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Helicopter transport

Flying a helicopter long distances is neither practical nor economical. We take the headaches, hassles and aggravations out of Helicopter Transport. Heavy Equipment Shippers specialize in moving heavy items, including things that no other transport company is willing to consider.

Why transport a helicopter?

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Some major reasons are you save a lot in time, money and hours on the aircraft. If you are moving the helicopter a long distance with no paying customers, you are just spending money. Consider these points:

  1. You are paying a pilot to fly the craft from place to place, even if that is you. Then, you or the pilot has to get back.
  2. Aviation fuel is expensive, a lot more than diesel. Helicopters are not the most fuel-efficient mode of transportation anyway.
  3. Depreciation. Every hour you put on that aircraft lowers the value of it. Furthermore, every hour you put on means you are that much closer to the annual and all the expense that incurs.
  4. Pilot expenses beyond flight time. If the helicopter trip takes several days, you have tie-down fees, pilot motel, meals and other per diem costs.

The US Forest Service requested bids from helicopter companies in 2019. They published the approved bid results on a webpage. Bids ranged from a low of $770 per hour to slightly over $7,000. The bids also included a jet fuel cost of $5.18 per hour. As of late October 2021, that was still a good price estimate according to Global Air.

Another way to consider this is, how much do you charge to run your helicopter on for-profit runs? Now, how much of that is straight profit and how much goes into the overall expenses? Yes, you have to add in hangar fees, taxes and so forth, but the comparison is still valid.

When you are just flying a helicopter from place to place with no paying customers, you are taking a huge and unnecessary bite out of the operating budget.

Add weather to this mix. A sufficiently bad storm could ground the helicopter for days. You have the expense of supporting the pilot who is away from home as well as increasing fees from the airport. Helicopter transport service means you do not worry about the weather. We haul through rain, sleet and snow.

Military Transport Helicopter | Helicopter Shipping Overseas

We can move the big ones with our Helicopter transport services. A Military transport helicopter may require the biggest trailer available. It may also require special DOT permits for an unusually heavy load. Heavy Equipment Shipper has years of experience in dealing with DOT regulations for moving the heaviest items and over-size loads. We know how to cut the red tape to get your helicopter moved.

 Helicopter Transport, Transport helicopter, Military transport helicopter

We can even move the big ones by rail if needed. This eliminates a lot of the very heavy load limit requirements and DOT permits. Rails cover most of the nation, so we can get your Military transport helicopter to within a short flight of its final destination.

We have a custom transport system with low-boy trailers that allow the helicopter to land on the trailer. Special containers put the blades, fuselage and stabilizer on the same trailer.

Helicopter shipping

If needed, we will put the helicopter into a crate for Helicopter Hauling. Our crews have the experience to secure your helicopter inside the crate to make sure it does not shift or slide and arrives intact at the destination.

The most common helicopters we ship are:

We can ship any size helicopter wherever it needs to go.

Ready To Ship a Helicopter

Still not sure? Seeing is believing. Watch our shipping and hauling videos to see what we do and how we do it.

Need to know more? Check out our blog. We take the time to explain what we do, how we do it, the security and safeguards we have on every job to protect you and your equipment, whatever that may be.

Our parent company, Nationwide Transport Services has a 5-star rating from and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. We are licensed by the Department of Transportation and have all the needed insurance. Got questions? Ask. We are happy to show you our certifications and insurance as well as share customer reviews with you.

Get up to 10% off by calling now. Call toll-free 800-908-6206 to get a shipping estimate and we will get your helicopter moved to its new home. Get your quote or more information online at our quick contact web page.

Heavy Equipment Shipper is ready to earn your business through superior customer service, on-time delivery and fair prices with our Helicopter transport services.

How are helicopters transported?

Using a flatbed is a common Helicopter Transport method. The craft lands on the trailer or is lifted into place. The blades are removed for transport. Blades are carefully wrapped and stored in a container on the same trailer for transport.

How much does it cost to ship a helicopter?

Helicopter Transport, Transport helicopter, Military transport helicopterThe cost is going to vary with the size of the aircraft and the distance involved. If you are moving a helicopter from coast to coast, that is one fee. If you move the same craft across international borders, that incurs additional expenses for passing through customs.

We can Transport a helicopter wherever it needs to go.

When you need to send that helicopter, Heavy Equipment Shipper can do it. Call 800-908-6206 for a shipping estimate.

Where do you ship?

We cover all the United States, Mexico and Canada. We can ship your helicopter to Alaska and Hawaii.

How do you ship a Helicopter?

That depends on the helicopter and where it is headed. The biggest must go via oversize load, in a shipping container or a transport plane in rare cases. If you are shipping to Hawaii, it will go by sea in a shipping container. We are glad to discuss the various methods with you when you call.

Projects we have done for Helicopter shipping service

Helicopter Shipping service with Heavy Equipment Shipper

Origin: Detroit, MI
Destination: Santa Ana, CA
LOADED WITH HELICOPTER. Going 2,281 miles, Helicopter was shipped on a trailer and was delivered in 6 days.

Helicopter Shipping service with Heavy Equipment Shipper

Origin: New Bedford, MA 02740
Destination: Marianna, FL
The customer wanted it shipped in an enclosed unit but it was too big, so we advised them to haul it in a Conestoga Trailers unit was picked up and delivered the same day.