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Connecticut Construction Equipment Hauling, Connecticut Farm Equipment Transport Services

Connecticut Construction Equipment Hauling

#1 Certified Connecticut Construction Equipment Hauling Company. Searching for a farm equipment transportation specialist? Do not worry! We bring you a premium Connecticut Heavy Haul & Equipment Shipping service that will make you stress-free and also minimize any hassle that you might have to go through. We have the best shipping calculator in the industry to ensure transparent pricing and allowing our customers to get a hold of convenient and budget-friendly Connecticut Farm Equipment Transport Services.

Connecticut Construction Equipment Hauling, Connecticut Farm Equipment Transport Services

At Heavy Equipment Hauling Connecticut, we intend to offer excellent shipping service from pick up to drop off. We plan on delivering your equipment to the doorstep so that you do not have to hire another company for farm and construction machinery. Our reputation is backed by the several contracts we have with construction companies around the United States. The renowned companies rely on us to ship their heavy equipment to and forth 50 states.

International Connecticut Heavy Haulers

As Connecticut Farm Equipment Transport Services provider, we extend our services to global arenas as well. International equipment shipping is one of the main reasons why we stand out. You can now ship your expensive machinery to locations other than the United States. The procedure is quite similar to our local shipping method.

Connecticut Heavy Haul & Equipment Shipping, Heavy Equipment Hauling Connecticut

With years of experience, Connecticut Heavy Haul & Equipment Shipping has the capability to provide top-notch, timely, and efficient services. Even though calculating a quote for international equipment shipping can take a few days, but our services stay with an easily affordable range. We believe in offering nothing but the best to enhance customer satisfaction and safety of the equipment transport.

Our impeccable customer support team will be available 24/7 to answer any international shipping or other concerns that you might have. These representatives are cordial and will patiently listen to your requirements while advising a perfect solution with Connecticut Farm Equipment Transport Services. For international oversized equipment shipping, contact us and we will take care of everything. From planning the transits and overall journey to choosing a suitable driver for your precise requirements, Connecticut Heavy Haulers will handle it all.

Get in touch with our highly trained customer support staff for getting access to further details regarding shipping. The customer service agents at Heavy Equipment Hauling Connecticut are trained and have detailed knowledge about all that you need to know. They will also give you a no-obligation quote, which once approved will give you access to our services.

Professional Team and Services at Heavy Equipment Hauling Connecticut

The team of an organization is the backbone that will lead to the success or decline of a shipping company. Connecticut Heavy Haulers have a clear understanding of this variable which is why we have an excellent logistics and dispatch team. These individuals are highly trained to figure out the details of the equipment transportation.

Connecticut Construction Equipment Hauling, Connecticut Farm Equipment Transport Services

Connecticut Farm Equipment Transport Services makes clients their top priority. We ensure that you are connected with a suitable driver, truck, or trailers when it comes to pick-up and drop-off for your expensive equipment. Moreover, we also take care of the imperative permits and escorts if need be and when applicable. Our drivers have proper training and certifications that ensure that every piece of equipment is picked professionally, secured with utmost care and dropped off at the mentioned destination.


Heavy Equipment Hauling Connecticut’s equipment protection policies and techniques are similar to an A+ company. These tactics guarantee that your equipment reaches a pre-planned destination in time and securely. In addition, the services we offer are varied. They incorporate Construction Equipment, Heavy Haulers, Heavy Equipment, Hauling Tractors, Transporting Oversize Loaders, and Heavy Truck Haulers. All things considered, we outshine in offering Connecticut Heavy Haul & Equipment Shipping to our customers.

Looking for the best heavy hauling quote in the industry? So what are you waiting for? Get a free cost shipping quote, while we manage the rest of the details.

How much does a heavy haul truck driver make?

Transporting oversized, heavy haul can be a hassle and requires particular skills. Moreover, people who go into this industry will need a lot of practice for handling heavy equipment. Individuals who want to become heavy haul truck drivers in the United States will be required to have proper licenses and certifications. The average salary of truck drivers is $50-70k. At Connecticut Heavy Haul & Equipment Shipping, we ensure that every truck driver has proper certification so that your equipment is saved from any damages.

What is considered a heavy haul?

Shipping heavy equipment necessitates proper machinery, wrapping and tying methods. A heavy haul is any load that goes beyond 80,000 pounds in weight. At Connecticut Heavy Haulers, the equipment’s which are larger than 8’6 inches in width falls in the heavy haul category. Such loads require permits from the government, which might vary from one state to the other. We will save you from the hassle of getting permits and handle everything from planning to dropping off the shipment at the doorstep. If you have equipment that is wider than 12 inches, then an escort will be required along with permission to transport it from one state to the other.

How much does it cost to haul heavy equipment?

When it comes to shipping heavy equipment locally or internationally, every individual’s primary concern relates to the cost that will be incurred. At Connecticut Farm Equipment Transport Services, we offer transparency when it comes to computing shipping costs for different locations around the US and in neighboring countries. Cost is calculated contingent upon numerous factors, which combine to give an aggregate. This unique combination will provide costs that vary, which is why one particular value cannot be stated. Costs will be estimated based on the model, year and make of the heavy equipment you possess. Furthermore, the type of trailer selected and the distance to be traveled are also main influences that can upsurge or decline your transportation costs. Connecticut Heavy Haul & Equipment Shipping also aids its customers by offering a free shipping quote.

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