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Transporting Buses

Heavy Equipment Shippers are the leaders in shipping oversized loads for boats and equipment. With a dedicated staff specific for boat hauling, we have drivers that run from Florida to the Northeast three times a week.


Cost to transport a boat from Florida? The price to move a boat from Florida ranges from $2.50 a mile to $12. The size of the vessel and the location of pick-up and delivery will determine all of this. Furthermore, whether the boat is on a trailer or off a trailer will influence its shipping cost.

Heavy Equipment Shippers are the leaders in shipping oversized loads for boats and equipment. With a dedicated staff specific for boat hauling, we have drivers that run from Florida to the Northeast three times a week. From South Florida to the West Coast, we run once a week. To get into the routing schedule, please call 877-330-0051.

What is the cost of transporting a boat from Florida to Minnesota?

Transporting buses with heavy equipment shipper

If you are trying to figure out how to ship a bus then you have come to the right place. Heavy Equipment Shipper provides the best services around when it comes to transporting buses and continually ranks among one of the best auto transporters in the industry. We have the expertise and experience required to transport a bus and are here to help as we know all the technical procedures involved. Don’t take our word for it check us out on the BBB and our stellar online google reviews and see all the satisfied customers we have that have trusted us with all their bus shipping and heavy equipment transport needs.

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Heavy Equipment Shipper will leave you amazed with our high quality bus shipping services.

The processes involved for transporting a bus or shipping a fleet of buses is much different than your standard auto shipping processes. In order to successfully transport your bus or heavy equipment you are going to need the correct type of trailer and carriers experienced with the loading and handling of oversized equipment such as a bus. Fortunately, Heavy Equipment Shipper has you covered. HES has all the necessary skills and experience required for the complex job of transporting buses anywhere in the country and overseas. Whether you have a small short bus or a massive full sized coach bus, we at HES can handle it all, including shipping fleets of buses.

We are experts in the bus transport industry

Bus Shipping, Shipping a Bus, Bus Hauling Services, Bus freight shipping, Bus Shipping Companies, School bus shipping, Shipping a Bus to another stateWhen it comes to hauling a bus, it’s no easy task, especially if this is your first time doing something like this. There may be several details which can be different on a case by case transport and its important you have all the verified specifications for the bus or buses to transport like the width height and weight of the vehicle(s). This information can be provided in our free online quote form here  or you can give us a call at (866) 411-1173 and we can set you up with a personalized shipping plan that will meet all of your bus shipping needs and requirements.

Some of the information we will need to transport a bus includes:

  • SIZE: It is important to obtain the dimensions of your bus including the height, length and width.
  • WEIGHT: How much does the bus weigh?
  • ROUTE: How far is the bus travelling? Will we need permits or an escort vehicle?
  • EQUIPMENT: We will help you determine the correct type of trailer needed to handle the dimensions of your bus transport.
  • PICK/DELIVERY: Will the pickup be a door to door transport or are you picking up or delivering from a terminal or port?

Bus Transporters with a special focus on logistics

Transporting Buses, Bus Transport, Transport buses, Transport a busWe will need to coordinate with you and your moving dates to match with the availability of our carriers in order to get you the best and most accurate scheduling available. We will go over any of your requirements and deadlines for either pickup or delivery and the hours of business so we make sure your shipment arrives on schedule. We will try our best to coordinate everything based around your scheduling needs. We do however ask for a 3-4 day shipping window availability for the pickup and delivery.

Heavy Equipment Shipper is dedicated to providing you with  not only the best, but also the most affordable bus transport services in the industry. HES prides itself on providing the best in customer excellence when it comes to transporting buses. The high standards we have in place here at HES will ensure that you only receive an unparalleled bus shipping service experience of the highest standards from the time of pickup to the on time delivery of your bus transport. Along with the great services HES provides, our no obligation and transparent shipping quotes remain among the most competitive and affordable in the industry while still being able to match your bus shipping requirements and needs. Let the experts here at Heavy Equipment Shippers handle and coordinate any of your bus transport needs. Give us a call today at (866) 411-1173 to discuss all of your options or to answer any questions you may have about the bus transport process.

Some of our most common bust shipping services include:

  • Electric Bus Fleet Transport
  • Shipping a School Bus
  • Shipping Buses
  • Transporting buses
  • International Bus Transport
  • Transport Buses
  • Bus Transport Overseas

Electric Bus Transport with hes

Just as electric cars have come a long way, finally, many buses are switching from the classic diesel to hybrid or all electric buses in a better effort to not only save money but by reducing the large carbon footprint and impact they have had on our environment. When it comes time to swap out your bus fleet while still maintaining a smooth operational transit for all your routes it can pose issues for even the most experienced logistics planners. Let Heavy Equipment Shipper take away some of the burden and stress with our door to door shipping services for electric bus fleets.

HES are experts when it comes to the transport of heavy equipment and machinery. You may have several options available for shipping a bus to a new city but there is only one company with a solid and well earned reputation for on time delivery and dependability when it comes to shipping a bus across the country and that’s Heavy Equipment Shipper. We have the best most experienced drivers with the most state of the art equipment and trailers available to safely ship electric buses while our expert logistics department will carefully plan the best route available making sure we get your single bus shipment or entire electric bus fleet transport delivered to you on time.

Electric bus fleet shipping nationwide & overseas

There comes a huge difference when comparing the shipping of a single bus and transporting an entire city’s fleet of buses. Carefully planning and on time delivery can make all the difference when it comes to how smoothly you can covert from a diesel to an electric bus. We at Heavy Equipment Shipper have many professional and experienced drivers available to help get your electric buses properly loaded and secured to our flatbed trailers while ensuring your delivery arrives on schedule.

Transporting buses poses its own set of unique challenges and unlike many other pieces of heavy equipment like excavators or construction machinery, electric buses aren’t able to be disassembled prior to shipping. Buses and electric buses are already tall vehicles while adding them onto a trailer makes the height even higher. Part of what makes HES great is our understanding and thorough knowledge of the roads we will use to transport an electric bus fleet including the impassible and smaller underpasses which can make shipping close to impossible. When you trust in the experts here at Heavy Equipment Shipper you won’t need to worry or be concerned that your bus shipment wont arrive.


Picking the most experienced company to ship an electric bus fleet

The wave of the future is definitely electric buses and their new technology allows them to complete their routes before the need to recharge arises. While offering a more pleasant experience for the riders while reducing pollution and the carbon footprint, these electric buses make an excellent choice. Shipping an entire bus fleet involves safely loading and securing each bus on their own flatbed trailer rated to handle the weight. Our professional drivers can ship your bus from the manufacturer, another city or from the repaid shop right to the bus depot. Our logistics experts at HES will determine the best route available to haul your buses and will ensure for a timely delivery of your new electric buses.

school bus transport services with Heavy equipment shipper

HES is able to help school districts and school bus manufacturers in all states with our local and long distance school bus transport services. Our expert logistics department will handle any permits required as well as any paperwork while planning out the best route available allowing you to follow your school bus transport every step of the way. Our flatbed and removable gooseneck RGN trailers meet all the federal and safety requirements for a successful school bus transport. Our trailers our great as they allow for the front loading of the bus allowing it to easily be driven off the ramp. We will take every necessary precaution when it comes to ensuring the successful arrival of your school bus.

At HES we provide the best in oversize transport services and are the go to company when it comes to shipping a school bus. With over 25 years experience in the transport industry we have successfully earned the trust and respect from all of our clients. Your logistics expert will be available to help you from the time of pickup until its delivery while answering any questions you may have along the way. We want to be sure you have an amazing and care free experience with your school bus transport and we are ready to handle any special requirements or customized shipping needs you may have for your school bus transport. Give us a call now for your free no obligation quote or to answer any of your questions related to the bus transportation process. (866) 411-1173

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Frequently Asked Questions

A: Boat transport services in Florida typically accommodate a wide range of boats, including powerboats, sailboats, yachts, and personal watercraft. Whether you have a small recreational boat or a larger vessel, reliable transport services can handle diverse boat types.

A: The cost of boat transport in Florida is influenced by factors such as the size and weight of the boat, the distance of transportation, and any additional services required. To get an accurate cost estimate, it’s recommended to provide detailed information about your boat and specific transportation needs when requesting a quote.

A: Safety is a top priority in boat transport services in Florida. Experienced crews follow strict safety protocols, utilize secure loading and unloading techniques, and may offer insurance coverage for added protection. Inquire about safety procedures and insurance options to ensure a secure and reliable boat transport process within Florida.

A: Boat transport services in Florida typically accommodate a wide range of boats, including powerboats, sailboats, yachts, and personal watercraft. Whether you have a small recreational boat or a larger vessel, reliable transport services can handle diverse boat types.