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Heavy Equipment Shippers are the leaders in shipping oversized loads for boats and equipment. With a dedicated staff specific for boat hauling, we have drivers that run from Florida to the Northeast three times a week.

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Dredge Transport Service

Dredging Machinery Transport

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We offer the Best Dredge Transport Services in the US. We are Dredging machinery transport esperts, nationwide and overseas.If you are looking for Shipping a Dredge to any country just call and save!

Dredge Transport services

Heavy Equipment Shipper provides customized and expert dredge transport services anywhere in North America and overseas.

Dredge Transport, dredging machinery transport, Shipping a Dredge

HES is able to handle any sized dredging equipment shipment and can provide hauling services for your dredge. So what exactly is dredging? Dredging refers to the excavation process used to remove the percolated underwater deposits in order to clean the pathways making it easier for ships to pass. It is also used to create space so bridges, dykes and damns can be built. Dredges also help to weed out the silt and other pollutants from the bottoms of water bodies.

Shipping a dredge

It’s important to gather the dimensions for your dredging equipment like the size and weight as this is what will help us to determine the best type of trailers and equipment we will need in order to successfully load, secure and transport your dredge. As most dredges have been manufactured to float and operate in shallow water it will likely require dismantling of the dredging equipment prior to being able to ship. Another option however is if the drudge is able to be floated to a traversable waterway making transport over the water possible.

While your dredge can potentially travel distances under its own power, this is not often advisable as this equipment has been intended for navigating smooth and shallow waters. It’s also worth mentioning that dredges are incredibly slow when you are trying to move the dredging equipment long distances.

Dredging equipment shipping services

Another option for dredge shipping involves using a boat submersion transport. This is the process in which a boat is carefully guided onto a transport ship that is submerged just below the water. Once the dredge is secure and in place, the transport ship then releases it water and rises up to the surface with your dredging equipment now secured on its deck.

Dredge Transport, dredging machinery transport, Shipping a Dredge

There may be other transport options available for your dredge particularly if you are planning on scrapping your dredge for parts or need to make repairs on the equipment. In this instance, transport by road is probably your most efficient and affordable option.

Customized dredge transportation services

Heavy Equipment Shipper is able to make a customized shipping plan to match all your needs and requirements and then get it executed in a professional manner while ensuring your delivery arrives on time. We have over 25 years experience in the transport industry specializing in the transport and hauling of oversized equipment and machinery. We can provide door to door shipping options as well as loading and unloading of the equipment at your site.

HES can transport your dredging equipment anywhere nationwide and coast to coast. We are able to provide land and barge shipping services your dredging equipment ensuring its delivery to even the most remote of locations. It makes no difference where your next project is located, trust Heavy Equipment Shipper to help get your dredge shipped and delivered safely and on time. Give one of our expert logisticians a call and we can discuss plotting out the best and most efficient route for your transport as well as what paperwork, permit requirements or escort vehicles may been needed in order to successfully haul your dredging equipment and machinery. Give us a call now at (866) 411-1173

How to Ship Dredging Equipment?

Heavy Equipment Shipper are the industry experts when it comes to transporting your dredging equipment by both land and sea. Depending on where your pickup and drop off locations are, the hauling of dredging equipment may be easier using either a barge or some form of flat bed trailer or even a combination of both methods. It’s also important to ensure that any floating pipes are properly secured in the event the equipment shifts during its transport.

Due to the massive size of the dredging machinery it will almost certainly be shipped as an oversize load. Some of your equipment may be able to fit on a standard sized trailer but HES can also coordinate and secure an escort vehicle for the transport if needed. Our skilled logistics team will help to determine what requirements need to be met in order to successfully ship your dredging equipment and machinery.

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