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Many contractors are unfamiliar with the process and difficulties which can arise when it comes to Compressor Shipping and Air Compressor Transport. When the goal is producing quality roadwork, the key is to make sure that your paving equipment is ready to go and available when you need it.

Compressor Transport Services

Compressors can be used to hold either air, compressed natural gas (CNG), and for any number of other uses. Air compressors have many different uses. These can range from filling gas cylinders, HVAC systems, powering tools like jackhammers or filling tires with air. They are also useful for filling high-pressure air tanks. They have also been widely used in the oil and gas industry with mining and drilling applications.

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Natural gas compressors on the other hand work a little differently. They are a type of machine that compresses natural gas by increasing the pressure while decreasing the volume of the gas. There are several types of natural gas compressors available all ranging in various sizes and designed for different industries in mind. These gas compressors differ somewhat from air-compressed natural gases. These machines compress the air but use natural gas as their fuel source.

These different types of compressors serve many commercial and industrial uses. Special handling and care are required to ship natural gas or transport industrial-sized air compressors. Smaller tanks are fairly portable. Transporting a larger industrial-sized compressor will require the assistance of a professional transport company specialized in their safe handling and shipment. At Heavy Equipment Shipper, we go the extra mile for our customers. We ensure that your air compressor shipment always reaches its destination in a timely and efficient manner. We will make sure your compressor arrives undamaged and in the same condition as when we picked it up. While accidents can happen, all of our experienced drivers are licensed, bonded and over-insured protecting you in the unlikely event an issue arises.

How To Transport Natural Gas Compressors?

For over 25 years, Heavy Equipment Shipper has been providing turnkey logistical transport solutions for the natural gas processing and compression industry. HES has a stellar record of safety and decades of experience. Our logisticians have access to the most state of the art equipment. You can count on Heavy Equipment Shipper to get the job done right the first time.

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Compressors and processing equipment have become much larger over time. This has allowed us to secure the best types of cranes and transportation required to safely transport natural gas compressors of any size. In fact, some of the world’s largest corporations depend on Heavy Equipment Shipper to safely load and ship their valuable equipment. We can even deliver to the most remote and challenging locations in the world. From the mountains of North Carolina to the Sonoran desert in Arizona, you can trust Heavy Equipment Shipper to get your natural gas project moving forward in the safest and most efficient way possible.

We understand that repairs and maintenance don’t always go as planned in the natural gas industry. Because of this, we can provide service and equipment any time or day of the week. One of our experienced and qualified drivers will help you to safely load your compressor, coolers or any other compressor equipment for transport. With our expert logistics team, transport industry experience, and total attention to detail, we can handle it all. Heavy Equipment Shipper provides comprehensive shipping solutions for any natural gas project.

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