Pennsylvania to Rhode Island Equipment Shipping

Heavy Equipment Shippers are the leaders in shipping oversized loads for boats and equipment. With a dedicated staff specific for boat hauling, we have drivers that run from Florida to the Northeast three times a week.

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Pennsylvania to Rhode Island Equipment Shipping

Heavy Haulers leaders From Pennsylvania to Rhode Island

Heavy Equipment Shippers is a Pennsylvania to Rhode Island Equipment Shipping leader. Ensure on-time delivery with quality hauling.

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Pennsylvania to Rhode Island Equipment Transport

When transporting equipment between Pennsylvania and Rhode Island, it is essential to hire a company that has experience transporting equipment between the two states. The company has a specialization in transporting heavy equipment, which is one of its specialties. No matter what the size of the equipment is, our shipping services are available to you. Containers, boats, freight, LTL, and more are just a few of the services we provide! We can transport all types and sizes of equipment, including oversized loads, with our large fleet of trailers. Our industry experts will ensure a smooth delivery process.

Pennsylvania to Rhode Island Equipment Shipping

Heavy equipment transport from Pennsylvania to Rhode Island

Transporting heavy equipment over long distances, especially between states like Florida and West Virginia, is a major responsibility that requires the utmost care. Our company fully comprehends the magnitude of this responsibility and takes it very seriously. Our commitment is to ensure the safe and secure delivery of your equipment, and we go above and beyond to do so. Our team invests time in developing a customized transportation plan that caters to your specific requirements, taking the stress out of the process for you. Additionally, we meticulously choose reliable carriers and obtain all necessary permits to ensure the timely and safe delivery of your equipment. You can trust us for dependable and trustworthy transportation services, making us the go-to choice for all your transportation needs.

Heavy equipment shipping from Pennsylvania to Rhode Island

The transportation of heavy machinery across state borders can pose a formidable challenge, particularly when moving from one state to another. As such, ensuring the safe transport of heavy equipment is of paramount importance. Securing the necessary permits in advance is the most significant prerequisite for safe transportation.

In Texas, drivers who transport machinery on public roads are mandated to obtain permits from the West Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Similarly, the Nebraska Department of Transportation (DOT) requires permits for overweight and oversized vehicles.

It is vital to have all the requisite permits in place before commencing the transportation project. Obtaining the necessary licenses can help avert legal issues and substantial fines during the transportation process.

The Route from Pennsylvania to Rhode Island

From Pennsylvania, your equipment will travel through New York and Connecticut before entering Rhode Island.

  • Distance from Pennsylvania to Rhode Island: 364 miles
  • Time it will take to ship from Pennsylvania to Rhode Island: Approximately 7 hours
  • Price to ship your equipment: The price to ship equipment will be based upon the number of miles being traveled and the overall size of the unit.

Below are some examples of the cost to ship from Pennsylvania to Rhode Island:

From To Shipping Quote Miles
Towanda, Pennsylvania 18848 to North Kingstown, Rhode Island 02852 $1188 330 miles
Honesdale, Pennsylvania 18431 to North Kingstown, Rhode Island 02852 $900 250 miles

The cost of shipping equipment is determined by the distance traveled and the size of the unit.

We transport various types of equipment.

We transport different types of equipment to any state in the US and overseas. Let us know your needs, and we’ll take care of the rest, ensuring your equipment is delivered safely and on time.

Skid steers transport service

Skid Steers

Mini Excavators transport service

Mini Excavator

Excavator transport service


Forklifts transport service


Lifts transport service


Dozer transport service


Crane Transport service


Loader Backhoes transport service


Wheel loader transport service

Wheel Loader

Forestry equipment transport service


Auctions & Dealers in Pennsylvania and Rhode Island

Pennsylvania Auctions:

Shetron Auction & Equipment
(717) 532-8828

Bid Equip LLC
(484) 494-6846

Wolgemuth Auction, LLC
(717) 656-2947

Rhode Island Auctions:

Stockwell Equipment Co
(401) 722-5220

S J Corio Co
(401) 738-0400

Surplus Solutions LLC
(401) 526-0055

Pennsylvania Equipment Dealers:

JM Equipment Sales LLC
(610) 223-8510

Elam Horning Equipment Sales
(717) 354-2424

Jo’s Equipment LLC
(570) 966-0308

Rhode Island Equipment Dealers:

Southern RI Equipment Sales
(401) 640-9303

Norfolk Power Equipment, Inc.
(401) 710-9911

(844) 238-7673

Heavy equipment shipper FAQs

What is the cost of moving a full load of equipment from Pennsylvania to Rhode Island on a flatbed?

Transporting goods from Pennsylvania to Rhode Island involves a cost that ranges between $2 and $7 per driver for a full load. The exact cost of transportation depends on the weight of the goods and the pickup and delivery locations. If one engages the services of a full-service moving company, the cost can be around $1,000 for a move of this distance. However, a move during the offseason can significantly reduce the cost. Additionally, negotiating with the moving company may result in a better rate.

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