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Building Materials Transportation

Construction freight

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Construction Material Transportation

Are you Shipping Construction Materials Equipment? We’re Building Materials Transportation Experts. Construction Freight and Construction Material Transportation is our specialty that is why this very cpmplex service is easy for us. Get the peace of mind that you deserve and the best Building material transport shipping quote.

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Increasing demand for quality construction and building materials has led to skyrocketing prices throughout the world, and smart contractors know that they can get the best deals when they shop around online and order construction materials from suppliers in bulk quantities. Shipping and transportation of building materials is the other part of the logistics puzzle. After you’ve found a great deal on construction materials, you don’t want to wind up overspending on the shipping costs to deliver the materials and equipment to the job site!

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The good news is that our team at Heavy Equipment Shipper offers construction freight shipping at great prices, and we have a team of dedicated shipping and logistics professionals standing by answer all of your questions about building material transport. We can beat any competitor’s price quote on shipping construction materials equipment, and you will never be required to pay a deposit or any up-front cash to schedule your shipping order! You can contact us online to get a free no-obligation quote for construction material transportation in just a few minutes, and you can reach one of our customer service representatives 24 hours a day at 1-866-411-1173 any time that you have questions about transportation of building materials.

Building Materials Transportation Made Easy!

The construction business is highly competitive, and construction companies always have to find effective ways to manage their expenses. You offer your customers quality work at fair prices, and you certainly can’t afford to waste money shipping construction materials equipment. We have decades of experience with transportation of building materials, and we’ll make sure that you don’t spend more than you have to when you need to schedule a shipment. Our dispatchers are standing by 24 hours a day to help you manage the transportation cost of building materials, and we’ll keep your shipments on schedule. We partner with all of the nation’s most trusted transportation companies to offer you the lowest rates, and we can beat any price quote for building materials transportation or construction freight.

Common Types of Building Materials We Transport

We ship all types of building materials and construction equipment, and we have the experience and expertise to help you select the right mode of transport for your shipment. We offer heavy haul transport services on specialty flatbed trailers, large open containers for transporting building materials, and even overseas container shipping services. If you require just-in-time (JIT) delivery, we’ll be happy to schedule expedited shipping services to ensure that your materials arrive on schedule. We can beat any competitor’s quote for construction freight shipping, or for secure transportation of any of the following building materials:

  • Lumber and Carpentry Materials (e.g. Boards, Wooden Doors, Windows, Framing, and Ornamental Work)
  • Telecommunication Equipment
  • Plumbing Materials
  • Metals (e.g. Structural Steel, Rebar, and Trusses)
  • Masonry Materials (e.g. Bricks, Cement, Blocks, and Tiles)
  • Conveyor Systems, (e.g. Elevators and Escalators)
  • Moisture Protection and Building Insulation Materials
  • Electrical Systems, Equipment, and Appliances (e.g., Electrical Cables and HVAC Systems)

How to Schedule Building Materials Transportation

We make it possible to arrange construction material transportation with just one phone call, and you can get a free shipping quote 24 hours a day. In order to provide the most accurate estimate for the transportation cost of building materials, we’ll need to know the size of the order, the pick-up and delivery locations, and how quickly you’ll need your building materials picked up and delivered. In addition to standard ground transportation, we also offer great rates on shipping construction materials equipment in a shipping container or by air freight.

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After you’ve received your free no-obligation shipping quote, the next step is to review your shipping options and confirm your order. We’ll send you an email confirmation as soon as we’ve located a driver for your shipment, and we will send you detailed tracking information while your building materials are in transit. We exclusively partner with bonded transportation companies, and your freight will always be in good hands. All of our drivers are fully licensed and insured, and we’ll make sure that your materials are delivered to the job site when you need them. We know that construction companies operate on razor-thin margins, and our shipping and logistics specialists take a lot of pride in saving our customers money every day. We also have plenty of experience working with lean manufacturing operations, and we offer just-in-time delivery services so that you can avoid the high costs of storing materials onsite.

Ship Construction Freight Early and Save!

If you want to manage the transportation cost of building materials, it’s always in your best interest to schedule your shipment as early as possible. Many construction companies place standing orders for building materials and supplies, and we can help you solve all of your transportation and logistics problems if you run a JIT manufacturing operation. By scheduling a standard order every week or every month, you can forecast your long-term shipping costs more accurately.

The fixed costs of transportation of building materials are the same for transportation companies no matter how much freight they’re carrying, and shipping early saves you money because they want to ensure that their trucks are always carrying their maximum capacity. Our dispatchers are connected to a worldwide network of construction material transportation companies throughout the world, and those companies frequently offer deep discounts for unsold freight space when their drivers are making deliveries. And if you’re running a dropshipping operation, we’re always happy to assist you with logistics and order fulfillment.

Transportation of building materials FAQ

Our team of dedicated transportation specialists at Heavy Equipment Shipper is here to help 24 hours a day when you have questions about building material transport. You can get a shipping estimate online in minutes, or you can give us a call at 1-866-411-1173 if you don’t see the answer to your specific question in the section below.

How are building materials transported?

Choosing the right mode of transport will depend on the type of building materials that you need to ship. We have large open containers for transporting building materials such as topsoil, sand, and gravel, and we offer flatbed shipping for shipping construction materials equipment. You might need to reserve a specialty trailer such as a lowboy or a step-deck for transporting oversized items, or if you need to ship large equipment with unusual shapes and dimensions.

What is the best way to transport construction equipment?

A lot of building materials can be shipped on pallets just like any other type of freight, and you’ll need to use large open containers for transporting building materials such as gravel and armor stone. Large construction equipment can be a little more challenging to ship. Many transportation companies operate “hotshot” flatbed trailers to haul mission-critical machinery that needs to be delivered in a hurry. Time is of the essence with hotshot flatbeds, and many hotshots might only hail a single piece of equipment at a time. If you’re on a more flexible schedule, it’s always to your advantage to transport as many materials together as you can. Lean manufacturing operations might not store a lot of raw materials onsite, but companies will often place standing orders to make sure that they have the supplies they need when assembly begins.

Large machinery such as cranes and excavation equipment are often shipped on removable gooseneck trailers (RGNs) because the front part of the trailer can be detached to allow the machinery to drive onto the flatbed. Oversized equipment might also need to be hauled on a step-deck or lowboy transport. A step-deck sits 20″ lower than a regular flatbed, and it can accommodate freight of a maximum height of up to 10’2″. If you’re unsure about what kind of trailer to reserve for your shipment, we’re here to help. Each type of trailer is designed to carry specific types of cargo, and we’ll make sure to reserve the right type of flatbed so that your load will be safe and legal for transport. We exclusively partner with bonded transportation companies, and your equipment and materials will be transported by a fully licensed and insured driver.

How much does building material transport cost?

The transportation cost of building materials will be based on the weight of the materials, the distance of the trip, and the mode of transport. If you require a mode of specialized transport for oversized equipment, it will usually cost you more than shipping standard freight. You might also incur the expense of additional permits or escort vehicles for certain oversized loads. Hotshot flatbeds are the standard mode of transport for unique and critical equipment that needs to be shipped quickly, and you can expect to pay a premium for expedited shipping.

Let us know if you have flexible delivery deadlines so that we can help you save you even more money on your shipment! Transportation companies deliver building materials and equipment throughout the United States every day, and you’ll save the most money if you ship your materials on trucks that are already headed in the same direction. It might take you a few extra days, but it’s a great way to manage your costs. Transportation companies also offer great deals on unsold space after they’ve scheduled shipments, and our dispatchers will help you find available space on those routes. We partner with the most trusted building materials transportation companies in the world, and we proudly offer specialty shipping services customized for every customer.

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Heavy Equipment Shipper is here to help you take care of all of your construction material transportation needs, and we have the buying power to get you the best deals. Whether you’re shipping raw materials, large equipment, or other freight, we can save you 10% or more every day. We can beat any shipping quote, and you can always schedule shipping with no money down. Contact one of our dedicated transportation specialists 24 hours a day at 1-866-411-1173 if you have any shipping or transportation questions, or you can get a free shipping quote online in minutes. Whether you need large open containers for transporting building materials or aggregates or if you need to transport heavy equipment, no job is ever too big or too small. Our commitment to customer service is unrivaled in the shipping business, and we stand behind all of our building materials transportation services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

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