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Paving Equipment Hauling, Paving Equipment Transport Services

Paving Equipment Hauling Nationwide Service

Paving Equipment Hauling, Asphalt Paver Machine ShippingHeavy Equipment Shipper (HES) is one of the best paving equipment hauling and Construction Equipment Hauling & Transport companies in the US. We have years of Construction Equipment Hauling & Transport experience. Heavy Equipment Shipper knows that you can’t get started with your paving and asphalt jobs until your heavy machinery is at the site.

That’s why we specialize in heavy equipment hauling, including pavers, compactors, milling machines, and construction trucks. Our licensed, bonded drivers can move your entire fleet of paving equipment anywhere in North America, Canada, and Mexico. Call us now to find out about our Paving Equipment Transport Services! We will make the Shipping Paving Equipment process easy for you.


Many pieces of paving including compactors, tandem rollers, asphalt profilers, and road reclaimers aren’t rated to travel on ordinary roads. They’ll need strong trailers, whether a flatbed or a low-boy, to travel from one job site to the next. Rigs with enough torque and power to transport these heavy machines aren’t usually found at ordinary shipping companies. Heavy Equipment Shipper focuses on moving your large, specialized paving equipment through busy city streets and along the highways. For safe Paving Equipment Transport Services and on-time delivery on time, trust Heavy Equipment Shipper. Contact us for Asphalt & Concrete Shipping Rates and other details about our Construction Equipment Hauling & Transport Service.

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Paving Equipment Hauling is Seamless and Affordable with Heavy Equipment Shipper

We understand the state and local regulations for oversized and heavy loads and ensure that your equipment is fully compliant. Door-to-door service includes loading and unloading to protect your equipment and ensure safety. As your equipment travels, keep up with it in real-time.

Paving Equipment Hauling, Shipping Paving Equipment

All the paperwork necessary, including weigh station forms and customs documents, is prepared by us in advance, saving you the worry. Call Heavy Equipment Shipper for Construction Equipment Hauling & Transport services and see the difference today.

We specialize in shipping heavy equipment and construction equipment to/from California to/from Hawaii.

Common Types of Paving Equipment We Ship:

  • Micro Paving Trucks
  • Macropaver Trucks
  • Milling Machines
  • Graders
  • Sweepers
  • Batch Plants
  • Drum Plants
  • Material Transfer Vehicles
  • Asphalt Pavers
  • Compactors/Rollers
  • Truck Mixers

How to Ship Paving Equipment

To keep equipment on the road to and from new worksites, we need to have quality. HES helps this process by helping get all types of road paving equipment to move all across the United States. Shipping Paving Equipment is no more difficult because of our outstanding services. We also have the expertise and experience to handle all the logistical issues when dealing with transporting equipment of this size and weight. We can handle it all!

Paving Equipment Hauling, Paving Equipment Transport Services

Most paving equipment needs to be transported on either a drop deck or RGN trailer. These trailer types are best suited to transport large-scale equipment. Some types of equipment are so large (milling machines) that they may need the assistance of a crane to load it aboard an RGN trailer. For all kinds of assistance regarding Equipment Hauling Services, you can rely on HES. Get Asphalt & Concrete Shipping Rates anytime from us.

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Equipment Required to Ship Paving Equipment

Paving Equipment Transport Services & Transporting heavy-duty paving equipment requires a wide range of equipment. HES can do all kinds of Paving Equipment Shipping.

Following are the equipment used by HES for Equipment Hauling Services:

  • Flatbed Trailer

    It is one of the most popular modes of transportation for large loads, as well as awkward loads that don’t fit on other trailer models. The design makes loading oversize or awkward-shaped loads simpler since the equipment can be loaded from a number of angles. Flatbed transportation is a popular method of transporting heavy machinery and equipment.

  • Step Deck/Drop Deck Trailer

    A flatbed trailer is identical to a step-deck/drop deck trailer. In contrast, step deck/drop deck trailers have a drop in the deck that adds height. This adds to the safety of the transportation system.

    There are two types of moves on a drop deck trailer. It can only have one move, which is the point at which the deck falls. For the rest of the trailer, this move remains flat. A double drop trailer is the other kind of trailer. The deck falls below the axle height and then rises above the axles for this type of equipment.

  • Gooseneck Trailer with Removable Gooseneck (RGN)

    Oversize loads are commonly transported using these trailers. Since certain types of machinery can’t be moved on normal highways, an RGN helps them to ride up. Its standard freight weight is 42,000 pounds, but it can reach 150,000 pounds if required.

Which equipment is used for Asphalt Paving?

There are a number of components that must be present in order for equipment to be transported to new work sites. The most effective mode of transportation is a trailer. The best choices for moving large, heavy machinery are a removable gooseneck (RGN) or drop-deck trailer. Certain types of paving equipment necessitate the use of a crane to load them onto an RGN trailer, but asphalt paving machine has its own set of specifications. HES can easily do Asphalt Paver Machine Shipping. Get services of HES for Asphalt Paver Machine Shipping today.

What is an asphalt milling machine?

When paving surfaces, milling machines are used to remove the top layer of the current pavement. This is achieved in order to provide a smooth foundation for the new surface. Milling allows for the efficient removal of degraded pavement, the creation of a skid-resistant surface suitable for temporary steps, and the re-establishment of curbs and gutter lines prior to the application of additional overlays including Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA).

Which equipment prepares the surface before laying asphalt?

The following is a list of the equipment used to construct the surface:
Milling Machines: A top layer of the current pavement is milled away to provide a reasonably smooth surface to pave on. Milling is often widely used to remove an existing pavement’s distressed surface layer. Milling often creates a rough, grooved surface, which increases the surface area of an existing pavement as opposed to a smooth surface.

  • Sweepers:

    After the road has been milled, a sweeper cleans the pavement. Since excessive dust and debris on the ground will prevent proper bonding between the asphalt and the base course, this is required. Large debris may also cause the asphalt to be compacted unevenly. After milling, it’s particularly necessary to clean the road because small rocks and pebbles can fly up and strike oncoming traffic’s windshields.

  • Dump Trucks:

    Dump trucks transport hot asphalt from the asphalt factory to the job site.

What’s the name of the machine that flattens asphalt?

A road roller (also known as a roller-compactor or simply roller) is a compactor-type engineering vehicle used in the construction of roads and foundations to compact dirt, gravel, concrete, or asphalt. Similar rollers can also be used in landfills and agriculture.

What is the best type of asphalt?

There are two varieties of asphalt: 41A and 41B asphalt. Although the two types of asphalt are very similar, there is a small variation between them. Since it is widely used for driveways, the 41A is often known as the driveway combination. The 41B form, on the other hand, allows for a greater proportion of rock and sand. Both forms of asphalt are excellent; the homeowner’s needs must be considered. The 41B asphalt type should be chosen if a homeowner requires a heavier weight load. The 41A is the most popular option for everyday driveway use. In order to move machinery for asphalt contact HES: we do all kinds of Paving Equipment Shipping and Paving Equipment Transport Services.

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