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Shipping tires

When you are having to work with such heavy and oversized tires like this, it’s important to only work with a professional tire transport service that can quickly deliver your replacement tires fast and in perfect condition. This is where we at Heavy equipment Shipper stand above the competition while providing the best in customer care and satisfaction whether you’re shipping a small shipment of tires or a huge truckload of tires for your entire fleet.

Tire Shipping Service With Heavy Equipment Shipper

The auto parts industry is quickly learning that LTL (less than truckload) is the faster easier way to ship tires and wheels. Here at Heavy Equipment Shipper, we are your single source when it comes to auto and tire shipping. We offer the best Tire Shipping Service in the industry from state to state and overseas.

Tire Shipping Service, Tires shipped to you, Shipping tires

Check out our quote form here and provide some basic information about your tire shipment and within minutes you will receive dozens of competitive quotes from the different LTL carriers.

HES also serves as a single point of contact ready to help and answer any questions about the shipping process you may have. We have been in the tire shipping industry for over 25 years and know all the ins and outs of the business.

Shipping wheels and tires

Whether you’re an auto shop, a tire manufacturer, or a dealership, it makes no difference as you will all need a reliable way to ship tires and wheels. As it is with the transport of any car parts, the difficulty lies in finding a carrier willing and able to handle this type of unique shipment.

And when you do find that carrier, they may be charging quite a bit for their tire transport services. If you end up spending too much on the shipment you may find that you have lost money on the sale resulting in higher charges to your customers.

Tire Shipping Service, Tires shipped to you, Shipping tires

Communication plays a huge role in a successful tire shipment and any customer transaction. It’s important that not only you be updated but that your customers are also aware of the status of their tire shipment. You will want to make sure that you are working with a carrier that has the capability of sharing tracking information with you as this is an important part of success.

You’ll also want to make sure that whatever carrier you go with has experience in shipping tires and wheels and knows what they are doing. If you are dealing with more than one tire shipment coming in or going out it may help to have a tool to better track all your shipments and better organize your freight.

If your objective is to maintain your bottom line, then finding a carrier that is reliable and also can provide you with the cheapest ways to ship tires is key.

how much does tire shipping cost?

The average cost to transport tires will depend on several key factors such as the specifications of the parts being shipped, their weight, size, and packaging size. On average, for trips less than 100 miles, it costs around $1.35 per mile to transport tires and wheels whereas the prices drop down significantly to $0.30 a mile if the trip is under 1,000 miles.

Check out our free no-obligation quote tool to get an idea of the rates and shipping options available.

Equipment tire transport services

Heavy Equipment Shipper specializes in the transport of heavy equipment including all size loads, whether large or small of tires. Even the oversized heavy rock truck-type tires are a problem for the professionals here at HES. Whether you just need a few tires moved to a job site or you are replacing the tires for your entire fleet of equipment, HES has the best-rated trailers and most powerful rigs available to make shipping your tires anywhere in the nation a breeze.

All of our drivers have been properly insured, are bonded and have been properly trained to correctly load/unload and properly secure your tire shipment to the trailer so nothing slips during transit. We will travel through all the tight city streets and any rough harsh terrains in order to successfully get your tires delivered to you on schedule.

For any size, including oversize tire shipping services, trust Heavy Equipment Shipper to get the job done right the first time. If you have any questions or would like to learn more please give us a quick call at 1-866-411-1173

Tire Shipping Service, Tires shipped to you, Shipping tires

The success of your construction site will largely depend on your off-highway trucks, and those trucks can’t operate properly if they don’t have great tires. When you have rigs weighing in at over 100 tons, the tires themselves can be massive weighing easily up to 2,000 pounds apiece.

How many times can I ship on a trailer?

A trailer is standard 8.6 wide and varies from 20 long to 54. So you will have to calculate the dismissions and if you plan on staking the tires, make sure your driver has straps and know what his deck height is on the trailer.

Can I get my tires shipped for free?

The majority of companies will ship your tires for free if you purchase over $50, if you are manufacture then call your local hauling company for all rates.

What is the best way to ship tires?

Putting them in a crate and strapping it down on the trailer so they don’t move on the road.

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