fiberglass Pool Weigh?

    Before you search “transporting fiberglass pools near me,” to find a company that can help you with shipping a fiberglass pool, first check out the spec tables from fiberglass pool manufacturers about the weight of a pool. It may be printed on their website, or you may have to download a PDF file, or you may have to call them to send you one. It will show precisely how much the pool should weigh. Most shells weigh between 2000 and 3500 pounds, according to the size of the pool.

  • How Are Fiberglass Pools Shipped?

    Generally, fiberglass pools are shipped on a flatbed fiberglass pool trailer, however, if another type is needed, such as an RGN, a fiberglass pool shipping and transport company can arrange it. You will receive all the details for shipping from their experienced logistics team so that you can feel confident and transparent about the fiberglass pool shipping process.

  • How Do You Haul a Swimming Pool?

    Since fiberglass pools must remain intact during installation, they are shipped by flatbed truck since other types of vehicles can’t haul them.

Looking for Fiberglass Pool Shipping and Transport?

Heavy Equipment Shipper can help you if you’ve done an online search for “transporting fiberglass pools near me” because you need help with shipping a fiberglass pool.

We can manage all your shipping and transport needs even if you need help transporting your fiberglass pool across the country. We are familiar with all the intricacies of shipping a fiberglass pool because we’ve been transporting fiberglass pools over long distances for many years and our experts know how to oversee it.

A fiberglass pool can be a major investment, and not everyone has the experience to manage fiberglass pool delivery by themselves, even if they rent a flatbed truck. That’s why we have experienced fiberglass pool trailer drivers who take care of moving fiberglass pools.

Our logistics experts collaborate with you to ensure that the items are delivered on time and in good condition. Our team has managed all types of fiberglass pool transportation.

You can reach us at 1-877-880-5991. Request a quote by sending an email to or by visiting our website at Heavy Equipment Shipper. We guarantee your satisfaction with our fiberglass pool delivery service.

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