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Ambulance Shipping Services

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Ambulance Shipping Services

An ambulance is a very large specialty vehicle typically associated with only lifesaving efforts. Most people don’t generally think about the background of where an ambulance actually comes from or how it gets there. For those types of behind the scenes questions, this is what a transport service is used for.

CERTIFIED Ambulance Shipping COMPANY

Oftentimes it can be difficult to determine which best transport service is best suited for your needs resulting in stress and headache. Different transport companies will provide a diverse network of options to choose from when transporting a larger vehicle like an ambulance.

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Whether you are looking to haul an ambulance for business or pleasure, like your growing ambulance collection, deciding on the right transport company like Heavy Equipment Shipper will make your vehicle’s commute a much simpler and easier process.

Need To Ship An Ambulance?

You may be thinking that a transport service to haul an ambulance is going to be a costly and expensive endeavor but that’s not often the case. A shipping service can provide many benefits that you would otherwise be unable to provide to yourself. Listed below are some of the options that your typical shipping service should be able to provide to you regarding your ambulance transport or relocation needs.

Reliable and Professional Service

Reliable transport services, like the ones provided by Heavy Equipment Shipper, are professionals when it comes to the services they provide. Heavy Equipment Shipper only hires qualified and experienced drivers that have passed a litany of tests as well as background tests to ensure their experience and knowledge of vehicle transport. A reliable and professional service is the one that will provide you with the security you require and expect when it comes to transporting an ambulance.

Reasonable Pricing and Cost-Effective

When you take a long trip you start to take notice of all the associated costs involved as they seemingly continue to add up. The cost of fuel is unpredictable at best resulting in unexpected fluctuations in your expenses. If you are traveling particularly long-distance, you will have to consider lodging and hotel stays, rest stops, food, any extended insurance for your trip, and of course, there’s always the possibility of your vehicle breaking down.

Ambulance Shipping , Ambulance Transport Service, Shipping Ambulances, Ship an ambulance to another state, Need to ship an Ambulance

Having all of these unexpected expenses pop up on you can result in a great deal of stress while making a sizable dent in your wallet. By hiring a professional transport company like Heavy Equipment Shipper for your ambulance shipment, we can help you take all the guesswork out of the equation. You will always know your price upfront, no surprises. You will never have to worry about sudden changes in pricing due to unforeseen circumstances.

The Importance Of Safety

There are many different factors that can potentially put a person at risk while traveling. You’ll have to contend with other drivers on the road not following proper safety standards, hazardous weather, tiredness, and falling asleep at the wheel or any other personal physical limitations that could present safety concerns for either you or your family.

If you have a concern about safety or if a dangerous situation were to arise, it could hurt you in more places than just your wallet. Allowing a professional transport service like Heavy Equipment Shipper to handle your transport can help eliminate your worry and concerns about safety while allowing you to stay comfortable while Heavy Equipment Shipper handles everything for you.

Protecting Your Ambulance During Shipment

Having to drive long hours and for long distances can cause harsh and unnecessary wear and tear to your ambulance before it even arrives at its destination. All of this traveling and mileage can bring down the value and overall life of your ambulance. As you can imagine, the more wear and tear you put on your ambulance, the more maintenance will be required in the future. By using a professional transport company like Heavy Equipment Shipper, however, you can greatly reduce any unnecessary mileage and wear and tear to your ambulance.

Less Time Planning And More Time Doing

If you’ve ever had to take a trip, you know there is a good amount of planning involved. Think back to your last family vacation. There were probably lists involved and a lot of preparation that went into the trip. But even with the best preparation, there can always be something that was forgotten or maybe you just weren’t as prepared as you thought you were.

When it comes to shipping ambulances, Heavy Equipment Shipper is the only preparation you need. Whether you’re in the medical industry and looking to replace an ambulance, or if you’re simply an enthusiast looking to restore an antique ambulance; making sure it arrives safely to your destination is our number one priority.

Let Heavy Equipment Shipper Handle Your Ambulance Transport

Whether you are looking to ship an ambulance to another state or somewhere locally, Heavy Equipment Shipper has your ambulance freight shipping needs covered. The carriers we work with all have a reputable background while sharing the same values when it comes to the operations and guarantee of receiving your ambulance in the exact same condition it was as when it was picked up

We will always take pride in and value your shipment as if it were our own. Our impeccable online 5-star rating on Google should speak volumes to the quality of the transport services we provide. When you need a professional transport company to ship an ambulance, Heavy Equipment Shipper is your one-stop-shop. You will be kept in the loop and up to date from the moment your ambulance is picked up and until the time of its arrival, safely at your destination. We have found that the more informed you are about your transport, the smoother the entire process goes.

We will always provide our expert transport services to you with full disclosure, upfront, of all fees involved to ship your ambulance. You will never encounter any surprises when it comes time to pay your bill. We offer the most competitive and affordable rates in the industry. Check out our quote form here and we will provide you with a list of the most affordable options and pricing to choose from. You can also give us a call at (866) 411-1173 and one of our experienced logistics members will answer any questions you may have and work with you to determine the best route and trailer options available to fit your budget and transport needs.

How much does it cost to ship an ambulance?

The shipping rates for these types of vehicles are normally higher than that of a regular-sized van. Your ambulance transport cost will be calculated by the overall size and weight. If a carrier was just transporting smaller compact cars they can hold more of those, therefore, charging less as they can fit more cars on the trailer. When you start adding larger vehicles like an ambulance into the mix, the number of vehicles able to be transported goes down. The pop tops on an ambulance also make it so they can’t ride on the larger two-story carriers and will need to ship on smaller carriers due to their height. Since they take up more space and not as many vehicles can be loaded at once, transporting an ambulance will be more expensive as a result.

How to ship an ambulance?

Shipping an ambulance is easy with Heavy Equipment Shipper. With over 25 years in the transport industry, we have the knowledge and experience required to get your ambulance shipped to you safely, on time and at the most affordable rates.

How to ship an ambulance stretcher?

Ambulance stretchers are typically shipped either by FedEx or using an LTL freight carrier, especially if you are shipping multiple ambulance stretchers at once.

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