Louisiana to Idaho Equipment Shipping

Heavy Equipment Shippers are the leaders in shipping oversized loads for boats and equipment. With a dedicated staff specific for boat hauling, we have drivers that run from Florida to the Northeast three times a week.

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Louisiana to Idaho Equipment Shipping

Heavy Haulers Leaders from Louisiana to Idaho

Heavy Equipment Shippers is a Louisiana to Idaho Equipment Shipping leader. Ensure on-time delivery with quality hauling.

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Louisiana to Idaho Equipment Transport

Equipment transportation from Louisiana to Idaho requires a company with years of experience, is knowledgeable and experienced in every aspect of equipment transportation, and is trustworthy and reliable. Heavy Equipment Shippers is a leading equipment transportation company. The shipping of small and heavy equipment is not all we do. With our expertise in container transport, boats, freight, LTL, and much more, you can count on us! Our trailers can handle equipment of all types and sizes, including oversized loads. Our industry experts will ensure a smooth delivery.

California to Arizona Equipment Shipping

Heavy equipment transport from Louisiana to Idaho

Our primary goal is to ensure that your heavy equipment is delivered safely and successfully from Louisiana to Idaho, as we know the challenges involved. Our group makes customized transportation intended to address your issues and purposes. To ensure the security and instantaneousness of the transportation, we focus on the security of your gear by cautiously picking trustworthy transporters and getting all essential licenses through the transportation interaction. Our transportation administrations are flexible, dependable, and altered to meet your prerequisites. We invest wholeheartedly in being recognized as the business’ most trustworthy transportation specialist organization.

Heavy equipment shipping from Louisiana to Idaho

Transporting heavy equipment over long distances is challenging and requires careful attention to avoid accidents and mishaps. To ensure the safe transportation of such equipment, it is essential to obtain all the necessary permits well in advance.

If you plan to transport machinery on public roads in Texas, you must obtain permits from the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Similarly, the Wyoming Department of Transportation (DOT) requires permits for overweight and oversized vehicles.

It is crucial to obtain all the required permits before starting the transportation project. Doing so ensures the safety and security of both the equipment and the people involved in the transportation process. Obtaining the necessary permits minimizes potential hazards and prevents accidents.

The Route from Louisiana to Idaho

From Louisiana, your equipment will travel through Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, and Wyoming before entering Idaho.

  • Distance from Louisiana to Idaho: 1,976 miles
  • Time it will take to ship from Louisiana to Idaho: Approximately 31 hours
  • Price to ship your equipment: The price to ship equipment will be based on the number of miles being traveled and the overall size of the unit.

Below are some examples of the cost to ship from Louisiana to Idaho:

From To Shipping Quote Miles
Opelousas, Louisiana 70570 to Mountain Home, Idaho 83647 $5,075 1,952 miles

The distance determines the cost of shipping equipment traveled and the size of the unit.

We transport various types of equipment.

We transport different types of equipment to any state in the US and overseas. Let us know your needs, and we’ll take care of the rest, ensuring your equipment is delivered safely and on time.

Skid steers transport service

Skid Steers

Mini Excavators transport service

Mini Excavator

Excavator transport service


Forklifts transport service


Lifts transport service


Dozer transport service


Crane Transport service


Loader Backhoes transport service


Wheel loader transport service

Wheel Loader

Forestry equipment transport service


Auctions & Dealers in Louisiana and Idaho

Louisiana Auctions:

Mid South Machinery Auction Co
(318) 397-8000

Dixie Surplus Auctions
(318) 729-2246

Bonnette Auction Co
(318) 443-6614

Idaho Auctions:

Reinland Equipment Auction
(208) 457-9611

Pickett Auction Service LLC
(208) 455-1419

Idaho Surplus Auctions
(208) 344-8266

Louisiana Equipment Dealers:

Gulf South Equipment Sales
(225) 357-3757

Dodson Equipment Company
(318) 628-3924

Machinery Sales Inc
(318) 728-3035

Idaho Equipment Dealers:

Titan Machinery
(208) 523-5455

Idaho Implement
(208) 265-0415

Jordan Sales and Service
(208) 777-0743

Heavy equipment shipper FAQs

How much does a John Deere Excavator cost to ship from Louisiana to Idaho?

We Will Transport It says it costs $2 to $3.50 per mile to or from Connecticut to transport heavy machinery and equipment. However, the season, dimensions, weight, and other factors influence this price, which is not fixed. For instance, whereas short-distance tractor transport may cost $5 per mile, long-distance transport may cost $1.75 per mile.
A flatbed trailer is generally the transportation method for an earthmover. Lowboy trailers are the most proper since they accommodate an earthmover’s tall size and significant burden.

How much does pulling a ranch work vehicle from Louisiana to Idaho cost?

Farm tractor transportation from Louisiana to Idaho costs between $3 and $15 per mile. The size and type of the tractor, the distance traveled, and the day and time of the shipment all influence the cost of transporting a farm tractor. Special handling, oversized loads, and additional stops or delays may all result in additional charges from the carrier.

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