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Motorcycle shipping companies

We are a Motorcycle Shipping Company and Experts. We do Motorcycle transport nationwide, any state in the US and Overseas to any country.

Heavy Equipment Shipper Offers Motorcycle Shipping to Anywhere in the World!

When you have to relocate for a new job, it’s not always convenient or practical to ride your motorcycle to your new destination. There’s nothing quite like feeling the wind in your hair, but you have other things on your mind when you’re driving a fully-loaded moving van to a new town. We offer door-to-door motorcycle transportation in the United States and international shipping options. Our drivers can pick up your bike at your front door and make sure that it’s waiting for you when you arrive!

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Heavy Equipment Shipper offers legendary customer service and quality motorcycle transport at fair prices. We work with the top motorcycle shipping companies in the world, and you’ll never have to pay an up-front deposit or make a down payment to schedule a shipment. Contact us online or or give us a call at 1-866-411-1173 for a free quote and let us help you save up to 10% on motorcycle transport. Here’s a quick look at what you’ll need to do to ship motorcycle anywhere in the world!

Coast-to-Coast Motorcycle Transport!

Motorcycle shipping companies offer a lot of convenience for today’s motorcycle enthusiast. It’s now possible to schedule door-to-door service to get your bikes to your destination, and you won’t be putting additional miles on the odometer or on your tires. You can use our shipping calculator on our website to get an estimated motorcycle shipping cost. Enter your pick-up and delivery locations and your desired pick-up date into our secure online form, and we’ll instantly give you a free no-obligation quote on ship motorcycle cost. You’ll never have to make an up-front payment to schedule a pick-up for your motorcycle, and you can confirm your order right away. Our dispatchers will get right to work locating a driver for your shipment, and we offer a customer service encounter that’s second to none.

Benefits of Enclosed Transportation Services

Open-car shipping is the cheapest way to ship your motorcycle, and your bike will be in good hands for every mile of its journey. We also offer enclosed motorcycle transport for our customers who are interested in protecting their bikes from the weather during the shipment. Enclosed transport offers some additional benefits as well. If you’re headed to Sturgis or to a special event, you can make sure that your new wax job doesn’t get rained on and that your chrome stays shiny. If you’re headed to a competitive event, you can also keep your rivals’ curious eyes away until the green flag drops! You’ll pay a little extra for enclosed shipping services, but nothing’s too good for your bike!

We Offer International Shipping Options!

Heavy Equipment Shipper also offers international shipping services, and you can get a quote online 24 hours a day. You should budget approximately $1,000 to $5,000 to ship your bike overseas in a shipping container. You’ll also need to complete customs paperwork, and there might be port fees, tariffs, or additional taxes to pay. We’ll be discussing international shipping requirements in more detail in an upcoming section, but you can contact our agents any time at 1-866-411-1173 if you have any specific questions.

How to Schedule a Pick-Up?

Heavy Equipment Shipper works exclusively work with licensed, bonded, and insured motorcycle shipping companies to offer door-to-door motorcycle transportation anywhere in the United States. Our agents are available any time that you have any questions, and we’ll make sure that scheduling a shipment is quick and hassle-free. Once you receive your quote for ship motorcycle cost, confirm your order and we’ll locate a driver right away. We can help you increase your savings if you have some flexibility in your schedule, and we also offer expedited shipping options if you’re prepared to pay a little extra to ship more quickly.

Our drivers will load up your motorcycle safely and securely, and it will be in great hands every step of the way. You’ll receive an email confirmation from us when we schedule your shipment , and it will include the driver’s telephone number so that you can confirm the pick-up arrangements. He or she will need room to maneuver the truck, so you might want to meet the driver in a nearby parking lot if you live in a congested area. If you live on a military base or in a gated community, you can choose your alternate pick-up location ahead of time and let us add special instructions for the driver. Your driver will typically contact you within 24 hours of your scheduled pick-up time to find out if you have any additional instructions.

We Deliver Anywhere in the World!

If you’re relocating for a new job and haven’t already leased or purchased your new home, we can deliver your bike to a long-term parking lot or a storage facility. Perhaps you’ve always dreamed of making a motorcycle tour across Europe or Asia, and we’ll help you take the tour on your own bikes. No shipping order is too big or too small, and we also offer volume pricing if you need to transport multiple bikes to a trade show or a promotional event.

The More Bikes You Ship, The More You Save!

We offer discounted shipping rates when you ship multiple bikes, so get your friends and family together and let us help you plan your dream dirt biking getaway! All that you have to do is get there, and your bikes will be waiting! You’ll have your choice of open transport or enclosed transport services, and we offer transparent pricing on all shipping services. Your shipping quote includes all tolls and fuel, and you’ll never be forced to pay surcharges or hidden fees.

How to Pick the Right Shipping Company

You always owe it to yourself to do your homework when you’re selecting a shipping company. Be sure to take the time to read the online reviews for any company that you’re considering for the job. With so much competition, shippers have to provide exceptional service if they expect to stay in business for very long. Don’t be afraid to also contact companies directly and ask them for a list of recent references.

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We connect our customers with highly skilled and experienced drivers, and we exclusively work with licensed, bonded, and insured drivers. We know that you have plenty of choices when it comes to shipping companies, and we have the best customer service in The Sunshine State.


Here are a few frequently asked motorcycle shipping questions. If we don’t answer your questions in the section below, you also can contact our agents 24 hours a day at 1-866-411-1173.

How to ship motorcycle?

Once you confirm your shipping order, we get right to work to locate a driver on your route. We offer door-to-door pick-up and delivery with your choice of open car shipping or enclosed transport. Your motorcycles will be transported by a licensed, insured, and bonded driver, and they’ll be delivered to any destination in the world.

How much does it cost to ship a motorcycle?

We can give you an accurate estimate of your motorcycle shipping cost instantly using our convenient ship motorcycle cost tool. The cost to ship motorcycle will range from approximately $500 to $1,200. Your final motorcycle shipping cost will be determined by the distance of your shipment and other factors. The Motorcycle shipping cost for enclosed trailer transportation will be about 40% higher.

Be sure to get multiple quotes, and read the online reviews for all companies that you’re considering. Some motorcycle transportation companies have less overhead and might be able to offer slightly lower pricing. You can get always the best rates when you ship multiple vehicles or if you have some flexibility in your schedule. Any time that you can save a company the time and expense of making extra stops, they’ll often pass the savings on to you!

How much does it cost to ship a motorcycle overseas?

We can give you a free no-obligation quote on international shipping in a matter of minutes, and you should begin scheduling your shipment at least three to 12 weeks ahead of time. International shipping isn’t cheap, but if you have some flexibility in your schedule we can often find deeply discounted container space on their regular routes. We’re currently experiencing worldwide supply chain problems, and it’s possible to encounter longer delays than usual.

The usual ship motorcycle cost will cost you about $1,000 to $5,000. In addition to the costs of transporting your motorcycle to a port city, you will often be expected to pay port taxes, tariffs, and other fees. It’s cheapest to ship motorcycle by container, but we can also schedule your shipment by airplane. It can cost up to $40,000 to ship a vehicle by airplane, but airplane transport is often a good option to transport overseas auction purchases.

Your shipping company should know the laws and regulations for the destinations that they service, but you should also do your own research. You’ll want to confirm that the country will accept the shipment, and that there aren’t any restrictions in place that can delay your shipment. You’ll need a certified copy of your title, or a letter from your finance company authorizing you to ship your bike overseas if you’re still making payments. You will also need a copy of the export declaration and the dangerous goods form declaration. Make sure that your motorcycle license is current and make a call to your insurance company before your trip. If your existing policy doesn’t cover you for your trip, you might need to update your coverage.

How far in advance should I schedule a shipment?

Booking your shipment well in advance is always your ticket to savings! It also gives our team of dispatchers all the time that they’ll need to locate a driver for your route. We recommend scheduling coast-to-coast shipping at least two weeks in advance, and allowing three to 12 weeks to schedule an international shipment. If you’re in a hurry and prepared to pay a premium, we also offer expedited services. Once you select your pick-up time, you can use our shipping calculator to get an accurate estimate. Enter your pick-up and drop-off locations to review pricing, and click confirm when you’re ready to schedule door-to-door transportation.

Do you really deliver everywhere?

Heavy Equipment Shipper offers coast-to-coast transportation literally anywhere in the world! We can offer door-to-door pick-up and delivery to any location in the continental United States and international shipping by container or by air. After your pick-up has been scheduled and confirmed, we’ll send you an email with your driver’s phone number. Your driver will contact you approximately 24 hours in advance to confirm the arrangements. Be sure that the driver will have room to load up your bike and maneuver, and have an alternate location in mind if you live in a gated community.

Once your bike is loaded up, it’s in good hands. We can deliver your bike to your new home, to your vacation destination, or to a special event. We can also deliver your motorcycles to any airport parking lot so you can bypass all of the rental car counters and get right on your bike! Our drivers will attempt to accommodate all special requests, and you can always count on exceptional professionalism and customer service from all of our agents.

Get Your Free Shipping Quote Now!

Heavy Equipment Shipper can always save you up to 10% on top quality motorcycle transportation to any destination in the world, and we offer the best customer service in The Sunshine State! We work exclusively with licensed, bonded, and insured motorcycle shipping companies, and we always offer free motorcycle shipping quotes on our website. We offer transparent pricing with no hidden fees, and you’ll never have to make an up-front deposit or a down payment for motorcycle shipping.

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