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Oilfield Equipment Transport

Oil Field Equipment Hauling

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Oilfield Heavy Haul Trucking

We are Oilfield Equipment Transport Experts. We specialized on Oilfield Heavy Haul Trucking services, nationwide and overseas. We will get the Best Oilfield Transportation Services in the US.

oilfield equipment transport services

Heavy Equipment Shipper is here to provide you with custom oilfield transport solutions for the oil and gas industry both nationwide and overseas. Here at HES we can transport oilfield equipment and machinery with ease. We are the logistics experts when it comes to heavy haul and oversize equipment transport while offering door to door transport services all throughout North America. HES is known throughout the oil and gas industry for our reliability, professionalism, and logistical planning we employ for transporting heavy oilfield equipment and machinery.

Oilfield Equipment Transport, Oil Field Equipment Hauling, Oilfield Heavy Haul Trucking, Oilfield Transportation Services

HES’ experienced staff can work with your team while providing detailed oilfield equipment shipping plans starting with the pickup all the way through to the delivery. We are able to handle all aspects of your shipment beginning with selecting the right type of equipment needed to best transport your cargo, to planning the best route with our logistics department, and handling any permits that may be required. If you need specialized equipment to help load and secure the cargo to our trailers we can help provide that as well.

Freight Services for oilfield equipment shipping

  • We work with over 10,000 professional carriers with a proven track records, complete insurance coverage with impeccable DOT safety records.
  • We have access to the most cutting edge trailers, trucks and equipment.
  • Strict attention to all transport details including permitting and arrangement of escort v vehicles if needed.
  • Door to Door transport options available all across North America
  • Emergency Transport options available for any mission critical equipment or assets.
  • Most trucks have GPS capabilities available so you can easily be updated about where your freight is so you can ensure a timely delivery of your oilfield equipment transport.

To request a quote, or to speak to one of our logistics experts about any of your oil and gas or oilfield equipment transport requirements, call us now at (866) 411-1173

Oilfield heavy haul trucking

In most cases, oilfields are often located far away from populated areas making the establishment of an oilfield a rather difficult task for any logistics personnel. This can become a complex process as the oilfield workers will need to work at  and reside near the oilfield for many months or years and will of course need housing.

Oilfield Equipment Transport, Oil Field Equipment Hauling, Oilfield Heavy Haul Trucking, Oilfield Transportation Services

And at the same time, housing and equipment will require electricity and running water. Pipelines that are located in freezing areas may require them to be heated. If there is an excess of natural gas it may need to be burned off if there is use for it which would require the use of furnaces and stacks along with pipes to get it from the well down to the furnace.

As can be seen from all of this, the transport of oilfield equipment and supplies becomes a primary task. A typical oilfield will look somewhat like a small city filled with huge drilling rigs and pumping jacks. A crucial support service that is needed will be the transport of supplies to and from the oilfield.

Oilfield Transportation Services

Heavy Equipment Shipper is here to provide custom flatbed LTL and hauling services for the oil and gas industry, Oilfield Transportation Services is our specialty and we will help you to have the peace of mind that you deserve in your Oilfield Equipment Hauling. We will take all the time necessary to explain the process to you while ensuring we understand all of your unique transportation needs. We know all the ins and outs of the oilfield equipment transport industry and can easily customize our services on a case by case basis for each of our customers. We are always looking to expand the shipping services we are able to provide as the demand in other service areas grows.

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