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Rock Truck Transport

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Rock Truck shipping

We offer the Best Rock Truck Transport Services in the US. We are Rock Truck Shipping experts to any city, state or country. Many contractors are unfamiliar with the process and difficulties which can arise when it comes to shipping paving equipment. When the goal is producing quality roadwork, the key is to make sure that your paving equipment is ready to go and available when you need it.

Rock Truck Transport Services

Are you looking for a reliable transport company to help you relocate your rock truck? Heavy Equipment Shipper specializes in the transport of overweight loads such as rock trucks better known as articulated dump trucks. We provide comprehensive transport services for rock trucks and all other types of heavy machinery for your mining or construction business with nationwide and overseas shipping options available.

Rock Truck Transport, Rock Truck Shipping

Shipping a rock truck can actually be a difficult endeavor as they come in various sizes ranging from personal usage to major construction dumpers. Transporting a rock truck requires understanding and knowing specifically what type of rock truck you have so it’s important to be aware of your truck’s dimensions as you begin looking for quotes to ship your rock truck.

How To Ship A Rock Truck?

While smaller rock trucks can generally be shipped on a standard flatbed truck, the larger ones will need a lowboy trailer. Both are flatbed trailers and can typically only handle one large piece of machinery at a time. These types of transports tend to be more expensive and take longer to reach you as they aren’t as nearly in demand as compared to a standard auto transport carrier, so they can be at times more difficult to find.

That being said, there are plenty of flatbed companies available throughout the country, they just don’t have the same volume that open car haulers have. Rock truck transport and heavy equipment shipping services tend to be more expensive due to the lack of demand. And since there won’t be multiple customers to get paid from each day, their costs will need to be managed more carefully which translates to higher demands on the customer.

Is It Difficult To Transport A Rock Truck?

Pricing in general is going to fluctuate with the smaller rock trucks obviously being more affordable to ship than the larger ones. This shouldn’t be too much of a surprise when you consider that the heavier the rock truck, the worse the fuel economy will be. As previously mentioned, in order to ship a rock truck, you will have to use a flatbed trailer. These flatbed trailers, and low boys in particular, get horrible fuel economy as it is; that coupled with a heavy rock truck loaded on the back makes it even worse. So in order to offset these costs, the customer’s price as a result will be higher.

Rock Truck Transport, Rock Truck Shipping

Our goal isn’t to dissuade you from transporting a rock truck – after all, these are all a vital part of the construction industry. Any transport company that is capable of hauling a rock truck will basically tell you the same things being laid out for you now. So while it may be somewhat difficult to ship a rock truck, it’s far from impossible. If anything it’s harder on your wallet but in the end it’s worth it since you can’t really drive your rock truck a thousand miles.

Heavy Equipment – Rock Truck Shipping

Relax, you don’t have to worry any further about how you are going to move your rock truck from point A to point B. If you have a rock truck that needs to be moved, you can count on the shipping experts at Heavy Equipment Shipper to get the job done safely, efficiently and in a timely manner. Our rock truck transport and shipping services are ideal for any construction company, rock truck dealer, or private individuals looking to haul their trucks anywhere in the country.

Rock Truck Transport, Rock Truck Shipping

It’s important that you hire the right transport company to haul your rock trucks and other heavy machinery. At Heavy Equipment Shipper, our primary mission is to exceed your expectations from start to finish. We are dedicated to ensuring the safe and on time arrival of your rock truck to its destination and that it is free from any road damage.


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If you are interested in shipping a rock truck, please be sure to fill out our free no obligation quote form. It shouldn’t take more than a minute and we can provide you with a list of hassle free quotes to match your budget and shipping requirements. If you have any other concerns or questions about the shipping process you can always reach out to one of our experienced agents any time. Give us a call. (866) 411-1173

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