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Fifth Wheel Transport Company in the US

Fifth Wheel Transport And Hauling

We specialized in Fifth Wheel camper moving services nationwide. First, there are several ways to ship an R.V or motorhome and we will go over every single way it can be done. There are several services that can take place when shipping an R.V. Many companies don’t have the knowledge and send the wrong trailer and this can cause time and money. Especially when needing your R.V moved out of your lot before the rent is due. We will start with the traditional bumper pool and move on to the bigger ones, the fifth wheel and then the motorhome. Call our 5th wheel transport specialist to get the best RV transport quote in the industry!

Shipping a standard R.V

Transporting a bumper pool R.V or what a lot of drivers like to call it ” ball and hitch”. This is because the hook-up is a standard hook and goes to the back of their truck. Normally anyone with a truck of the right size can handle doing such transport but not having the right experience can cause damages and insurance claims. There is a standard of four different hookups when shipping a bumper pool R.V.

Fifth Wheel Transport Company in the US

We have the best transport 5th wheel trailers with all the security features to make your Fifth Wheel Transport process fast and secure.

The 1-7/8-inch, 2-inch, 2-5/16-inch, and 3-inch diameter. All of our drivers have a four and one to meet all your transport needs. Our drivers are experienced in tight corners to move in and out of small spaces and to get your unit delivered in a fast and safe manner. What a lot of companies fail to realize is some of these units are a little bigger and might need air brakes or up-to-date trucks with controls to slow the unit when going down a hill or accelerating power to go up a steep hill.

Fifth Wheel Transport Company

The standard price when shipping a bumper pool with b 1.75 for anything over 500 miles. Many of our clients are snowbirds who like to come down for the winter and enjoy the beaches and golf courses during the snow season. Whatever the case maybe you have the right company with dispatchers standing by to set up your transport needs. Obviously, the bigger the unit the more it will cost and depending on the delivery location may affect the price as well. We might be able to give you a discount if you’re willing to be patient for a backhaul.

fifth wheel camper moving service

As a Fifth Wheel camper moving service company, when hauling a 5th wheel transport, we usually only use our 3500 trucks with four by four. This is because many fifth wheels can be over 40f t long. With many celebrities and families using this as their home all year round, you will have to have a heavy-duty truck to pull and must have the fifth wheel attachment in the cab of their truck. These units take a little more time and service to set up and break down because everything must be hooked up correctly to make sure no damages accrue. Having the proper truck and knowledge is the key when moving the fifth wheel.

Leaders in the 5th wheel transport service around the country and overseas we are a transport 5th wheel trailers company based in South Florida and work nationwide. Our services can handle this with no problem. All customers must make sure everything is secured in the fifth wheel this way nothing breaks or moves around during the transport. Hauling the 5th wheel usually goes for two dollars a mile for anything over 600 miles. If you are looking for a move from one location to the next lot, this is a standard daily rate at $575.00. The time to get out and help break down and set up is the hard part. We do offer military and other discounts if you call in advance.

Motorhome movers Company

When shipping a motorhome (5th wheel transport) there are several different services that we offer. The first will be the cheapest, driveaway services. We will fly one of our professional drivers out to your location and he will drive the motorhome back to its destination. In the case something breaks down, we do have the proper knowledge to fix basic mechanical errors. The downfall is if it’s something serious and we have to wait on parts and labor this could be time and more money. The most popular is the flatbed and in this case, you will need a lowboy or an RGN to move a motorhome. The height is the biggest factor and this is why you need a proper trailer.

Fifth Wheel Transport

This can cost anywhere from 4 to 5 dollars a mile to move anything over 800 miles. Last, does the motorhome run? If not then we will have to hire wrecker services to help load and offload, have no fear because we can handle it all. The standard rate for loading and unloading is around $400 each.

The cheapest way to ship a 5th wheel transport

We are the RV Transport company in the US. Everyone wants to save a buck but when it comes to logistics you get what you pay for. There are several tips to save and get the cheapest rate. One, make sure you have everything unhooked and ready to go for the driver. Two if you’re extremely flexible with your time frame to get picked up this can help as well. Lastly, if you have a better location, fewer miles or a more popular city so the driver can find something leaving this can help as well. To conclude beware if the price seems too cheap to move and always look up the companies reviews and ratings with the department of transportation.

R.V Transport services

To wrap things up we can handle all your R.V logistics moves. May it be the bumper pool, fifth wheel or the motorhome, we have trailers in all states moving around at all times. Call in advance and have the proper dimensions and locations ready for your dispatcher. We work around the clock to get the job done and communication is our strong point thank you for your time. Have a wonderful day.

To get more information about Fifth Wheel Transport services and the best ways to do it you can visit this page, we are a transport 5th wheel trailers specialists company in the US.

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