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5 Star Heavy Equipment Transport Company in Pennsylvania

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Heavy Haulers in Pennsylvania

Need a Reliable Heavy Equipment Transport Company in Pennsylvania? We Will Transport It is one of the top rated Heavy Haulers companies in Pennsylvania. Get your free instant quote in seconds and save.

Are you looking for a trustworthy company to transport your heavy equipment?

Heavy Equipment Shippers is the company for you. We have over a decade of experience transporting heavy equipment and machinery into and out of Pennsylvania. Our reputable drivers are licensed, insured, and have years of experience in the transport industry. No matter the size of the equipment, we have the trailer to get the job done safely and correctly. We are familiar with all federal regulations in the state of Pennsylvania. We handle all permits and paperwork.

5 Star Heavy Equipment Transport Company in Pennsylvania

If your job is oversized and requires pilot cars or escorts, we will also handle that. Our knowledgeable and reliable representatives will walk you through the booking process and give you status updates throughout the journey. Our dispatch department will be available around the clock to answer any questions or address any concerns. When shipping your valuable heavy equipment to or from Pennsylvania, you can count on Heavy Equipment Shippers.

Here’s what we will need to get you a quote for your transport:

  1. The zip code of the pick-up address
  2. The zip code of the drop-off address
  3. The size of the unit we will be shipping
  4. The time frame in which you need the vehicle shipped

Once this information is provided to us, we can give you a reasonable quote within a matter of minutes. When coming up with a price for a, we consider things like the higher cost of fuel in some areas as well as any permits or escorts that may be required. We will send you a reservation form. Once this form is complete, our dispatchers will look for the perfect driver for your load and time frame. Usually, within 48 hours, your bag will be assigned. Once this happens, our dispatch department will contact you, letting you know the details for pickup and delivery.

Trailers We Use to ship equipment

  • Van
  • Flatbed
  • Refrigerated “Reefer”
  • Van or Reefer
  • Two 24 or 28 flatbed
  • Animal
  • Car carrier
  • Belly Dump
  • Beam Trailer
  • Conveyor belt
  • Boat hauling Trailer
  • Train, super train “Candia only”
  • Convertible Hopper
  • Conestoga
  • Container Trailer
  • Curtain van
  • Driveaway
  • Double drop
  • Double Drop extended
  • Dump Trucks
  • End Dump
  • Flatbed “Air Ride”
  • FEXT ” Stretch Trailers or Extendable Flatbeds or Extendable Flatbeds
  • FO- Flatbed over-Dimension Loads
  • FRV- Flatbed, Van or Reefer
  • FSDV- Flatbed, Step Deck or Van
  • FV- Van or Flatbed
  • LAF- Landoll Flatbed
  • LB- Lowboy
  • LBO- Lowboy over dimension Loads
  • LDOT- Load-out are empty trailer you load and haul
  • Live= Live bottom Trailer
  • Maxi- Maxi or Double Flat trailers
  • MBHM- Mobile homes
  • PNEU- Pneumatic
  • PO- Power Only
  • RGN- Removable Gooseneck & Multi Axle Heavy Haulers
  • RINT- Refrigerated Intermodal
  • Roll- Roll Top Conestoga
  • SD- Stepdeck
  • SDE – Stepdeck Extendable
  • SDO- Step deck over Dimensions loads
  • SPV- Cargo, small, sprinter Van
  • Tank- Tanker (Food Grade, liguide, bulk etc)
  • VA- Van air ride
  • VB- Blanket wrap van
  • VIV- Venter Insulated Van
  • VIVR- Venter insulated van or Refrigerated
  • VLG- Van with Liftgate
  • VM- Moving Van
  • V- Open Top Van
  • VRDD- Van, Reefer or Double drop
  • VV- Venter Van
  • WR- Venter VAn or Refrigerated, walking floor
  • Hopp- Hopper Bottom
  • HS- Hotshot Trailer
  • HTU- Haul and Tow Unit

In Pennsylvania, is it possible to haul oversize at night?

Monday through Friday, sunrise until sunset, and Saturday, morning until noon. Continuous travel can be achieved if the weight is over 107,000 pounds, the overall length is not more than 70 feet, and it is operating at prevailing speeds. Saturdays can only be traveled by daylight until noon, and Sundays can only be crossed by night.

In Pennsylvania, what is the overhang law?

A load on an individual vehicle, or the front car of a combination of vehicles, may not extend more than 3 feet beyond the front and no more than 6 feet beyond the rear of the vehicle.

In 2023, what will the cost of an oversize permit in Pennsylvania be?

As of March 3, 2021, the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission will charge a Special Hauling Permit Fee for overweight/over-dimensional vehicles. Applicants for these permits must pay $37 flat fee and an additional 24 cents per ton-mile on all weights exceeding 80,000 pounds on top of the $37 flat fee.

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Heavy Equipment Transport Pennsylvania

The customer bought a 2005 Tigercat 650 on a trailer ( 5th wheel attachment 44k lbs 35L,8 wide under eight tall. They needed it hauled asap since another company let them down after waiting four days to get it shipped. Pick was Dunn, NC 28334, going to Exchange, WV 26619. Our dispatchers found a semi-carrier with the proper hook-up the next day to pick it up. Total price $2,500.00

South Carolina Heavy Equipment Shipping

John Deere 1590 Grain drill moved from Mount Vernon, Oh 43050 to Balmorhea, TX 79718. The John Deere dimensions are 20ft long, 15.2 wide, 6.8 High, and 8,450 lbs. Because of the width we had to get a route survey and permits for the transport. The total price to move was $4,500.00 and it took four days to deliver. Whenever a piece of equipment or Machinery is so wide, the driver might have to go an extra four hundred miles depending on the survey from the D.O.T.

Pennsylvania Facts

It’s unclear when humans first settled the area we now call Pennsylvania, but archaeologists have found artifacts that are at least 19,400 years old. Thousands of years ago, Native American tribes like the Lenape, Susquehannocks, Erie, Seneca, and Oneida lived on the land that is now Pennsylvania.

William Penn, a Quaker member, founded the British colony of Pennsylvania in 1681. Other denominations were attracted to Penn’s colony due to its religious freedom. There was a wave of German immigration to the area, including Quakers, Mennonites, and Amish. As a result of these settlers developing their dialect, they are now called Pennsylvania Dutch people.

During the French and Indian War, which lasted from 1754 to 1763, the French and English fought over land. The fighting led to the English being in debt due to their victory. To recoup the money, they taxed the colonists, which many people believed was unfair. The Revolutionary War started in 1775 due to anger over this action.

It was in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, that the second Continental Congress was held in 1775. Following the decision to go to war with Britain, representatives from all the colonies met for the second time. The Declaration of Independence was drafted during this time by Thomas Jefferson. In Pennsylvania, George Washington led the colonial forces known as the Continental Army across the Delaware River in that same year. Upon the war’s end, Pennsylvania became the second state in the Union.

Unionists supported Pennsylvania during the Civil War. 1863 saw one of the most significant battles at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. This battle marked a turning point toward war victory for the Union.

  • The Keystone State is also known as
  • It was the second state to become a state in 1787
  • 13 417 874 people as of July 2023.
  • The capital of Pennsylvania is Harrisburg.
  • The city with the largest population: Philadelphia
  • The abbreviation PA stands for
  • An official state bird is a ruffed grouse
  • Mountain laurel is the state flower

What are the most popular heavy equipment auction houses in Pennsylvania?

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What are the best rental equipment companies in Pennsylvania?

  1. Sunbelt Rentals
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  5. Pennsylvania Equipment Rental, Inc.

Pennsylvania 5 Best Heavy Machinery Dealers

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