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Airplane and Aircraft Transport Services

Are you looking for aircraft transport services to help you ship an aircraft or airplane? If you are, there may be some things you would like to consider before making a decision. When it comes to aircraft shipping, there are several ways in which this can be accomplished.

Shipping an airplane

One method would be to completely disassemble your Airplane and then crate it all up. The other route would be to partially disassemble the aircraft and have it loaded onto a semi-truck trailer. If you are going the latter route then you need to make sure the overall length doesn’t exceed 65 feet for a typical and reasonably priced aircraft shipping.

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The height of your airplane transport is also something to be aware of as once you go above 12 feet in height the price will typically go up. You of course can also ship an Airplane over these dimensions it’s just that it will cost more money to transport an Airplane.

Requirements for aircraft transport

For starters, you will want to remove any fuel remaining in the aircraft tank. Some states will even have requirements for a purge certificate showing that the tanks have been completely purged of any elements or residues from fuel.

You will have to check first with either the state you are shipping an Airplane in or through to ensure you won’t be required to possess a purge certificate. Other things you should consider when shipping an airplane is that you have the proper insurance coverage to cover your aircraft’s full value in the unfortunate instance damage occurs to your aircraft as regular insurance policies may not cover airplane transport if it is being transported by a 3rd party.

Preparing for the best aircraft shipping experience

It should be common sense but we know how important it is for aircraft transport to be properly prepared for shipment as aircraft is a very expensive piece of machinery. You’ll want to ensure that any openings on your aircraft or airplane have been completely sealed off and are closed in order to prevent any sort of moisture from leaking in case of rain.

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You’ll also want to be sure that your aircraft’s wings have been properly wrapped up in order to protect them from any unnecessary scratches or damages.  Most aircraft owners will also typically be looking for a transport trailer that has been equipped with an air ride suspension system that can protect your airplane from any sudden shocks or jolts from traveling on the road. You may also want to consider removing any sensitive types of electronic equipment which could easily be damaged due to the harsh vibrations on the road. Nylon straps should also be used instead of chains when securing your aircraft shipment to the trailer. Most aircraft transport companies should have nylon straps however some will not so be sure to check with your airplane transport company first to clarify.

If you are looking to get several no-obligation quotes to transport an aircraft then please visit our free quote tool here. Getting multiple quotes to ship an airplane is pretty quick, usually delivered within the hour as our shipment dispatchers monitor our system all day long.

Aircraft shipping with heavy equipment shippers

When it comes to transporting an airplane from one location to another it’s never just as simple as flying it directly there. There may be several reasons a company may choose to ship an airplane depending on the distance required for transport and whether or not it’s traveling overseas or if the plane is even capable of flight.

It may be significantly less expensive to have the aircraft shipped to its destination rather than having it flown there itself. Here at Heavy Equipment Shipper, we are the industry leaders when it comes to transporting an aircraft or airplane.

HES can ship aircraft of any type whether it be a helicopter or a large jet, we can handle it all. We can provide transport services anywhere across North America and overseas port to port worldwide. With over 25 years of Airplane shipping experience, HES is the safe and best choice to transport an airplane or aircraft. Give us a call now for your free no-obligation quote at (866) 411-1173

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