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Hauling Wide Loads, Wide Load, Wide Load Hauling

Hauling Wide Loads Nationwide Company

We are a Top 3 Premium Hauling Wide Loads Nationwide Company. So as you are preparing to finalize the transport of your wide load, make sure that you have all of the necessary information to make the wide load transport a smooth process. Keep in mind that a wide load is different from a standard load with one very distinct difference. The wide load is going to require a width permit for transport.

 Wide Load Sign, Wide Load Permits, Wide Load Trucks

In addition, these loads could also require a length permit, or maybe even a permit for weight. Having the proper specs for the wide load that needs to be transported is very important. The paperwork for permits has to match the wide load that is being transported. If the paperwork does not match, then this can cause issues with the Department of Transportation or any other law enforcement that the driver may come in contact with during transport.

Wide Load Sign

Hauling Wide Loads, Wide LoadWide load signs are required when an oversized piece of equipment is being transported. The additional wide load signs are necessary because it is a Department of Transportation regulation. They require that the trailer and the truck that is transporting the oversized equipment have clear and noticeable wide load sign that is visible and remains visible during transport.

The wide load sign must also be visible at night as well and therefore must be made out of some type of special reflective material. These signs are usually yellow in color with black lettering. Although wide load signs may vary in wording, most of them are required to say “oversize load” or “wide load.”

Wide Load Permits

Trucking companies that haul wide loads know how important it is to have proper wide load permits before transport. This includes making sure that all of the necessary wide load permits are received and ready for transport.

Most customers do not realize that the Department of Transportation can impound the trucks and trailers that are operating without oversize load permits, as well as the item that is being transported. This means that your equipment can be impounded and held indefinitely if the company that you chose to transport your equipment does not do it legally or responsibly.

Trucking companies that haul wide loads understand how important it is to get the wide load permits and route surveys when transporting these loads. If the driver is stopped by the Department of Transportation and the paperwork and the wide load permits are not 100% accurate, then they will immediately detain the driver and the illegal load until the paperwork is corrected.

Wide Load Trucks

Wide Load Permits, Wide Load TrucksWide load trucks are ultimately responsible for the total care and control of the oversized equipment that is in their possession during transport. This is important because wide load trucks are required to have insurance that covers the value of the items being transported.

A common rule is that the bigger the load, the more expensive the insured value of the load. Always request a copy of the insurance when you are using wide load trucks for oversize transporting. You need to make sure that the insurance coverage is sufficient for your equipment. If there is some type of issue or damage during transport you can rest easy that your equipment is insured for the proper value. Keep in mind, it is never a good experience when there is damage to your equipment, but accidents do happen and we make sure that if an accident does occur we take care of it.

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Wide Load Hauling

When it comes to wide load-hauling, there is a whole lot more involved during the process than many people realize. Even before the load is scheduled for pickup, there are so many details that are needed to make sure that the load is transported legally and safely. Wide load-hauling requires specialized trailers and permits for transport.

Typically wide loads are transported on Double Drop Trailers, Lowboy Trailers, or RGN Trailers. These trailers are designed for hauling wide loads. These trailers are designed to make loading and unloading of wide loads very simple. They are also designed to handle loads that are above average in weight. Most trailers can legally transport about 40,000lbs.

These wide load hauling trailers are designed specifically for loads that exceed 40,000lbs. Because hauling wide loads requires some type of permitting, transporters with these trailers are well aware of the permitting process. In most cases, a permit for width is the most common for wide loads. Some wide loads can require additional permits for length, height, and/or escorts for width.

Wide Load Heavy Hauler

Wide load heavy hauler companies provide exclusive services in transporting vehicles, equipment, or freight that are considered larger than transporting standard-size vehicles. These wide load heavy hauler companies have the knowledge and experience to handle specific types of heavy equipment that require width permitting.

Hauling Wide Loads, Wide Load Hauling, Wide Load Heavy Hauler

The wide load heavy hauling transport industry is one of the fastest-growing industries within the transport industry. Wide load carriers are used every day and provide a wide range of services for a wide range of customer types. Wide load heavy hauler companies have specific trailers that are needed to transport heavy equipment. In most cases, these are specially designed for specific jobs. Although there are several different types of heavy haulers, you want to make sure that when selecting the company that you will use for your heavy hauler transport that they can meet your specific needs.

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What is a wide load?

A wide load is any load that requires permits for width. Each state has its own guidelines when it comes to permitting requirements for wide loads. It is possible that a wide load can require additional permits for length, weight or height. It is very common for a wide load to need multiple permits.

How wide is considered a wide load?

Each state has different requirements for width restrictions when it comes to transporting oversized loads. The basic rule of thumbs is that most states will allow you to transport any load that is between 8.6’ and 12’ with only requiring a permit for width. You are also allowed to transport wider loads but they will require police escorts because of possible lane closures in some areas.

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