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We are Shed Movers Florida. The professionals at Heavy Equipment Shipper have experienced drivers and expert logisticians.  Are you planning on moving into a new home? Or maybe you have just sold your old storage shed and are now looking to get your shed moved to its new destination. Unfortunately, when it comes to moving a shed in Florida, the process is much different than just loading up and hauling some moving boxes.

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This is a job that will require the services and equipment of a professional if you want to ensure the job gets done right and delivered where it needs to go safely.

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Fortunately, the professionals at Heavy Equipment Shipper have experienced drivers and expert logisticians that can help get you set up with the right kind of trailers and drivers while providing you with the most affordable and competitive rates in the transport industry.

How to transport a shed in Florida?

  1. Determine which shipping method you will use to move your shed in Florida
    • With a truck bed: This method is only advisable if you are hauling a smaller and manageable-sized shed. We do not recommend this method.
    • Moving shed in Florida with a trailer: If you already own a flatbed trailer or have a way to rent one, this is a more affordable route.
    • Break down the shed first: Depending on the type of shed you currently have it may be an option to break your shed down into smaller pieces to make shipping easier. Be warned though, this can take up a lot of time and be a somewhat tedious process to break everything down and then reassemble it at your new location.
    • Using professional shed movers of Florida: This is the safest and easiest option as they will handle the loading and securing of your shed on the trailer as well as offloading it at your destination.
    • Opting to buy a new shed: If you are able and can afford it, then leaving your old shed behind and just purchasing a new one at your new destination is the easiest choice.
  2. Get your shed emptied and cleaned out prior to transport:
    It should be of no surprise that your shed is going to be extremely heavy. Since all transports are based around the weight of the cargo being shipped, it is a good idea to remove as many of the contents as possible to help get that overall weight reduced.  Aside from that, it just makes better sense to have everything cleaned out of the shed as its contents could shift or come loose and potentially be damaged during your Florida shed move.
  3. Prepare your moving area: it’s a smart idea to start clearing out and making a path so the shed movers of Florida have easier access to load the shed onto the trailer.  Take, for example, if you have overgrown crass, go ahead and get that mowed down. This will make the process of loading your shed onto a trailer much more efficient. And finally, try and get your yard cleaned up. Try to get as much debris (sticks, branches, tools or any types of furniture) removed from your yard.
  4. Be prepared to dig out the surrounding areas of your shed: Over time, it is common for a shed to sink deeper into the foundation requiring you to dig around the surrounding bases. The basic principles involved here would be the creation of four pickup points of the shed through the digging process allowing for a jack to safely fit underneath. Always remember a general rule of thumb is to ensure there is at least a half-foot of available clearing space for each of the corners. Be sure to exercise extreme caution any time you are digging while carefully assessing your situation and planning your strategy accordingly.
  5. Lift and Roll: 
    When the time comes, you will need to arrange either PVC or metal piping placed parallel to the front of the shed. You will then need to position the jacks under each of the four corners while slowly and carefully lifting the shed. Be sure to only raise the shed high enough for you to fit the metal pipes cleanly under it. This could actually be achieved by using four people capable of lifting the shed but bear in mind this process can be extremely dangerous.
  6. Push: 
    The next step involves having your helpers glide the shed onto the first few pipes and then slowly push until all the pipes are completely under the shed and areas as evenly placed as possible. Once the first pipe rolls out from behind you can go ahead and take it and place it in front of the shed and repeat to keep the shed rolling. Try to maintain the roll at a nice steady pace as you don’t want the shed to pick up to quickly a speed. Continue on rolling the shed until it makes its way to the end of the trailer you’re planning to load it onto.
  7. Loading: This part is pretty easy provided you have access to a forklift or crane of some sort. Just lift it right up and onto the trailer. Now in the event, you don’t have a forklift or some form of mechanical assistance then you will manually need to lift it up and push it on the trailer. You will need to use your jacks to raise the shed just high enough that you can comfortably grab the base of the shed. This will require several people so have one person each grabs a corner of the base and raises it high enough to so it can be clipped onto the trailer. After that, secure the shed to the trailer properly so it won’t come loose. From there you are good to go and can begin your shed move to its new location.

Who can move a shed in Florida?

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A storage shed really can be moved by anyone but in reality, the safest and most efficient way to accomplish this is with the help of professional storage shed moving company in Florida.

Professional transport companies like Heavy Equipment Shipper have the exact types of trailers and equipment necessary to accommodate any type or size shed you may have and can get it delivered anywhere you need it in a timely manner. It’s important to remember that this is a dangerous process especially if you’ve never moved a shed by yourself in the past.

How much does it cost to move a storage shed in Florida?

The cost to move a shed in Florida will largely depend on the transport method you choose. If you decide to hire a shed transport company you’ll discover that the rates are primarily based on how long a distance your transport will need to travel along with the dimensions of your shed (length height width), its total weight and the effort involved in order to successfully load and secure it.

If you would like to get an idea of the transport cost for a shed move in Florida or anywhere nationwide please check out our quote form here.

Alternatively, if you have any other questions or need a customized shipping plan please give us a call at (866) 411-1173 and we will walk you through the entire process while answering any questions or concerns you may have.

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