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Mobile Medical Vehicle Transport, Shipping a medical vehicle

HES provides Mobile Medical vehicle Transport nationwide

You can count on Heavy Equipment Shipper anytime you need to transport your mobile medical vehicles anywhere in the United States or overseas. Having your mobile medical vehicle successfully delivered to your destination remains our number one priority. It doesn’t matter what type of medical vehicle you need shipped as HES can provide the most convenient hassle free experience and even door to door service for your mobile medical vehicle transport with our highly rated mobile clinic trucking services.

Mobile Medical Vehicle Transport, Shipping a medical vehicle

HES can safely transport your medical vehicle anywhere in the country while ensuring its arrival in time for your next set of appointments for your clinic. We understand the importance of having your mobile medical vehicle shipped on time and delivered on schedule as this can not only affect your business but impacts the overall health of the communities with little access to healthcare as well. If you are looking for more information on how we can transport a mobile medical vehicle then count on one of our experienced logistics experts to help you and answer any questions you may have related to the process of shipping a mobile medical vehicle. Give us a call now to discuss any of your shipping requirements or answer any questions you may have. (866) 411-11173

Hiring HES for your mobile Medical Vehicle Shipping needs

Medical equipment is expensive, we get it.  We are well aware of the consequences and costs involved when a medical vehicle is shipped improperly and this is exactly why you need the right transport team onboard to handle the shipment of your mobile medical vehicle. Our expert logistics team has access to tens of thousands of experienced drivers skilled at the loading, securing and hauling of medical vehicles. Our vast experience of over 25 years in the transport industry has given us an incredible platform in which we can provide customers with an amazing shipping service for their mobile medical vehicle transport.

Mobile Medical Vehicle Transport, Shipping a medical vehicle

We try to make the process of shipping a medical vehicle as easy and seamless as possible for you our customer, whether it be our direct door to door shipping services or for when you have short notice and need  your mobile health clinic shipped fast with our expedited transport options. We are here to provide you with the fast and comprehensive medical vehicle transport services you deserve. As for shipping, it doesn’t matter to us whether you need to haul a 50 foot medical clinic or a smaller xray lab; with our diverse and huge selection of trailers to chose from we are sure to have something perfect to fit your medical vehicle transport requirements.

Here at Heavy Equipment Shipper, we combine over 25 years experience with the most comprehensive shipping services available. We will handle all of the logistics, route planning, and the most appropriate trailers for the job. Please give us a call to discuss your needs and requirements and what custom shipping solutions we are able to offer you to accommodate your budget. (866) 411-1173

HES specializes in medical van transport

Whether you need to ship an ambulance, a handicap van or any type of medical van transport, we can handle them all. Many of these vehicles have certain features which can make them hard to transport for some companies. They can also have various ladders or ramps and other types of delicate equipment which can easily be damaged if not handled carefully by the transport carrier. It’s always best to work with an experienced transporter familiar with properly loading, securing and shipping these types of medical vans and all the appropriate precautions to take to ensure a successful damage free transport.

How is medical van shipping different?

The price to ship a medical van is generally higher than if it were a regular van. Since auto shipments are calculated based on their overall dimensions and weight it makes sense that shipping compact cars would be cheaper as more can fit on the trailer but as you add larger vehicles into the mix it results in less vehicles being able to be transported. These medical van shipments need to be loaded onto smaller carriers due to their height. And since they take up more room on the trailer obviously less vehicles are able to be hauled at once resulting in more expensive pricing for medical van transport services.

Heavy Equipment Shipper has the network available to accommodate a transport of this type. Our expert experience is extensive when it comes to moving medical vehicles such as these. We are only a phone call away or if you prefer you can  fill out our quote form online here to get started with a free no obligation list of affordable quotes. Call us now. (866)411-1173

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