New York to Vermont Equipment Shipping

Heavy Equipment Shippers are the leaders in shipping oversized loads for boats and equipment. With a dedicated staff specific for boat hauling, we have drivers that run from Florida to the Northeast three times a week.

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New York to Vermont Equipment Shipping

Heavy Haulers Leaders from New York to Vermont

Heavy Equipment Shippers is a New York to Vermont Equipment Shipping leader. Ensure on-time delivery with quality hauling.

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New York to Vermont Equipment Transport

Moving equipment from New York to Vermont requires choosing a company that has experience with all aspects of equipment transport, is trustworthy and reliable, and has years of experience. Equipment transportation is what we specialize in. Our services extend beyond shipping small and heavy equipment. Shipping containers, boats, freight, LTL, and more are our specialties! We can haul any equipment, even oversized loads, using the trailers we use. Our logistics team will ensure a smooth delivery.

Texas to Massachusetts Equipment Shipping

Heavy equipment transport from New York to Vermont

We understand the challenges associated with transporting heavy equipment across long distances, especially when it involves travel across multiple states like New York and Vermont. Our top priority is to provide a secure and safe environment during equipment transportation, ensuring the safe and reliable arrival of your equipment beyond your expectations. We create a customized transportation plan that meets your specific requirements, making the entire process stress-free for you. We carefully select trustworthy carriers and obtain all necessary permits to ensure that your equipment is delivered securely and on time. Our dependable transportation services cater to all of your needs, making us the ultimate transportation services provider.

Heavy equipment shipping from New York to Vermont

Transporting heavy equipment over long distances, such as from New York to Vermont, can be a dangerous task and requires a lot of attention and care. To avoid any potential accidents or mishaps, it is crucial to carry out the transportation process correctly. Obtaining all the necessary permits in advance is one of the most essential requirements for safely transporting heavy equipment.

In Texas, drivers who transport machinery on public roads must obtain permits as required by the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Similarly, the South Carolina Department of Transportation (DOT) requires permits for overweight and oversized vehicles.

To ensure a safe and secure transportation process, it is essential to obtain all the necessary permits before starting the transportation project. This can help to minimize potential hazards and prevent accidents from happening.

The Route from New York to Vermont

New York and Vermont are neighboring states. Vermont lies to the east of New York.

  • Distance from New York to Vermont: 349 miles
  • Time it will take to ship from New York to Vermont: Approximately 7 hours
  • Price to ship your equipment: The price to ship equipment will be based on the number of miles being traveled and the overall size of the unit.

Below are some examples of the price to ship from New York to Vermont:

From To Shipping Quote Miles
Bergen, New York 14416 to St Albans, Vermont 05478 $1,491 355 miles
Freehold, New York 12431 to Braintree, Vermont 05060 $747 178 miles
Patchogue, New York 11772 to Brattleboro, Vermont 05301 $781 186 miles

The distance determines the cost of shipping equipment traveled and the size of the unit.

We transport various types of equipment.

We transport different types of equipment to any state in the US and overseas. Let us know your needs, and we’ll take care of the rest, ensuring your equipment is delivered safely and on time.

Skid steers transport service

Skid Steers

Mini Excavators transport service

Mini Excavator

Excavator transport service


Forklifts transport service


Lifts transport service


Dozer transport service


Crane Transport service


Loader Backhoes transport service


Wheel loader transport service

Wheel Loader

Forestry equipment transport service


Auctions & Dealers in New York and Vermont

New York Auctions

Michael Amodeo & Co Inc
(212) 473-6830
Atlas Auction Services
(212) 344-4443
American USA Auctioneers
(646) 418-1887

Vermont Auctions

C W Gray & Son’s Inc
(802) 785-2161
Thomas Hirchak Company
(802) 888-4662
Jenkins Auction Services
(802) 748-9296

New York Equipment Dealers

Mega Machines
(347) 475-7486
Bobcat of New York
(718) 366-7930
NY Equipment Buyers
(718) 789-4560

Vermont Equipment Dealers

Champlain Valley Equipment
(802) 388-4967
Harvest Equipment
(802) 288-1160
K & K Equipment Sales
(802) 376-4041

Heavy equipment shipper FAQs

What is the estimated cost of transporting a tractor from New York to Vermont?

It is essential to keep in mind that several factors affect the cost of transporting a tractor from New York to Vermont. The size and distance of the tractor are significant determinants of the price, which can range from $3 to $15 per mile. However, the final cost is ultimately determined by the customer. To obtain an accurate estimate based on your specific needs, it is recommended that you seek the advice of a reputable transportation company. They can provide you with comprehensive information on the factors that influence the cost of transporting a tractor and help you make an informed decision.

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