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California Shipping container house

How to build California Shipping Container Homes? Best Shipping Container in California. Building a home from a shipping container is legal. With the cost of building materials soaring, some people are turning to an alternative for their dream homes by building California Shipping Container homes.

These containers can be converted into elegant and beautiful homes. The magazine House Beautiful took a long look at 23 such container homes around the world. These are just examples. You and your architect can come up with stunning designs as well.

Moving storage container in California

These steel containers are used to transport items on giant barges around the world. Sometimes, the company finds it is cheaper to sell the container stateside rather than send it back. As a result, enterprising people are buying these and turning them into real homes.

It is legal to have a container as a home in California?

Building a home from a shipping container is legal in California. You just need to make sure your home plans meet local zoning laws and the finished product meets the building codes for that community.

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Zoning will vary from community to community and zoning districts will vary within that community. The local building department will give you guidance on where you can set up a California Shipping container house. The building department will also inspect the home during construction to make sure everything is done to code. The code inspector will look at electrical and plumbing work.

Sometimes, the zoning administrator may reject your application. If that happens, take your plans and pictures of other container homes to show him what you have in mind. In most communities, you can appeal the decision to the local zoning board or council.

Other uses for Home Containers in CA

California Shipping Container homes, Shipping container in California, California Shipping container houseOf course, shipping containers have other uses, including the original one, as a container to hold something for shipping. A California Shipping storage container can be dropped anywhere on a temporary basis, just like a moving truck can come into a neighborhood, load your possessions and take them to your new home.

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If you plan to use a Moving storage container in California long-term at a location, you must check with the local zoning laws to ensure this is allowed. We can bring a container and set it up at your location. We will level it to make sure the door will open and close properly and the floor is not slanted.

As the best of the California Shipping container movers, we can also come and get the container when you are done with it. A Shipping container move in California is not difficult when you hire the pros.

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California Shipping container homes

California shipping container homes are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to traditional homes. The cost of shipping containers is typically lower than that of traditional homes, whether they are new or used. Furthermore, they can be built quickly, which further reduces costs. Some people use multiple containers to create a larger home, while others use just one container.

California shipping container homes are eco-friendly because steel is one of the world’s most recycled materials. The durability of shipping containers makes them more durable than traditional brick-and-mortar homes. You can reduce your carbon footprint by using fewer materials over time.

A California shipping container house is also made of corrugated steel. Not only are they exceptionally strong, but they are also weatherproof and pest resistant. They will be able to resist high winds, heavy rains, and forest fires, which are possible threats because of unexpected climate change.

California Shipping Storage Container Size

The average size of a California shipping container house is between 20 and 40 feet. A 60-foot California shipping storage container is also available, but it’s not necessary since the smaller sizes are more affordable and still offer plenty of space since they’re stackable. Before ordering a shipping container in California, determine the size that is right for you. If you plan to use your container as a home, office, or school, you will need more space than if you were just using it as a shed for storing equipment.

Here are your two most suitable options for California shipping container homes:

  • A 20-foot moving storage container in California will be about 20 feet long, 8 feet wide, and 8.5 feet tall. It will give you 1,100 cubic feet of space.
  • A 40-foot moving storage container in California will be about 40 feet long, 8 feet wide, and 8.5 feet tall. It will give you 2,200 cubic feet of space.

It’s always better to go with a larger container if you’re unsure what size you need. If you have extra space, you can always use it as storage or divide it into rooms.

Choose the Condition of Your Shipping Container in California

Buying a shipping container requires you to decide whether you want a new or used container. The cost of used containers is lower, but they may not be as good as new ones.

As soon as you receive your shipping container, you will need to prepare it for living in. Besides insulating the container, you will need to install electricity and plumbing. Alternatively, you can hire a company to do it for you.

You will need a permit from the local authorities if you plan to use your shipping container as a home. In addition, you must make sure that your container complies with all building codes and regulations.

An affordable and unique way to build a home is to use shipping containers. The home of your dreams can be yours with a little bit of planning with the help of professional California shipping container movers.

Hiring California Shipping Container Movers

If you are buying a shipping container, you will also need to decide on the logistics of a shipping container move in California. It can either be picked up or delivered. If you choose to have it delivered, you will need to find a company that specializes in shipping containers.

Moving a storage container in California on your own is not practical. It will take plenty of skilled labor and heavy moving equipment to lift, carry, and then position the container precisely at the new location, even if you manage to get a flatbed truck. A shipping container move in California is much more efficient and cost-effective when managed by a transport company.


  • How much does a shipping container cost?

    New or one-time containers are more expensive than used ones. A new 20ft container costs $5,000. Used ones can cost anywhere between $3,500 and $5,000. Prices may vary depending on the condition of the container. When buying a used one, make sure it’s in reasonable condition before you buy. Otherwise, you may end up spending more on repairs than if you bought a new one.

  • How much is a shipping container?

    It depends on the container’s size and age. New 40-foot containers cost up to $6,000. Prices for smaller containers start at $1,600. The cost of an older container will be lower. Prices vary based on the features of the container, such as insulated or reversible doors. Comparing prices from multiple sellers is the key to finding the best deal when buying a shipping container.

  • How to build a shipping container home?

    To begin with, you must obtain the necessary permits from your local authorities. The next step is to purchase or rent a shipping container. Once you have your container, you will need to prepare the land where it will be placed. The ground must be leveled and the foundation laid. After the land has been prepared, you can place your containers. The openings for doors and windows should be cut at this stage. You can add framing, doors, and windows after the containers are in place. You will then have to install electrical and plumbing systems. The last step is to add insulation and temperature control. After everything is in place, you can begin decorating and landscaping your new home. Before you can move in, a qualified professional must perform a final inspection and sign off.

    A Shipping Container homes start with the container set up on your property. If you want a multi-level home, then you need to set up the supports structure for the upper section before we bring the container to you. We offload the container on the supports.

    Once in place, then you or your contractor begin the work. Holes are cut for doors, windows and access between the containers. Holes on the floor are cut for the plumbing. After that, the process of California Shipping Container homes is much the same as building a home from lumber.

    You should expect some welding. You are working with steel, after all. Make sure your welder knows how to weld for weather-proof durability. Also, you will need to polish and put primer over any welds that are on the outside. You can paint over the primer or cover it with other materials if you want.

    A California Shipping container house will last 20-30 years without major maintenance.

    The cost for the home is somewhere between half and three-quarters the cost of a site-built lumber home. As lumber prices are still high in late 2021, you may realize even greater savings.

  • How big is a shipping container?

    A Moving storage container in California comes in three sizes:

    • 20-foot and 8.5 feet high
    • 40-foot standard at 8.5 feet high
    • 40-foot high cube at 9.5 feet tall

    An ISO shipping container is 8 feet wide, 8.5 feet tall, and 20 or 40 feet long. Tall shipping containers, which are called high-cube containers, are 9.5 feet tall.

  • How wide is a shipping container?

    Manufacturers will vary the width slightly, but it is typically remarkably close to 8′. Shipping containers have corrugated walls, so the inside width measurements are taken at the widest point of the corrugations.

Do You Need California Shipping Container Movers?

Engaging a reputable company that is familiar with moving storage container houses in California transportation can save you a lot of time, hassle, and frustration.

Heavy Equipment Shipper is here to help you with your shipping container move in California. From trucks to equipment, we provide all the resources you need to finish your home-building project smoothly.

Many companies underestimate the cost of California shipping storage container transport. If you’re transporting a shipping container in California, you should hire a company that has considerable knowledge, skill, experience, and heavy equipment to move a shipping container over long distances.

A shipping container move can be challenging, especially if you don’t have the right equipment. Our team at Heavy Equipment Shipper will take care of everything for you. We’ll pack up your California shipping container house and ship it to your destination without a hitch. With over 30 years of experience, we provide our customers with the best service possible. The equipment we use is up-to-date, dependable, and well maintained. Our company takes care of things that other companies do not.

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