How to Ship an Engine

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How to Ship an Engine?

Cost to Ship an Engine?

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How much does it cost to ship an engine?

How much does it cost to ship an engine? You need to know How to ship an engine to get the best deal and the peace of mind that you deserve!

Shipping an engine is easily accomplished using LTL freight shipping. LTL means “less than truckload” and works basically by sharing the trailer space available with other shippers.

Preparing an engine for shipping

First things first, when it comes to engine shipping, you’ll need to make sure that all fluids have been properly drained from the engine. This can include anything from motor oil, coolant, water or any other types of fluids that could leak out during the shipment.

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This is an important step to take because once the transport driver arrives to collect your engine, it will be inspected to ensure that all fluids have been cleaned out properly. In the event that you were unable to properly drain your engine prior to shipment, it will be rejected and another transport will need to be scheduled. In the event that the carrier rejects the shipment, you will be subject to what is known as a dry run fee.

Once you have finally gotten any remaining fluids drained from the engine, your next point of focus will be on how to package the engine for shipping. Crates are usually the best option when you want to ship an engine however a pallet can also be used. It’s important to remember however that most carriers won’t accept an uncrated engine due to the liabilities involved and the risk of it damaging the other cargo during the transport.

transport an engine in a crate

As was previously mentioned, the best method to ship an engine generally is by crating it. By creating an engine, almost ensures that a carrier will pick up your shipment. Crating an engine will also help to protect it from any damages encountered during transport.

This will ultimately result in less stress for both you and the receiver of the engine. By creating your engine you are providing it with the most absolute protection available. To start with, you will need to locate a crate suitable enough to ship your engine.

This can be accomplished in one of three ways. You can purchase prebuilt crates for use, you can build a custom-made crate yourself, or you can simply hire a crating company to package up your engine. Obviously, it will be cheaper if you decide to build your own crate instead of hiring an outside company.

Ship an engine on a pallet

When it comes to shipping an engine, it’s generally not recommended to ship it on a pallet as most shipping carriers will reject the pickup.  That being said, if you do decide to proceed with the shipment on a pallet, please give us a call at 1-866-411-1173 so we can help find you the best LTL carrier to match your specific requirements.

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We have logistics experts standing by now ready to answer any questions you may have related to either the engine shipping cost or any related questions on how to ship an engine. The proper planning and packaging of your engine on the pallet is crucial. You are going to need a pallet that is larger than the engine itself with at least 4 inches of space free on all sides of the pallet.

The engine will need to be centered on the applet and strapped down and secured using either straps, chains, or strong ropes.

Even though you won’t be using a crate to transport an engine you’re still going to want to make sure it is secured and safe for transport. You can use a bit of cardboard to cover the sides and top of the engine. Ideally, you would shrink wrap in plastic all the cardboard and secure it to the engine however rope or twine could be used just as well.

Engine shipping cost

When it comes to engine shipping costs, the less than truckload LTL shipping option is going to be your most affordable. It’s not only the cheapest option but it’s also a safe and quick transport process.

If you are trying to find the best quotes online, you could easily waste hours going through each individual carrier’s website or you could do the easier thing and fill out our Heavy Equipment Shipper easy quote form here and within minutes you will start receiving quotes from all the different available carriers.

You can also give us a call at (866)411-1173 to discuss all your available engine shipping options.

Biggest problem shipping an engine?

Is the way it will get loaded on the trailer and offloaded. Using a telescoping or a hydraulic lift to get it on and off is the best way.

How much does it cost to ship an engine?

Depending on the miles, it will be 1.25 for anything under 500 miles and 75 cents for anything over a thousand miles. Also, your location for pickup and delivery plays a factor.

How many people will it take to lift an engine onto a trailer?

This is very risky and dangerous and we don’t recommend it but if you get 5 people with wood and some straps it can be done with the proper planning.

What is the best way to ship an engine?

The best way to ship an engine is by hiring a professional license and insured carrier with a clean record with the D.O.T. Also, make sure it’s crated and strapped down to the trailer.

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