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Construction Equipment Transport Kansas, Kansas Construction Machinery Transportation

Construction Equipment Transport Kansas

Heavy Equipment Shipping (HES) ships construction equipment to the next site anywhere in the United States, but we also transport overseas. When you need Construction Equipment Transport Kansas hauled to the port, we’ll find the best truck to get it there. We can include a flatbed, RGN, drop deck, or even a super-load trailer, depending on your needs. We also handle all required paperwork, such as permits and customs papers. We are the leading Heavy construction equipment haulers in Kansas. We also do Construction Tractors Transportation in Kansas.

Construction Equipment Transport Kansas, Heavy construction equipment haulers in Kansas

Shipping construction equipment requires efficiency and attention to detail especially if it’s an oversize load. Because construction equipment is vital to the company, Heavy Equipment Shipping (HES) moves it right. We get the machinery to the next job site safely and on time, so you can get back to work. Your time is important, and we make sure not to waste it. That’s why we’re considered one of the industry-leading Construction Equipment Transport Kansas Company.

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Get the Best Construction Machinery Transportation

Heavy Equipment Shipping (HES) is here to provide the best construction machinery transportation solutions for your construction equipment. If you’re transporting construction machinery to a new job, we’ll get it delivered on time. Time is money, and you need to get back to work. That’s why we create construction equipment shipping solutions based on your needs. A logistics specialist will be there to provide you with quality service. We’re available to handle all your equipment transport needs from dispatch to delivery. We also do Construction tractors transportation in Kansas. We will prove with our services that we are the best Heavy construction equipment haulers in Kansas.

We don’t just pair your construction equipment transport with anyone. At Heavy Equipment Shipping (HES), we make sure to find the best driver and rig. Your construction tractors transportation is essential to your business. We want you to have a quality shipping experience that lets you get back to work with ease. Construction transport equipment ranges from standard flatbeds to twenty axle HD trailers. We also do the Transportation of construction equipment rental in Kansas. Our expert Kansas Construction Machinery Transportation specialists are waiting to help pair you with the right one and will inspire you in multiple ways.

Our Crew

While we have a capable and ambitious team of experienced drivers and a diverse fleet of trailers at our disposal, certain construction shipping projects are beyond our capabilities. In these cases, we will provide you a list of construction hauling companies that can meet your Kansas Construction Machinery Transportation requirements.

Best Top 5 Tips for Construction Equipment Transport

  1. Avoid construction equipment-wide loads by breaking down equipment and removing attachments.
  2. Check manuals for construction equipment shipping preparation. Tips such as:
    • Latching doors
    • Disconnecting batteries
    • Covering stacks
  3. Costs of shipping construction equipment vary based on Height, weight, width, and length of machinery. Whether or not it is an oversize or overweight load. Distance to be traveled.
  4. Wash your construction equipment prior to shipping to document what shape it’s in.
  5. Take pictures of your construction equipment prior to transport.

Common Construction Equipment Bases We Transport

Heavy Equipment Shipping (HES) can even move crane bases and other pieces for bridge construction and demolition. We have the best in town construction tractors transportation services. We can also move rigging and material loaders, small breakers to power your heavy equipment, and plates needed to brace your heavier gear. Our door-to-door service includes disassembly from the initial location and re-assembly at the new job site.

  • Cranes to lift heavy beams
  • Scissor lifts to reach upper stories
  • Boom lifts to reach over unnavigable territory
  • Large-scale bandsaws for specialty timber cuts
  • Circular saws to fit plywood
  • Augers for deep post-excavation
  • Piling and Drilling equipment to lay pipes
  • Pavers and small cement mixers to lay concrete and asphalt
  • Telescopic Handlers reaching hard to reach areas

For hauling construction equipment, we have the following trailers available:

  • Trailers with flatbeds
  • Gooseneck Trailers That Can Be Withdrawn
  • Specialized Trailers Double Drop Trailers
  • Trailers of Lowboys
  • Trailers with a Step Deck
  • Trailers for Hotshots
  • Trailers that can be extended

Our logistic specialists will decide what insurance, licenses, and tolls are needed for your construction equipment hauling once the route has been determined. It’s critical to recognize that we’ll need both state and federal licenses, as well as the fact that certain states need additional insurance while moving construction equipment out of state.

Construction Equipment Transport Kansas, Construction tractors transportation in Kansas

Afterward, we can present the client, with a quote for your construction transportation and an estimated pick-up and drop-off date. We at Heavy Equipment Shipping (HES) will try our best to match your desired timeline.

Common Equipment Heavy Equipment Shipping (HES) Transports

You may rely on Heavy Equipment Shipping (HES) to transport any sort of equipment you own. The majority of our drivers are professional heavy machinery operators who can safely move your freight on our trailers.

The following are some of the products we’ve shipped:

  • Articulated Dump Trucks
  • Backhoe Loaders
  • Bulldozers
  • Excavators
  • Forklifts
  • Mini Excavators
  • Motor Graders
  • Motor Scrapers
  • Pipe Layers
  • Skid Steers
  • Street Sweepers
  • Trenchers
  • Wheel Loaders

Our Specialities

Heavy Equipment Shipping (HES) expertly manages all your needs, ensuring your freight and cargo get delivered safely and swiftly. LGI’s team works with a network of 11,000 carriers that meet stringent standards of professionalism and promptness and handles the facets of getting what you need to transfer to where it needs to go.

We are Heavy Machinery Shippers specialists to/from California to/from Hawaii.

Heavy Equipment Shipping (HES)

  • Selects the best carrier for your freight or cargo
  • Plans optimal, efficient routes
  • Obtains necessary permits
  • Coordinates support services, such as escorts
  • Secure customs documentation and information for international shipments
  • Track and monitor the progress of your shipments

Contact Us Today

The secret to success is communication. If you have any concerns while Transportation of construction equipment rental in Kansas or any other machinery transportation, we will provide you with a transport agent who will answer them all. Do you want daily status updates? You can get it from us. We’ll contact you once the transport has been completed successfully. Your agent is dependable, trustworthy, and diligent. So, call Heavy Equipment Shippers (HES) for our Heavy Hauling Services in Oklahoma.

How to do Construction Equipment transport?

The easiest way to transport heavy construction machinery to a construction job site is to hire a heavy haul company like Heavy Equipment Shipping (HES) to handle the job for you. When you are seeking tips on a company that transports heavy construction equipment, you should find out if they know their stuff. Use a variety of tips that you can find below to ask them questions when receiving a free freight quote to make sure they know what they are doing.

What is the best Construction Equipment transport Company?

Do not let other heavy equipment and haul trucking companies pull the wool over your eyes. You can rely on HES as our equipment transportation and shipping experts are here to help you save time and money. We are government-approved and trained, so if you need an excavator, generator, or mining equipment transported, one of our heavy equipment transport experts will assist you quickly and fully. Call today to get a free quote. We have exclusive limited-time offers for you.

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