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International Freight Shipping

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International freight and shipping company

International freight shipping requires a company that knows how to move freight across international borders in North America and overseas. When you are shipping something around the world, you must be positive the shipping company you hire knows the international freight and transport business.

International ocean freight shipping

Heavy Equipment Shipper is the company you can trust to get your freight where it needs to be with the least amount of hassle and headache. We handle overseas shipping for just about anything you can imagine.

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What sets us apart from other International sea freight shipping is the amount of service and attention to detail we offer. If you need help preparing your shipment, we are there for you. Our customer service department is there to answer your questions and give you updates on the status of your cargo.

We take customer service to the next level. We will help you pack your shipment so it:

  • Stays secure and safe during transport.
  • Is easy for the customs department to check and inspect.
  • Meets cross-border freight shipping requirements and the requirements of the destination port and country where it is headed.

Overseas freight shipping paperwork

We help you with the International freight and shipping paperwork both for entering a country and leaving a country. To do this, we need to know a few things about your Overseas freight shipping.

 International freight shipping, International freight shipping companies, International freight shipping rates, International ocean freight shipping, International freight and shipping, Overseas freight shipping

  1. What is the departure location? Each country has its own rules for freight that leaves that nation.
  2. What is the delivery location? We need to know this to get the required import fees and permits for your freight shipping rates quote.
  3. What is being shipped? This is a bit trickier. International trade embargoes limit what some countries allow across their borders. For instance, the US has currently suspended the import of some items from Russia. Another example is the US embargo on Cuba. We can help you make sure you do not violate any import or export rules.

Given the complexities of international freight and shipping, questions are expected. Here are the most common questions we get.


The best shipping method will vary with the product. For instance, fresh produce needs to be shipped quickly to avoid spoiling. Fresh cut flowers, a common export from some countries in the European Union, must be shipped out even faster. Durable goods like microwaves and TVs are usually sent via International ocean freight shipping because they do not spoil or rot.

International ocean freight shipping usually requires the products to be placed in shipping containers. Heavy Equipment Shipper has access to all sizes of cargo containers. We can provide as many as you need. Shipping containers are also recommended because they can be unloaded at the docks and then transported by rail to an inland port for customs inspections.

If you are not sure what is the most cost-effective transport method for your international shipment, we are glad to provide International freight shipping rates so you can decide. Bear in mind, the faster you need the shipment delivered, the more it will cost. By air is the fastest, usually getting into the destination country with 2-5 days, sometimes sooner. By sea is the slowest, but also the most economical.


International freight shipping companies like Heavy Equipment Shipper are experienced at importing and exporting freight of all kinds. We can do it whether it is a one-time run or a regular route.

 International freight shipping, International freight shipping companies, International freight shipping rates, International ocean freight shipping, International freight and shipping, Overseas freight shipping

If you need something shipped to you from an overseas location, let us know. We will ask the same questions because the rules for international shipping are the same whether you are sending it out or bringing it in.


Get the best international shipper and get a discount on your next freight shipment. Get up to 10% OFF by calling an Agent NOW! 1-800-677-119. Heavy Equipment Shipper is ready to handle all your international shipping needs.

How to ship freight internationally?

The simple answer is to hire only the best freight shipping companies. Heavy Equipment Shipper has a division just for international shipping. Our experts know the right questions to ask of you and we know the right answers to any questions you may have.

You also need to decide how you want to ship your freight. In the Americas, you can ship by truck, train, air or sea. Yes, trains cross the Mexico border and the Canadian border from the US. Once in Mexico, your freight can continue its journey in any of the four ways mentioned above.

Heavy Equipment Shipper can guide you through the various International freight shipping rates to help you select the best method for your products.

Does FedEx freight ship internationally?

Yes. However, FedEx offers limited pre-shipping support. What help the company has is limited to online advice. FedEx also requires you to do a lot of research and fill out the paperwork on your own for Overseas freight shipping. If you get something wrong, it is all on you.

With Heavy Equipment Shipper, we make sure the paperwork is in order. We take steps to ensure your freight will get through customs and to the location you want. We want your business, so we make sure we earn it.

How does international freight shipping work?

Getting your freight across international borders is more complicated than sending something across state lines in the US. For one, you must deal with a set of laws in each country that can be vastly different. If you violate the law in any country your freight passes through, it jeopardizes the entire shipment. You might be held liable as well.

You must know the current tariffs. A tariff is a tax a country places on products imported from other countries. Tariffs will vary by country and by-product.

Embargo lists must be observed. If you try to export or import something on an embargo list, you may be held criminally liable.

International freight shipping companies have to know all this and more to get your packages safely delivered.

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