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Transporting Your Pontoon Boat

Are you looking for Transporting Your Pontoon Boat to another city or state? We are Pontoon Boat Transport experts in the US.

Moving somewhere new is exciting. But if you have a pontoon boat you need to take with you, the moving process becomes a bit more complex. Fortunately, if you do some basic prep work before shipping, an experienced boat shipping company will be able to get your boat safely to your new home!

How Do You Prepare for Pontoon Boat Shipping?

Before transporting your pontoon boat, there are a few steps you’ll need to take to ensure that transport is as safe and easy as possible. If you aren’t already familiar with pontoon boat transport, you may want to hire a reputable marina to handle preparation.

Pontoon Boat Transport

But if you’d rather do it yourself, here are a few of the steps to take:

  • Empty all tanks and remove drain plugs.
  • If you’re hauling a pontoon boat in winter, drain all fluid from pumps, air conditioners, and water systems.
  • If your boat is wooden, you might want to coat it in linseed oil to prevent drying.
  • Remove all anchors and disconnect all batteries.
  • Remove canvas covers so they do not fly off or rip while the boat is being transported.
  • Lock the cabin and all cabinets and keep the key.

If you have any questions before transporting your pontoon boat, give us a call! One of our knowledgeable boat transport specialists will be happy to help you make sure your boat is prepared for safe transport.

How Much Does It Cost to Ship Your Pontoon Boat?

Without knowing your precise shipping needs, it’s impossible to come up with an exact cost for transporting your pontoon boat. But as a very general estimate, shipping will cost about $1.50-$3.50 per mile.

Pontoon Boat Transport

There are several different factors that impact the cost of pontoon boat shipping:

  • Total distance – This is one of the major factors when it comes to shipping price. Very short trips will often only be a few hundred dollars, but cross-country trips may be thousands of dollars.
  • Road conditions – More challenging or difficult road conditiona may make transport more expensive.
  • Boat size – Larger boats are heavier and may require larger or more powerful trucks for transport. Of course, this will impact the price of shipping.
  • Route taken – Toll roads may alter the price of shipping, especially if the route includes a large number of toll roads.

Should You Hire a Professional?

If you’re looking at hauling a pontoon boat over a great distance, hiring a professional is often a good idea. A reputable boat shipping company will be familiar with shipping regulations across the country. Shipping companies are also well-versed in safe boat transport.

Of course, you shouldn’t just go with the very first shipper you find! Pontoon boat shipping quotes vary significantly, so it’s wise to get at least three quotes. Make sure you do research on each company, too. A reliable boat shipper will carry full insurance coverage and will have excellent customer reviews.

Why Work With Heavy Equipment Shipper?

The prospect of hauling a pontoon boat can be daunting, especially if you’ve never needed to transport your own boat before. And if your boat is prepared or hauled incorrectly, it may suffer damage during its journey. At Heavy Equipment Shipper, we have plenty of experience shipping boats of all sizes. We also carry full insurance coverage so your boat will be covered in case of any type of damage. We’re also committed to getting our customers the best possible deals when it comes to pontoon boat shipping. Check out our online quote generator or call us for a free quote today!

How to transport pontoon boat?

Hauling a pontoon boat can be a real challenge. For short trips, many boat owners will simply trailer the boat themselves. But for cross-country or overseas moves, hiring a transport company is a good idea. Most of these companies will load the boat onto a trailer. But for overseas moves, shipping in an ocean container will usually be the best option.

How do you move a pontoon without a trailer?

Moving a boat without a trailer may be a bit of a hassle, but it’s possible. Boat shipping experts will usually give you the option of renting a boat trailer to help get your boat safely to its destination. If your boat is currently at a marina with a boat lift, the marina also may be able to lift your boat out of the water and place it directly onto the shipper’s pontoon boat transport trailer.

How do you haul a pontoon boat?

If your boat will be hauled on your own trailer, inspecting the trailer for damages prior to pontoon boat transport is a must, as is ensuring your boat is secured to the trailer. It’s also vital to make sure the combined weight of the boat and trailer does not exceed your vehicle’s towing capacity. Many large boats do, and that’s where a boat transport company can help!

How much does it cost to transport a 40 foot boat?

There are several different factors that influence the price of shipping a boat, with the distance traveled and the route taken being the most important. The weight of the boat is also taken into account. But if you’re looking for a good general estimate, you can expect the price of ground shipping to run about $1.50-$3.50 per mile.

Can you ship a boat in a container?

Yes, you can. Usually, a boat up to about 21 feet long can be shipped in a container. That being said, transporting your pontoon boat in a container is easier said than done. Depending on the exact size of the boat, you may need to remove wheels from the trailer in order to fit it in the container. Since preparation can be delicate, it’s often wise to let a professional company handle overseas pontoon boat transport.

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