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Do you need to use our Diamond Transport Services? We are a Diamond Transportation Company, experts Shipping Diamonds Nationwide and Overseas.

Diamond Transportation and Logistic Services

We offer diamond transportation done right. When you’re doing something as sensitive as diamond transport, you need a service provider known for high-caliber shipping for this truly valuable cargo. Count on our industry experience and transit options to move your diamonds safely from their point of origin to their destination anywhere in the United States.

Diamond transportation, Diamond transport

If you call us now for a quote, you can save up to 10% off your total shipping price. That’s also a price you don’t have to pay until the actual time of shipping. Place your reservation with no money down and no upfront deposit!

Diamond Transport Is Different

Diamond transportation isn’t like shipping more ordinary items. The actual product is quite expensive just by itself in terms of price and value. They’re also susceptible to theft because of this. To complicate matters further, they’re sensitive to their transport conditions. Diamonds are quite hard and durable, but even minor changes to their appearance and condition can lower their value dramatically.

As a diamond transportation company, we have very specific industry knowledge in regards to shipping high-value objects that are small in size but huge in value. We know how to handle fragile objects.

Not all shipping companies can handle diamond transport. It’s not just enough to get a shipment of diamonds to their destination on time and without damage. It needs to happen discretely and with the utmost security in mind.

Diamond TRansportation FAQs

You probably don’t have to ship diamonds very often, if you’ve ever done it before. Certain questions are likely to arise, but others have probably had the same questions before, including the ones below.

How Are Diamonds Transported?

Diamonds being shipped overseas are usually just cargo on various commercial airlines. This is common for the transport of diamonds domestically between states, as well. However, not every airline participates in this activity. As such, security and transport companies have to be coordinate with all their partnering courier services and airlines to make sure that diamonds get on the right trucks and planes.

Diamond transportation, Diamond transport

Most transport services take this completely out of the hands of their clientele. This is the service they provide. Major carriers have logistical arrangements in place with airports that let them transport their goods right to an airplane’s cargo loading bay. This is typically done without passengers on the plane knowing there is such valuable cargo on board.

Transport services take both financial and physical responsibility for any goods that are in their possession during transit. In most cases, the transport company’s insurance company is the one typically financially liable in the event of material theft or loss.

How Are Diamonds Transported From Mines?

Diamonds might be mined in rivers, underground mines, or even at sea. Many diamonds come from Africa, but there are also mines in Canada, India, and Australia.

Rough diamonds come from kimberlite quarries. The raw crystals are sorted based on their shape, color, and size, among other physical and chemical characteristics.

Many diamonds go through a mining group channel. De Beers is the biggest and probably most famous. However, other options do exist, including the Botswana Debswana and the Australian Rio Tinto.

Mining companies put together sales sessions known in the industry as “sights”. Diamond crafters attend or view these to buy diamonds that remain unprocessed from their original mining. These events are often exclusive occasions where attendance is only by invitation. Guests might decide to buy diamonds for themselves or sell them to various smaller traders.

Smaller traders will cut rough diamonds before selling polished gems to wholesalers and creators of jewelry. Wholesalers sell their goods to diamond retailers, while jewelry creators from finished pieces to sell to jewelers.

Depending on the mine location and the stops the diamonds take throughout these commercial channels, they might start off with shipping by truck or boat before ending up on one of the world’s many air flights.

How Are Diamonds Transported From Africa?

Diamonds in Africa may travel from the mine to the closest airport via passenger vehicle or boat, and possibly both. From there, most diamonds head to Antwerp, Belgium. This city handles 84% of all the rough diamonds in the world, half the polished ones, and over a third of the industrial versions.

Antwerp has an area of several city blocks totally around 1 square mile known as the Diamon Quarter or Square Mile. Over $200 million USD worth of diamonds pass through on a daily basis, with over $50 billion in revenue annually.

The Diamond Quarter is home to over 3,500 professionals working as brokers, cutters, and merchants in nearly 400 workshops and working for more than 1600 diamond firms. The area is covered by more than 2,000 different security cameras.

Depending on the size of the package and the stretch of the supply chain diamonds are going through, they might be in unobtrusive packaging that would not indicate the contents within. Tamper-proof packaging is the industry norm as a security precaution.

However, at other times, diamonds travel via armed escorts, such as a cash money truck that banks might use.

In all cases, modern security and tracking technology can be employed at the package level for live-time updates and monitoring of the whereabouts of any package.

What Is the Kimberley Protocol?

Also known as the KP within the industry, it’s an international law passed by more than 80 nations around the world to prevent ‘conflict diamonds’ coming out of warzones to fund rebellions and military activity. At the time of writing, over 98% of all diamonds in the international trade market were certified and documented as having followed the Kimberely Protocol that avoids war profiteering or fueling armed conflict through jewelry and diamond sales.

Do You Need Diamond Transportation?

If you’re looking to arrange for diamond transport, then contact us right away for a consultation and quote for our reputable services. Call now to get 10% off your total price. We don’t require money down or upfront deposits! You only pay when the actual shipping happens!

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