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We are experts on Mining Equipment Transport to any city and state in the US. We also Ship Mining Equipment internationally.

Mining Equipment transport services

Heavy Equipment Shipper is one of the leading transport companies and logistics provider ready to provide you with custom tailored solutions for all of your mining equipment transport and mining machinery shipping needs. In business for over 25 years as a successful transport company with a  long standing reputation for providing reliable services with the most affordable rates available to ship your mining equipment anywhere you may need it. It doesn’t matter if you need to transport mining equipment locally or across the country we can handle it all with ease. We can even haul mining equipment for you to an international destination.

 Mining Equipment Transport, Transport mining equipment, Ship Mining Equipment

We have a very large network consisting of tens of thousands of available carriers to chose from all with the most current and specialized trailers and equipment available giving you access to many different available shipping options and competitive pricing to help you get your mining equipment transport picked up fast. Is your mining machinery shipment oversized or oddly shaped ? That’s not a problem for us here at HES. Our team of expert logisticians can work with you to help provide the most comprehensive plans for the mining equipment transport beginning with the pickup all the way through to delivery.

What sets HES apart is our ability to handle everything for you while handling all aspects of your mining machinery transport. We will help you pick the right type of trailer based on the weight and dimensions of your mining equipment shipment while also planning the most optimal route with our logistics specialists ensuring your delivery arrives safely and on time. And best of all, we will handle any of the burdensome paperwork and permit requirements while securing any required escort vehicles as early as possible so we can provide the best rates available to you.

How to transport Mining Equipment and Machinery

Heavy Equipment Shipper successfully ships mining equipment all throughout the year, every day, every season. We can handle any sized piece of machinery, oversized is not a problem. We ship massive earth crushing machines, bulldozers and excavators every day for that matter. If you would like to learn more about some of the more common types of machinery used in the mining industry and how we are able to handle the transport process for such large pieces of machinery then read on.

 Mining Equipment Transport, Transport mining equipment, Ship Mining Equipment

Some of the types of machinery used in the mining industry

There are many types of machinery that are commonly found on mining sites ranging anywhere from excavators to bulldozers. We have listed below some of the more common types of mining equipment transports we have shipped in the past and that you can expect to find in use throughout the mining industry.

  • Mining Drills

    Mining Drills are probably one of the most commonly used pieces of machinery in the mining industry particularly for use in underground excavation. They make it easy to drill into while loosening the ore in the process thus making transportation to the surface much easier. These machines are traditionally used in mining because of their ability to lessen the amount of people required to be working in the mines while also being a very cost effective option for usage.

  • Blasting Machinery

    Blasting Machines play a significant part in the mining industry. These machines do as their name implies and effectively crush and break down the larger rocks into smaller more manageable pieces while allowing easier access to the desirable mineral ore. When preparing the rocks for blasting, an accurate amount of explosive material is placed. This equipment is also great and valuable to the miners needing to break down and remove whatever obstruction is blocking access to the valuable ore.

  • Earthmoving Equipment

    An earthmover is a huge piece of heavy machinery that assists with the transporting of loose dirt, or earth, and moving it from one location to another area of the mining site. These earthmovers are heavily used on projects that are heavy duty and require great deals of earth transport. An example of this are the hauling trucks and they both typically weigh as much as they can hold, anywhere from 300-500 tons per load making them the perfect choice for projects requiring the transport of massive loads in a high paced environment.

  • Crushing Machines

    Exactly as the name sounds, these giant machines are used to break down massive boulders into smaller pieces of rock exposing the valuable minerals. There are many different types of crushing machines depending on their application these great machines are able to improve productivity while increasing the rock reduction speed. The crusher is used in order to break down the stone into smaller and more manageable sizes allowing for easier loading access to dump trucks or conveyor systems.

How is mining equipment transported?

As with just about any other type of transport, planning is key when you need to ship mining equipment  and want to avoid stress while still getting the best rate possible. You’ll need to secure the appropriate transport documentation, route surveys, and any permits or escort vehicles required as well. The type of trailer used to haul mining equipment is also important as it becomes a safety issue when getting such massive oversize loads properly loaded and secured for road and highway travel. Since these oversize loads will typically be unusual in their dimensions it is recommended to use either a low boy trailer or a removable gooseneck trailer RGN to accommodate the larger sizes.

Why you should hire the pro’s at hes for all your mining equipment transport needs

When you hire the experts here at Heavy Equipment Shippers you can have peace of mind knowing you are working with the best in the industry. We only use experienced, highly rated professional drivers that are familiar with the mining process. Our professionals are able to handle the planning process with absolute attention to even the smallest detail with our crews comprised of the finest drivers and technicians that also service the equipment while on the road thus ensuring a smooth mining equipment shipping experience.

Trusting in Heavy Equipment Shipper means you will get access to the most current and up to date technologies, shipping trailers and equipment . We will also arrange and handle any required paperwork and permits required for the transport as well as securing any necessary escort vehicles. Expect a stress and hassle free shipping experience when you go with the experts here at HES. For any questions or to learn more about our mining equipment shipment process please give us a call at (866) 411-1173

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