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Railroad Equipment Shipping

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Railroad Equipment Shipping and Hauling Services

How much does it cost to Transport Heavy Equipment by Train? We are Railroad Equipment Shipping & Railroad Shipping Containers experts. Even the railroad and other transport companies need help moving things from time to time. Some industry and government agencies also rely on transport companies.

Sometimes company’s own internal resources are so tied up with other tasks they aren’t available to haul the items themselves and it becomes more cost-effective to outsource the project to another transport company. Whatever the reason may be, the railroad industry will frequently require a reliable contractor to help them with a transportation project.

Railroad Equipment Shipping

Shipping Heavy Equipment by Rail can provide a wide range of transport services to our clients. Some of these services include:

  • Transporting equipment and vehicles
  • Shipping heavy loads of concrete to support the railroad workers
  • Moving track panels in response to a disaster project
  • Relocating heavy machinery
  • Moving office furniture/supplies
  • and much more…

A transport project can be as easy as shipping bottles of water to remote rail crews or something as complex as shipping a massive 180-ton industrial dredge to your required destination.

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HES crew of professional drivers has been thoroughly vetted, trained and certified to work on any railroad so they are safe and qualified to transport any items to or from the rail yards.

HES delivers the highest level of experience and professionalism with all the right qualifications that no other transportation company can match.

Do you need to ship railroad equipment?

Railroad Equipment Shipping, Railroad Shipping Containers, Shipping Heavy Equipment by Rail, Shipping Heavy Machinery by TrainHaving to ship railway equipment from the manufacturer or from one railroad station to another isn’t as simple as shipping other equipment. For companies or government agencies needing their personal cars or cabooses transported from one location to another, there’s only one reliable company you can trust and count on and that’s Heavy Equipment Shipper.

HES is a niche transport company that specializes in the shipment of oversized equipment. We can transport heavy machinery to even the most remote of locations thanks to our expert logistics team. We only use the most experienced drivers all of which are capable of navigating even the roughest of terrain. We are insured and bonded so you can relax and have peace of mind knowing your equipment is in the right hands.

Railroad equipment transport nationwide

The transport of railway equipment can take several forms. Something like a simple pushcart can be hauled using a standard flatbed trailer whereas the larger pieces of equipment may require a more powerful type rig and a gooseneck trailer with enough power and torque to safely move your freight.

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Our drivers all have the required experience to make sure all loads are balanced and safely secured. For the most seamless handling and shipping of your railway equipment, whether it be one piece or many, you can trust the experts at Heavy Equipment Shipper.

Our expert logistics team will carefully plan the best route so you can get started on your next job. HES provides a free no-obligation quote for the transport of your railroad equipment transport. Heavy Equipment Shipper can ship their railroad equipment anywhere in North America using only professional, bonded and insured drivers.

Being one of our more unique specialties of transport HES can provide the best hauling services geared to meet the logistical demands of light or heavy rail engines, cars, or track equipment.

Railroad Equipment Shipping

Contact us for more information on trailer transport projects including:

  • Heavy Rail: Both diesel and electric locomotives, cabooses, boxcars, etc.
  • Light Rail: ranging from single cars up to 3 part articulated LRV’s
  • Third Rail: including all types of subway cars
  • Antique Equipment

Give us a call at (866)411-1173 to learn more about our railroad equipment transport services.

We have 5 offices around the country to offer you the Best Railroad Equipment Shipping customer service:

How much does it cost to ship freight by rail?

Railroad equipment shipping prices can vary based on several factors with the average rate per ton-mile being just over 3 cents for rail freight transport.

How do I ship heavy machinery by Rail?

If you need to ship heavy equipment by rail it’s a pretty straightforward process. You will look for a rail carrier that specializes in shipping heavy equipment by train and can take your vehicle, transport it to a freight station where it can then be loaded onto a train.

From there your railroad equipment transport can commence. Depending on your final destination you may also need to arrange for a flatbed truck to handle that last mile of shipping from the freight station.

How to transport by train?

Shipping heavy equipment by rail can be achieved using railroad shipping containers. These large standardized shipping containers have been built and designed for intermodal freight transport whether it’s used on ships, rail or trucks and can be used to transport materials and products safely and efficiently.

What types of things did railroads transport?

Heavy haul rail cars have traditionally been used to transport large amounts of coal, corn, wheat, soybeans, fertilizers, chemicals, plastics, cement and stone lumber and much more.

Did railroads transport goods?

Rail cars are able to transport just about anything including cars, lumber, food, fertilizers, grains and more with the average truckload containing roughly 3-4 truckloads per rail car.

How much does it cost to transport heavy equipment by Train?

The costs involved to combine rail and truck using a bulk transfer terminal will run about $95.50 per net ton. By comparison, rail direct alone is about $70 per net ton while transport via truck will cost about $215 per net ton. When combining rail and truck transport versus truck alone, transportation costs can be reduced by more than half.

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