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Maine Heavy Equipment Transport

Maine Heavy Equipment Transport Company

We are one of the best Maine Heavy Equipment Transport Companies you can count on! Are we seeking reliable, timely, efficient Heavy Haul Transportation Services in Maine? We understand how getting in touch with the right company is either a make or break of the situation. Doing just the proper market research and keeping an eye on fluctuating consumer behavior trends – we are glad to bring Maine Heavy Haul Equipment Transportation to you.

Maine Equipment Transport Services

A service like never before and an experience that promises excellence, we at Maine Equipment Transport Services compete to provide top-notch heavy equipment transport services with an experience tailored exclusively for you.

Shipping cost and miles for Heavy Haul examples to and from Maine

10 Heavy Haul Jobs from/to Maine

From To Shipping Quote Miles
Banger Maine, 04401-Edison New Jersey, 08817 $2,700 483 miles
Ashland Maine, 04732-Jacksonville Florida, 32201 $3,062 1,524 miles
Detroit Maine, 04929-Hazelwood Missouri, 63042 $3,000 1,394 miles
Brunswick Maine, 04011-Seattle Washington, 98112 $3,800 3,174 miles
Destin, Florida, 32541 to Bridgeview, Illinois, 60455 $3750.00 949 miles
Kennebunk Maine, 04043-San Diego California, 92115 $3,500 3,114 miles
Boston Maine, 02128-Skowhegan Maine, 04976 $2,500 202 miles
Miami Florida, 33169-Bangor Maine, 04401 $3,500 1,731 miles
Minneapolis, MN 55410-Phippsburg Maine, 04562 $3,100 1,537 miles
Boise Idaho, 83702-Yarmouth Maine, 04096 $3,400 2,776 miles
Palmdale California, 93552-Lincoln Maine, 04457 $4,000 3,525 miles

* Prices shown above are from previous jobs we completed in 2023; they fluctuate depending on diesel and the time of the year.

What are you waiting for, then? Get in touch with Maine Heavy Equipment Transport Services today!

That’s not it; you know what the best part is? Understanding how not many heavy equipment transport service providers deal in Farm Equipment Transport Services, we at Heavy Haulers bring you a one-stop solution. We also deal in the most affordable yet timely Maine Farm Equipment Transport Services.

The Shipping Quote Feature

Today, having experience of more than a decade, we at Maine Heavy Equipment Transport believe in bringing you a highly customized, tailored heavy hauling service. For us, it starts right when a customer contacts us. Our highly trained and professional employees are on board to direct you at every point.

Maine Heavy Equipment Transport

To start, our website is designed for you to bring ease and save time – you can quickly get an Automated Best Shipping Quote. This gives you insight into the cost of your Transport, and you can compare the listing with one another. Maine Heavy Equipment Transport Online Shipping Quote Service asks you to add in the specifications of your heavy equipment, and that’s it – it’s as simple as this!

Wondering about what specifications? Worry no more; they are just the basics! These include:

  • The Pickup Date
  • The Pickup Location
  • The Drop–Off Location
  • The Year of the Heavy Equipment you wish to Transport
  • The Make of the Heavy Equipment
  • The Model of the Heavy Equipment
  • Personal Information – Name, Phone Number & Email
  • Any Special Instructions

Why must we know the equipment’s make, year, and model? At Maine Heavy Haul Equipment Transportation, we want to give you a smooth and memorable experience; thus, we tend you keep things sorted out right from the start. This information lets us at Heavy Haul Transportation Services Maine predict the transportation charges at the best approximation – we’re all well aware of how heavy equipment translates to hefty transportation charges. Also, this isn’t it – there are rules and regulations for transporting heavy equipment on different bridges and highways. Knowing this, we can let you know about any unforeseen circumstances beforehand!

Why Heavy Haul Transportation Services Maine?

Maine heavy haul equipment transportationDo you still have a question about why you chose Heavy Haul Services in Maine? It’s not just you; doubts are common when trusting a transport company for your equipment services, and that’s what we are there for. We’ll address your concerns in the best possible way!

In such situations, safety is the utmost priority for every customer, and so is trust. At Maine Equipment Transport Services, we provide first–hand services and keep customer satisfaction as the topmost priority. Our highly experienced logistics team is trained to handle the situation and find the right trailer and the most experienced driver for you. We at Maine Farm Equipment Transport Services follow a holistic approach, as do our drivers. All our drivers have proper licenses, certifications, and credentials for transporting heavy equipment. We provide all that, too, with pickup and delivery at your doorstep!

We at Maine Heavy Haul Equipment Transportation have a diversified range of trailers designed for different services that suit their purpose well. We deal with Heavy Haulers, Trailers for Heavy Equipment, Trailers for Construction Equipment, Maine Farm Equipment Transport Services, Hauling Tractors, Trailers for oversize Loads and Heavy Haul Trucking. The core reason we at Maine Heavy Equipment Transport Services have such a variety of trailers is a personalized experience. Many smaller shipping companies have a minimal scope of services, hindering our Heavy Haul Transportation Services Maine services from catering to every customer!


With more than a decade of experience and heavy equipment transport being our specialty, we at Maine Equipment Transport Services can promise we your heavy equipment is in safe hands. This isn’t just what we say, you can search for our name on top heavy equipment shipping companies, and you’ll see us in that list.

With us at Maine Farm Equipment Transport Services, you don’t have to worry about delayed shipments or deteriorated equipment conditions. Your shipment will arrive on time and in the same condition as before. We are hands-on with the experience, including information and shipping. You can always contact us for details, as we track it occasionally.

Have you still got any questions? Contact Maine Heavy Haul Services now and ship your equipment in Maine hassle-free yet at very affordable rates!

Trailers We Use to ship equipment

  • Van
  • Flatbed
  • Refrigerated “Reefer”
  • Van or Reefer
  • Two 24 or 28 flatbed
  • Animal
  • Car carrier
  • Belly Dump
  • Beam Trailer
  • Conveyor belt
  • Boat hauling Trailer
  • Train, super train “Candia only”
  • Convertible Hopper
  • Conestoga
  • Container Trailer
  • Curtain van
  • Driveaway
  • Double drop
  • Double Drop extended
  • Dump Trucks
  • End Dump
  • Flatbed “Air Ride”
  • FEXT ” Stretch Trailers or Extendable Flatbeds or Extendable Flatbeds
  • FO- Flatbed over-Dimension Loads
  • FRV- Flatbed, Van or Reefer
  • FSDV- Flatbed, Step Deck or Van
  • FV- Van or Flatbed
  • LAF- Landoll Flatbed
  • LB- Lowboy
  • LBO- Lowboy over dimension Loads
  • LDOT- Load-out are empty trailer you load and haul
  • Live= Live bottom Trailer
  • Maxi- Maxi or Double Flat trailers
  • MBHM- Mobile homes
  • PNEU- Pneumatic
  • PO- Power Only
  • RGN- Removable Gooseneck & Multi Axle Heavy Haulers
  • RINT- Refrigerated Intermodal
  • Roll- Roll Top Conestoga
  • SD- Stepdeck
  • SDE – Stepdeck Extendable
  • SDO- Step deck over Dimensions loads
  • SPV- Cargo, small, sprinter Van
  • Tank- Tanker (Food Grade, liguide, bulk etc)
  • VA- Van air ride
  • VB- Blanket wrap van
  • VIV- Venter Insulated Van
  • VIVR- Venter insulated van or Refrigerated
  • VLG- Van with Liftgate
  • VM- Moving Van
  • V- Open Top Van
  • VRDD- Van, Reefer or Double drop
  • VV- Venter Van
  • WR- Venter VAn or Refrigerated, walking floor
  • Hopp- Hopper Bottom
  • HS- Hotshot Trailer
  • HTU- Haul and Tow Unit


What industries use heavy equipment?

Nowadays, almost every industry out there is using heavy equipment to ease their mundane tough tasks. Some known industries include Farming Industry, Construction Industry, Sports Industry, Tourism Industry, Lifestyles Industry, Food Production Industry, and Plumbing & Sewerage Industry. We at Maine Heavy Haul Equipment Transportation deal in almost it all!

How do you transport an excavator?

At Maine Farm Equipment Transport Services, we start off by collecting information about the year, model, and make of the excavator and then schedule a time with you after deciding upon the pickup and drop-off location and time. Our heavy construction trailers that suit the purpose well come and pick up the excavator and deliver it at your designated drop-off place.

How much does it cost to haul heavy equipment?

It depends upon the make, year, and model of the heavy equipment! You can always get a free shipping quote through our Maine Heavy Haul Services website for a better understanding!

What is the best heavy haul truck?

The Freight liners undoubtedly take up the lead at Maine Equipment Transport Services for being the absolute best!

What will my driver need when transporting heavy equipment from the Port of Portland in Maine?

A driver will need aTwic card and a valid driver’s license, to enter the Port of Portland in Maine.

What will the cost be to get a full load of heavy machinery out of Maine?

A full load of machinery will cost anywhere between four to five dollars per mile when hauling out of Maine.

How much will it cost to haul a standard Kubota tractor out of Maine?

A regular Kubota tractor will cost anywhere from two to three dollars a mile, depending on the location for pickup and delivery and the size of the tractor.

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Heavy Haul Jobs in and out of Maine

Maine Heavy Equipment Transport Company

Mr. Smith needed his 2020 John Deere 1590 grain drill hauled

From: Mt. Vernon, OH 43050
To: Bucksport, ME 04472

The drill was 20 ft. long, 15.5 ft. wide, 6.8 ft. high and weighed 8,450lbs. This would be an oversize load and required permits. We loaded it onto a lowboy trailer and the total price of shipment was $3,800.00.

Maine Heavy Equipment Transport Company

A customer named Jamil called in to have his Fendt tractor, which was in a container, hauled from his house, that he had just sold, to a new house that he had just bought. The pickup location:

From: Bristol, ME 04541
To: Jonesport, ME 04649

To get this hauled we needed to think outside the box. Jamil had no way to load the container, so we coordinated a crane and stepdeck to meet on pick up and then a crane service to meet on delivery. Despite the challenging circumstances, we were able to make this transport run smoothly and the customer was very happy. The total price for the haul away and the crane service was $2,250.00.

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