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Telehandler Transport, What Is a telescopic handler, Telehandler Transport, Best telehandler transport services

Everything You need to know about Telehandler Transport

HES provides Telehandler Transport Services locally, across the country and overseas. Transporting a Telehandler is easy for us. Call & save!

What Is a telescopic handler?

The telescopic handler is an impressive piece of machinery with multiple uses and goes by several different names such as a telehandler, teleporter or boom lift. The telehandler is frequently used in agricultural applications like moving bales of hay.

Telehandler Transport

Its also grown in popularity on construction sites and manufacturing plants as it’s great for moving heavy loads off of trucks, heavy load moving and even for site cleanup.

Telehandler basics

The Telehandler is basically a hybrid of a crane and a forklift. They can be fitted with other attachments like a bucket or winch and even fitted with a platform turning it into a boom lift. The extendable boom can be elevated at a 70-degree angle while extending out as much as 30 feet.

eight restrictions are based on a mix of variables such as the boom extension, its angle, wind speeds and the type of attachment being used. Telehandlers have a max lift capacity of between 4,000-12,000 pounds depending on the type and size of equipment.

telehandler Transport with heavy equipment shipper

Heavy Equipment Shipper understands the demands and requirements of the industrial, construction and agricultural industry. Whether you are looking to transport a telehandler locally or across the country, proper care and attention to detail are a must.

These oversize loads can be extremely dangerous to transport especially if not properly loaded and secured. This is why you should trust the hauling experts here at HES with your telehandler transport. We are licensed, bonded, insured and only use the most experienced and qualified drivers to handle your telehandler shipment.

Our expert drivers will treat both you and your telehandler transport with the respect and care it deserves. Give us a call to discuss your telehandler shipping options and receive a free no-obligation quote now.

Telehandler Transport, What Is a telescopic handler, Telehandler Transport, Best telehandler transport services

Telehandlers are great for reaching heights and areas that traditional forklifts are unable to go. Whether it be an obstructed job site or rough terrain, you can count on the forklift attachment to your telehandler to move heavy items or debris safely over any type of terrain.

Or in instances of farming and agricultural use, the bucket attachment can be a handy addition capable of moving loads to and from locations that traditional smaller bucket loaders are unable to access. Telehandlers are also well suited for use in crane jobs allowing for the lifting of heavier or awkward size loads. The telehandler is a very useful and versatile piece of heavy machinery.

The best telehandler transport services

Here at Heavy Equipment Shipper, we only employ the most professional and highly trained logistics professionals to handle the planning and routes of your telehandler transport. A big part of our job here is determining the best routes to take based on the types of terrain and accessible back roads allowing us to deliver your freight even in the most remote areas like Mexico and Alaska.

We will even handle any weighing or required border paperwork so you don’t get surprised with any hidden and unnecessary issues that could delay your shipment.

Telehandler Transport, What Is a telescopic handler, Telehandler Transport, Best telehandler transport services

We take absolute care to ensure the complete preservation of your equipment and any accessories included when shipping a telehandler to its final destination. We want to make sure everything is loaded and secured correctly using only properly rated trailers and the most qualified loaders to transport your telescopic handler.

How much does it cost to ship a Telehandler?

Depending on the size and dimensions will all affect the cost of moving the unit; we can also use a forklift towing company to pick the telehandler up onto our trailer if need be.

Can I transport a Telehandler from state to state?

We can definitely use our trailer to haul any telehandler, sky track or forklift from coast to coast, or interstate as well. When shipping coast to coast always keeps in mind it’s best to call in advance to get into a routine schedule.

What do telehandlers do?

Telehandlers lift heavy equipment for construction and bigger projects to help get the job done quickly and efficiently. If you don’t have a telehandler you can also use a forklift to get the project done.

What is a telehandler?

A telehandler is similar to a teleporter and a boom lift which supplements a crane at a lower cost for a quicker and more efficient job.

What is the difference between a Telehandler and a Forklift?

Basically, a telehandler is used for high projects or construction jobs to reach equipment or other materials as opposed to using people going up and down using stairs and chutes to get the job down quicker.

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