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We Ship Granite Slabs Safely

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Granite Slab Transport Company

We are experts in the Granite Transport industry. We Ship Granite Slabs Safely in acordingly to all the requirment. Get up to 10% off now.

We Ship Granite Slabs Safely!

Every homeowner dreams of having a richly appointed kitchen, and there’s nothing like granite countertops! The cost of granite is significant, but you can find great deals on countertops if you’re patient and you’re prepared to do some online browsing. After you’ve selected the perfect granite countertops, our team at Heavy Equipment Shipper can help you schedule trusted granite transport at low rates. We ship granite slabs safely anywhere in North America, and we can send an A frame for granite transport directly to the factory or distributor to pick up your new countertops and deliver them right to your front door. Shipping granite slabs is challenging for even the most experienced DIY homeowner, and it usually requires a granite transport frame or granite transport rack to ensure that your countertops aren’t damaged in transit.

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Here’s a quick look at how granite transport works, as well as information about how to schedule a pickup and delivery. We’re one of the most trusted granite slab transport carriers in Florida, and you can reach us at 1-866-411-1173 when you want a free quote for shipping granite slabs or transporting granite countertops.

Quality Granite Transport at Great Rates!

Granite transport, Transport granite, Transporting granite, Transporting granite, A frame for granite transport, Granite transport frameAt We Will Transport it, we ship granite slabs safely at everyday low prices. We have decades of experience shipping granite slabs and a network of experienced granite slab transport companies prepared to compete for your business. Once you schedule granite transport services, we’ll send an A frame for  Shipping Granite Slabs directly to the factory to pick up your new countertops. Transporting granite is easy and safe as long as you have the right type of granite transport frame or granite transport rack. We ship granite slabs safely because we take the time to learn about your granite slab transport needs and we find the lowest possible rates. You’ll get the best prices for shipping granite slabs when you call early because it gives us the time we need to shop around. Once we’ve located the right A frame for granite transport, we’ll get your delivery scheduled and we’ll email you a confirmation.

We Have Specialized Trucks Designed For Transporting Granite and Shipping Granite Slabs

An A frame for granite transport is a crucial part of transporting granite safely. Your countertop will be loaded into the granite transport frame, which includes a padded granite transport rack, straps, and clamps. Our drivers also use properly padded gloves and cranes or lifts to ensure that the slabs are moved slowly into place atop the granite transport rack.


At Heavy Equipment Shipper, we ship granite slabs safely at highly affordable rates. When you want to learn more about shipping granite slabs or if you want to get a free quote, our granite slab transport specialists are always available at 1-866-411-1173.

  • How to Move Marble, Quartz, and Granite

    Marble, quartz, and granite are great materials to use when you want to add a touch of class to your kitchen and bathrooms, but they’re also extremely delicate. Transporting granite can be difficult because the slabs need to be transported in one piece. An A frame for granite transport includes a padded Shipping Granite Slabsframe that’s designed to support the slab and distribute its weight. You might also need to use a crane to load the slab into the granite transport rack and additional transport clamps to secure it into the granite transport rack. Your granite transport specialists will wear gloves with rubber grips and they’ll also use shipping blankets as necessary to ensure that your slab doesn’t get cracked or smudged.

  • How can I transport granite countertops to my home safely?

    The right method for transporting granite or marble slabs will depend on the size of the slab and the road conditions between the factory and your home. Most companies will use an A frame for granite transport because it has a sturdy padded granite transport frame. Some suppliers might provide loaner A frames and clamps for their customers with a security deposit, but they won’t typically be able to assist you in loading your countertops into your vehicle. Granite slab transport is challenging for even the most seasoned DIY homeowners, and it’s a job typically best left to professionals.

  • What’s the safest way to transport a large piece of granite?

    An A frame for granite transport is the best way to move a large countertop because the granite transport frame will support the slab vertically and the slab can then be secured to the frame with clamps and straps. You should always have at least two people when you need to carry a countertop, and everyone should be wearing gloves with rubber grips. You shouldn’t drag the countertop on any surface and you should move very slowly if you’re using a dolly.

  • What do I need to do to transport granite countertops without damaging them in transit?

    The granite transport rack is the safest way to transport granite slabs, and if you need to cut custom cooktops or openings for drop-in sinks you should do that onsite after your countertops are delivered. Some granite countertops already have a polished cutout suitable for an under-mount sink, and they’re safe for transport using the usual precautions.

  • Can I transport a small granite vanity or slab on my own?

    It’s always a smart move to use an A frame for Shipping Granite Slabs but there are a few instances when you can safely transport granite slabs and vanities using your own vehicle. You’ll want to use plenty of foam padding and moving blankets underneath the slab and position the slab in as upright of a position as possible. You shouldn’t leave any gaps between the slab and the surface padding, and you might also want to use 2x4s to create a flat surface in a smaller vehicle. Secure the slab in place with clamps and ratchet straps and drive very slowly.

Contact Us When You Need to Transport Granite Slabs or Countertops!

Heavy Equipment Shipper is here to take all the hassles out of granite slab transport, and we ship granite slabs safely! You’ll never have to pay anything up-front to transport granite to any location in the United States, and we can beat any competitor’s price quote. You can speak to a granite transport specialist at 1-866-411-1173 24 hours a day, or you can get a free quote for transporting granite online!

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