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Helicopter Shipping Company in the US

Helicopter Shipping Solutions

Heavy Equipment Shipper’s ability to seamlessly integrate into each and every one of our customer’s helicopter maintenance schedules has solidified our position in the transport industry as the leading helicopter shipping company in North America.

Helicopter Shipping Company in the US

It doesn’t matter if you need to haul a helicopter to or from a repair facility or simply need to transport your helicopter across the country, HES can handle it all. We will safely and efficiently transport your prized helicopter while minimizing the wear and tear and maximizing your crew’s productivity.

HES has been providing helicopter shipping and transport services for over 25 years. All of our drivers have extensive training and are experienced in handling all types of aircraft, both civil and military. Simply contact us or fill out our easy quote form with your aircraft make and model information and we will provide you with a list of different shipping options and the most affordable rates.

Helicopter Shipping Expertise

Shipping a helicopter is no easy feat and is a specialized task that should be left up to professionals. All of our drivers have been thoroughly trained in the proper handling and loading of your equipment. Our helicopter transport experts are trusted by OEM’s, operators and MRO facilities.

Helicopter Shipping Company in the US

HES provides helicopter shipping services, even for oversize loads ensuring zero stress on your helicopter’s sensitive components. We are able to provide helicopter transport services anywhere in North America and even overseas. We even have completely enclosed trailers to protect your helicopter during transport to protect it from the weather and other potential road hazards.

Benefits OF HES‘ Helicopter Shipping Services

  • Extended Flying Time
  • Zero Pilot Fees For Relocation
  • Time Reduction For Components
  • Capital Preservation
  • Expertly trained Drivers With An Average of 25 years of experience

Expert Helicopter Transport

Helicopter Shipping Company in the USTransporting your helicopter is easy with Heavy Equipment Shipper. We can easily provide you with shipping for your helicopter anywhere you may need it to go. It doesn’t matter if you recently purchased a helicopter for personal use or just need it hauled for repairs; we can ship it with ease and precision.  Give us a call now for a free no-obligation quote at (866) 411-1173

It’s important to make sure you only hire experienced professionals when dealing with the transport of your helicopter. It takes extreme caution and cares to mitigate the chances of damage and poor results with your delivery.

It’s paramount that your helicopter is handled with care to ensure smooth transport. HES uses only the most experienced drivers and is ready to ship your personal helicopter anywhere you need it.

Shipping Helicopters Locally And Internationally

A helicopter is classified as a small and compact flying machine usually with one or two seats. Transporting a helicopter can be achieved in several different ways and here at Heavy Equipment Shipper, we can handle them all. When you need to relocate such a large piece of equipment you will either need to use a specialized truck or a ship for transport.

And the really hard part is making sure that the helicopter stays stable on the inside and doesn’t move around as it could potentially damage the helicopter if not properly loaded. Whether it’s loading or unloading, extreme caution must be used at all times. Call us now for more information.

We have offices around the country:

How much does it cost to ship a helicopter?

The hardest part of shipping a helicopter is the blades because of the width. If you keep it under 8.6 you will prevent from paying for permits and route surveys. Angel the blades correctly with straps and measure your aircraft length to receive an accurate quote.

How are helicopters shipped?

Having the aircraft on a trailer so a truck can just hook and pull with a 2 5/16th ball and hitch is the easiest. If not, then you will need to hire a wrecker or crane and have them put it on a truck driver’s trailer. This will be required on pick up and delivery, so proper communication planning the crane and driver at the same time, so there is no downtime.

What is helicopter transportation?

Hiring a broker and carrier to transport an aircraft from point A to point B. Knowing the correct dimensions, hiring a license and insured carrier.

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