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California to South Carolina Equipment Transport

Choosing a company that’s experienced in every aspect of equipment transport, trustworthy and reliable, and has years of experience is vital when moving equipment from California to South Carolina. Shippers of heavy equipment are the best. Our services don’t just cover small and heavy equipment. Containers, boats, freight, LTL, and more! With a variety of trailers, we can ship equipment of all types and sizes, even oversized loads. Let our industry experts handle all of the logistics so your delivery goes smoothly.

When it comes to transporting heavy equipment, Heavy Equipment Shippers is your ideal partner. We understand the importance of delivering your equipment on time and in a safe manner. Our vast experience and expertise in equipment transport make us the best choice for moving your valuable equipment. In the industry, we are committed to providing unparalleled services to our clients, and our reputation for excellence in the industry speaks for itself. You can be confident that your equipment will be handled with the utmost care and professionalism when you choose us for your transportation needs.


California to South Carolina Equipment Shipping

Heavy equipment transport California to South Carolina

Transporting heavy equipment across states requires extensive planning and coordination. The process becomes more complicated if the equipment needs to be moved across the country, such as from California to South Carolina to another state. For a successful transportation of such equipment, it is essential to have a comprehensive understanding of the necessary transportation methods, permits, and considerations involved. This document aims to provide an overview of the procedures and requirements for transporting heavy equipment between California and Minnesota.


Suppose you’re planning to transport heavy equipment from California to South Carolina. In that case, it’s essential to know that you’ll need specific permits to ensure that your equipment can be transported safely and in compliance with the law. The first permit you’ll need is a California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) permit that allows your heavy equipment to travel on public roads. You may also need to obtain an oversized/overweight permit from the local Department of Transportation (DOT) in South Carolina to comply with state regulations. It’s crucial to obtain all necessary permits before beginning the transport process to avoid any legal or safety issues that could occur.

Transportation Methods

There are several transportation methods available to move heavy equipment from South Carolina. The most common options include:

  1. Truck Transport: Heavy equipment can be transported via specialized trucks specifically designed for heavy loads. These trucks can be equipped with hydraulic lifts and ramps to facilitate loading and unloading.
  2. Rail Transport: Rail transport can be an efficient option for transporting heavy equipment over long distances. However, it may require specialized equipment and a specialized railcar to accommodate the size and weight of the equipment.
  3. Sea Transport: For larger pieces of equipment that cannot be transported via truck or rail, sea transport can be a viable option. However, it requires careful planning and preparation, including proper packaging and securing of the equipment to prevent damage during transit.
  4. Air Transport: For smaller or delicate pieces of equipment, air transport can be a cost-effective option. However, the size and weight limitations imposed by aircraft may limit the feasibility of this method for heavy equipment.

The Route from California to South Carolina

From California, your equipment will travel through Arizona, New Mexico, South Carolina, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia before entering South Carolina.

  • Distance from California to South Carolina: 2,512 miles
  • Time it will take to ship from California to South Carolina: Approximately 36 hours
  • Price to ship your equipment: The price to ship equipment will be based upon the number of miles being traveled and the overall size of the unit.

What is the Equipment shipping cost from California and South Carolina?

From To Shipping Quote Miles
Sunland, California 91040 to Greenville, South Carolina 29611 $6,055 2,329 miles
Palm Desert, California 92260 to Hilton Head, South Carolina 29928 $6,120 2,354 miles
Los Angeles, California 90048 to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 29577 $6,627 2,549 miles

The cost of shipping equipment is determined by the distance traveled and the size of the unit.

We transport various types of equipment.

We transport different types of equipment to any state in the US and overseas. Let us know your needs, and we’ll take care of the rest, ensuring your equipment is delivered safely and on time.

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South Carolina Auctions

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South Carolina Equipment Dealers

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Heavy equipment shipper FAQs

What’s the cost to move a whole load of equipment in a flat-bed from California to South Carolina?

On average, a driver will charge between $2 and $7 for a full load from South Carolina. This will vary on the weight and the pickup and delivery locations.

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