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Hauling lumber anywhere nationwide and overseas

When it comes to shipping lumber, it’s a job best handled by a professional transport company. Here at Heavy Equipment Shipper, we handle all aspects of the lumber transport business. Regardless of whether you’re transporting an LTL (Less Than Truckload) size lumber load or you need to haul a massive load of lumber, HES can make it happen. We are experts in Wood Transporting Nationwide and Overseas.

Wood Transporting

Our specialized logistics team will arrange the best route, the right type of trailer and pair you with an expert driver specialized in safely securing and hauling your lumber to and from your destination. We are able to provide you with any number of custom shipping solutions based on your needs and requirements.

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When you need to transport lumber you need to make sure that it’s done right the first time and that’s exactly why HES takes all necessary precautions when transporting your lumber. We are here to ship your lumber safely and get it where you need it delivered, on time.

Hauling Lumber and Wood Transport

One of the most common commodities in the United States is lumber, and that means there are many companies that rely on lumber hauling services in order to effectively run their business. Fortunately, there are numerous shipping options available for various kinds of wood.

Transporting lumber may seem complicated, but it’s not really any more troublesome than shipping any other type of commodity. When you need to transport lumber we can provide you with the best quotes in the industry. When it comes to transporting wood, there really aren’t any limitations on what you are able to ship. If you have any questions regarding the types of lumber you need to be shipped please give us a call and we’ll be happy to explain every part of the process and provide any information you may need.

Reliable lumber transport companies

Lumber Shipping, Lumber Transport, Hauling lumber, Lumber hauling, Wood Transporting, Wood transportYou may be thinking you need a special company to haul lumber but that’s not the case. The majority of deliveries don’t require a special trailer to haul lumber. Almost any standard carrier can ship your lumber for you provided it doesn’t exceed size requirements.

So, how do you decide on who the best lumber shipping company is? Your best option is to use our free quote tool so you can see the rates of several different carriers and check out their reviews online before making a decision. Also, if you are trying to stick to a shipping budget tell us your goal and if possible please provide a multi-day window as the supply and demand of trucks varies each day and by region so as your flexibility increases the pricing, in turn, will decrease as more carriers are available to choose from.

We are here to provide you with a quality lumber shipping experience you can always count on. Please give us a call now for your free lumber shipping quote (866) 411-1173

How much does it cost to ship lumber?

Typically, the cost to ship lumber will depend on several factors such as the amount of wood to be transported as well as the weight, the distance and its size and shape. As it is with most types of shipping, the more lumber you ship, the better deal you’ll get in the end per pound shipped. Shipping small loads of lumber can often be quite expensive and usually makes more sense to wait until you have a large enough shipment.

You’ll notice that with smaller loads that even adding more lumber will barely affect the price so it makes sense to try and fit as much lumber as you can on the one load. Bulk rates on lumber transport are generally between 60-80 pounds and over 150 pounds. Some transport companies may charge you more if the lumber is oddly shaped so keep that in mind if you are trying to get the best rate possible.

Lumber Shipping, Lumber Transport, Hauling lumber, Lumber hauling, Wood Transporting, Wood transport

For example, shipping a 150-pound load of lumber around 800 miles will on average cost $250. Shipping lumber across state lines typically won’t affect shipping costs very much so make sure you get quotes from several different lumber hauling companies first to make sure you are getting the best price. You can also use our handy lumber shipping quote calculator and we will send you a number of shipping options and transparent pricing best suited to your requirements and budget.

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